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OVW TV 2/26/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

Ohio Valley Wrestling TV
From: Louisville, KY

1.)Steve Lewington defeated Vic Delicious
2.)The Heartbreakers defeated Cliff Compton & Bam-Bam Penders
3.)Tank Toland defeated Seth Skyfire
4.)OVW Heavyweight Champion Elijah Burke defeated Matt Morgan to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Steve Lewington kicks off the show competing in singles action against Vik Delicious. Oh brother, Steve hits on the female referee to check his tights for a foreign object. Delicious hits a swinging neck breaker early on for a two count. Steve fought back with a big power slam but couldn’t get a three. Steve grabs Delicious and puts him on his shoulders. He simply drops to his knees and wins the match. That was not entertaining at all.

2.Footage of the Thrillseekers retaining their tag titles over MNM last week is shown.

3.The Heartbreakers are back this week to compete in tag team action. They are in action against Cliff Compton and Bam-Bam Penders. Compton was the more impressive man for his team but he ended taking the pin fall after he was slammed to he mat by the Heartbreakers. After the match, MNM make their way out to the arena.

4.Jim Cornette enters the ring to conduct an interview between the two teams. Matthews says they have two demands. They want a rematch against the Thrillseekers. Matthews wants the Heartbreakers to leave the ring because they don’t have any issues with them. MNM wants to beat up Morris Green. Romeo defends his manager by saying they need to beat them up in order to get to Thomas. He says they can’t beat up this meat! They proceed to have a brawl. Melina is jumped by Morris but is saved by her men after a brief tug of war.

5.Footage from last week highlighting what happened between Danny Inferno and Aaron Stevens is shown.

6.Aaron Stevens challenges the OVW Television Champion Brent Albright this week. Albright hits a backdrop early on and stomps away on the challenger. Albright continued his offense with a neck breaker. Trudy comes out and attacks Beth Phoenix on the floor before they roll into the ring. Danny Inferno saves his girlfriend from Stevens and attacks Stevens. Albright just stands in the corner watching them brawl.

7.Skyfire works on Tank’s arm early on and keeps hold of the arm even when Tank delivered a scoop slam. Skyfire gets a two count after a dropkick. Skyfire sends Tank to the floor after a head scissors. Skyfire leaps off the top to take out Tank and Chad on the floor with a cross body. Chad prevents Skyfire from entering the ring and Tank spears Skyfire off the apron to the floor. Skyfire fought back with a few clotheslines and spinning heel kick for a two count. Chad is kicked off the apron and Skyfire hit a reverse DDT on Tank for a near win! They are both knocked to the floor after colliding in the ring. The referee sees that Chad tried to get involved, but that allowed Tank to hit a spinning forearm shot to win the match.

8.The OVW Heavyweight Championship is on the line when Elijah Burke defends against Matt Morgan. Burke says he is sick and tired of having a bounty on his head. All he wants is a one on one match with Morgan tonight. He brought someone with him who will call it straight down the middle. The special referee is Mark Henry. Henry prevents Morgan from delivering a closed fist. Clearly there is a bias here. Burke misses a leaping clothesline and drops throat first across the top rope. Morgan drives Burke chest first down to the mat with a front suplex. Morgan delivers a leg drop on the apron and kicks Burke right in the face from the floor for a near fall. Burke has gotten virtually zero offense in thus far. Morgan runs into a big boot from Burke in the corner and dropkicks Morgan a few times. Burke counters a choke slam attempt with a bulldog! Burke leaps off the top to hit an elbow drop. Vengeance comes out to distract Henry and they fight on the floor. Morgan knocks Burke off the top and nearly win the match. Morgan has the new referee by the throat but Henry saves him with a clothesline. Burke hits the face buster and wins the bout.

Final Thoughts:
I found this weeks episode to be rather boring, honestly. There wasn’t anything that I found to be all that great. The main event was disappointing and the idea of a special referee favoring the babyface has never made much sense to me. I found the episode to be a waste of time, really.

Thanks for reading.


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