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ECW on TNN 4/14/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Buffalo, NY

1.)Rhino defeated Kid Kash
2.)ECW World Tag Team Champions Impact Players defeated Chris Chetti & Nova
3.)Tajiri defeated ECW Television Champion Super Crazy & Little Guido in an elimination match to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.The fans are finally booing TNN when Joey Styles mentions them. The show opens up with a late breaking announcement. There will be exclusive footage regarding something that Tazz has done. It is shocking to the wrestling world, apparently. What did he do!?

2.Back to the show, Rhino has pinned Kid Kash after a spear and pile driver. Yeah, they just showed the ending of that match.

3.Backstage, Jazz is looking to get her hands on Dawn Marie. She meets with the Sinister Minster and demands him for something that TNN censors. He says he is in the mood for some sex, but Jazz is not interested in that at all.

4.Joey Styles lets us know that Chris Chetti and Nova recently pinned the Impact Players in singles matches on Hardcore TV. Naturally, that means they have to wrestle in a tag match. Chetti counters the That’s Incredible with a roll up for a near fall. Nova and Storm tag in and trade arm drags and leg trips before having a stare off. Nova low blows Storm and tags in Chetti. Storm is met with an elbow drop and a standing swanton bomb by Chetti and Nova. Nova takes the champs out on the floor with a cross body on the floor. Storm nails Nova with a spinning heel kick to give himself and Credible the advantage. Storm locks in a single leg Boston Crab and Credible delivers a leg drop. Credible power bombs Nova out of the corner. Nova drives Storm face first into the canvas with the Novacane! Chetti hits a spinning Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Storm super kicks Cherri and nearly wins the match. Nova plants Storm with a tornado DDT but can’t put Storm away. Credible ends up whacking Nova with a kendo stick but Storm still can’t put him away. Nova hip tosses Credible through a table but Dawn Marie saves the titles by getting involved to break the count. Here comes Jazz who beats up Marie. Storm spikes Jazz with a pile driver. Credible hits Chetti with a championship and Storm pins Chetti to retain the titles. That was a really fun match that shouldn’t have had needed all the interference.

5.We see footage from a ECW house show the last night. Tazz returned to ECW to compete in a match against ECW World Champion Mike Awesome. Awesome has left ECW to join WCW. Tommy Dreamer came out and hit Awesome a DDT. Tazz locked in the Tazz-Mission and won the championship. It lasted maybe two minutes.

6.Super Crazy opened the match with a springboard double clothesline. Tajiri quickly gained control with a kick but Big Sal ends up ramming Tajiri groin first into the ring post. Tajiri recovers to dropkick Crazy to the floor. Guido hits a leg drop off the top for a near fall. Tajiri head scissors Crazy and sends him sliding to the floor. Tajiri takes both men out with a springboard moonsault. Big Sal misses a splash on Crazy against the railing. Crazy leaps off Sal to dive onto Guido and Tajiri in the crowd. Crazy nails Sal with a chair back in the ring. Guido drops Crazy face first on the floor. Tajiri drops Guido gut first across the railing before delivering a few stiff kicks. Crazy is bleeding big time. Guido has been busted open as well, though it looked like had trouble getting his blade out. Tajiri dropkicks a table into Guido’s face! Big Sal drives a chair into Tajiri’s face. Tajiri has been busted open thanks to Sal. Tajiri kicks Sal off the apron and he goes crashing through a table. Tajiri has control of the contest working on both opponents with kicks and a chair. Tajiri misses a double stomp on Crazy through a table, but still hits Guido. Crazy and Tajiri cover Guido and he is the first elimination.

Tajiri nearly wins after a German suplex. Steve Corino and Jack Victory come out as Crazy hits a springboard moonsault for a near win. Crazy slides a table into the ring. Tajiri hits the champ with a crowbar and digs it into Crazy’s forehead. Crazy uses the weapon on Tajiri. Tajiri ends up accidentally misting the referee and is power bombed through a table. Crazy hits a top rope moonsault but the referee is blind. Rhino comes out and spears Crazy. Rhino pile drives Crazy off the apron and through a table! Tajiri covers Crazy and wins the match.

7.Cyrus comes running out and he is very happy about the result of the match. Cyrus says that Tajiri will be handing over the title to him at Cyberslam. He is drunk with power. Here comes the Sandman. Sandman gets to the ring and hits Rhino several times with a kendo stick. Rhino refuses to be knocked down. Sandman eventually whacks Rhino hard enough to keep him down on the mat. Cyrus enters the ring and wants Sandman to hit him. Corino and Tajiri prevent that from happening. Tajiri mists Sandman and Corino hits a super kick. Rhino spears both the referee and Sandman through a table in the corner. The fans want Rob Van Dam. His music eventually hits and he comes out on the shoulders of Scotty Anton. It looks like RVD is completely healthy to me. Rhino tells RVD that he will kick his ass if he enters the ring. Scotty Anton enters the ring but RVD does as well. RVD sends Tajiri and Corino to the floor. He wants Rhino.. but we go off the air.

Final Thoughts:
Another good show by ECW this week. The tag match was really fun and made both Chetti and Nova look like a solid tag team for the company. The triple threat match was a bloodbath, which is something they haven’t done. Though they have booked that match a lot, it’s still a fun match to watch. The closing to the show was nicely done as well. I’m assuming that RVD is either healthy or really close to returning to television. As for the the Mike Awesome situation.. it sucks that he had to go and leave for WCW the way he did. That leaves them in a tough spot, but ECW has been able recover from their talent defecting to a bigger promotion before. Who will step up for ECW? We shall see.

Thanks for reading.

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