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OVW TV 3/5/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

Ohio Valley Wrestling TV
From: Louisville, KY

1.)Matt Morgan defeated Nic Nemeth
2.)OVW TV Television Champion Brent Albright defeated Vic Delicious to retain the title
3.)Blaster Lashley defeated Robert Fury
4.)OVW Southern Tag Team Champions The Thrillseekers defeated Chad & Tank Toland by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Matt Morgan kicks off the show coming down to the ring to compete in singles action. Nic Nemeth tried his luck against Morgan. Nemeth hit a middle rope shoulder block but was quickly stopped with a side walk slam. Morgan followed up with a front vertical suplex. Morgan finishes off Nemeth with a swinging slam out of a vertical suplex to end the squash match.

2.Jim Cornette is in the ring and will be interviewing MNM. Nitro believes that Morris cost them the tag team titles a few weeks ago. Nitro rambles about how they are untouchable and sexy. Matthews proceeds to rip on Cornette for not setting up a rematch with the Thrillseekers and Heartbreakers. The Heartbreakers come out completely mocking MNM’s entrance with a juggler and a belly dancer. They even have a guy in a giant banana costume. Romeo challenges MNM to a match next week. The winners will get a tag team title match against the Thrillseekers. Naturally, MNM agrees to that offer.

3.Vic actually started off with some offense hitting a backdrop on the champ. He crashes to the floor after Albright avoided a running attack and sent Vic shoulder first into the ring post. Vic fought back with a DDT but only got a near fall. Albright locks in the Crowbar and wins the match by submission.

4.Jim Cornette is back in the ring to interview Aaron Stevens and Beth Phoenix. Stevens rips on the intelligence of the Kentucky fans. Stevens puts himself over as being the greatest wrestler to compete in wrestling. The fans want Trudy but Stevens just continues to rip on her. They believe that they are in their own league. Stevens thinks that Danny Inferno should move back to Jersey and make pizzas. Stevens tells Trudy that Phoenix will take care of Trudy.

5.Blaster Lashley won his squash match following a belly to belly suplex. After the match, Lashley locks in a cobra clutch to leave Fury laying.

6.The champs worked on Chad Toland to opened the bout. Jeter hit a standing swanton bomb and nearly got a quick win with a roll up. Cappotelli kept the offense going with a middle rope shoulder block a neck breaker on both Toland’s. Tank pulls Chad out of the ring since they haven’t been able to get anything going. But, they are met with baseball slides by the champs. Chad stopped Cappotelli with a swinging neck breaker to get the advantage. Cappotelli has continued to be worked on by the Toland’s for several minutes. Cappotelli fights out of the corner but is prevented from making the tag out until he hits a jaw breaker on Chad. Jeter gets the hot tag and cleans house. Jeter hit a spinning kick on Chad Toland for a near fall. Chad runs into a double super kick but MNM runs out to break up the pin attempt. After the match, MNM hammer away on the Thrillseekers. Several referees come out but they tossed out of the ring. The Heartbreakers run out to make the save and Morris has a cat fight with Melina on the floor. Jeter, Cappotelli, Romeo and Antonio are able to clear the ring. The champs try to shake hands with the Heartbreakers but they refuse and rather dance because they want the tag titles.

Final Thoughts:
I suppose this was a better episode compared to last week, but there were still a few bad segments. The segment with Stevens and Phoenix was just really repetitive and didn’t need to go on for as long as it ended up going. The first three matches were basically just squashes matches, so those didn’t have much entertainment. The main event was a decent match, I guess. It just seems like the main focus is the MNM/Heartbreakers feud with now and that’s not all that interesting to me. This episode gets a mild thumbs down from me.

Thanks for reading.


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