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WWE McMahon

Written by: Tom Hopkins

The Main Character
When you think of the WWE, no matter what era you are thinking of, there is one man behind it all and that is Vincent Kennedy McMahon. From the time he bought the company from his father he led the WWE to the top, and the only thing that could ever knock McMahon down was his own ego.

The Setting
Vince has been involved in wrestling basically his whole life, but this really just talks about his time as a performer in the WWE, from 1997 onwards.

The Film (2:08:41)
Vince’s early life is really glossed over, moving straight to Vince working with his father as a promoter and becoming an announcer when the regular announcer was fired and Vince took his place. Vince worked under his father and as he worked there he thought about going through the different territories, even meeting with AWA in 1981 to purchase the company. Vince took over the WWWF and renamed it WWF, basically buying the company from underneath his father (though that isn’t mentioned) and we go right to Vince signing Hulk Hogan in 1984 away from AWA. Greg Gagne isn’t too happy about this and says Vince took away his income and bankrupted his father.

Sgt. Slaughter says candidly that Vince screwed everybody and Bradshaw says Vince rolled the dice a lot. Vince just sees it as competition and having a strong work ethic. Vince doesn’t have sympathy for them. By the way, I love the territory maps they are showing with the different territories. Vince got national TV audiences which definitely helped his company. They even show Vince taking over Georgia Championship Wrestling which Shane calls so successful that Ted Turner wanted in. Now, I thought that Vince buying GCW was a disaster and people demanded it be taken off the air. Anyway, Turner ended up buying GCW from Crockett after McMahon sold it to him, and WCW was born.

With WCW came the Monday Night Competitions (we’re glossing over a huge span of time, as Vince bought GCW in 1984 and WCW Nitro wasn’t on until 1995). Vince says that the character of Mr. McMahon was created when Bret shoved him to the ground in May of 1997. Vince didn’t want people to know he was the owner and was just an announcer but as the War went on, especially with the Bret Hart stuff, it was revealed that Vince was the owner and his big interview was the Bret screwed Bret interview following the Survivor Series incident. Big Show basically tells Bret to get over it. Is there heat there I don’t know about? Shane said that his father wished he didn’t have to do it that night and that Vince allowed Bret to hit him.

Mr. McMahon was born but the character was really shot over the moon thanks to Stone Cold Steve Austin and their huge feud. The McMahon character is an egotistical, over-the-top asshole which probably isn’t far from the truth. The whole McMahon/Austin feud is showcased here. This led to McMahon wanting to get into the ring, a dream he’s always had. The workers joke that he’s not too athletic and not a great wrestler, with Angle calling him the least athletic person he’s ever seen. They talk about the Vince match at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre where he actually broke his coccyx on that big bump and still worked the rest of the match. Austin says he didn’t need to take that bump but wanted to entertain the fans.

Vince took his company public in 1999 and is now traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Vince is also a very charitable person, donating a lot to different causes, and generally trying to help those less fortunate. They’ve been doing this for years, even dating back to Headlock on Hunger so I do believe that this may be genuine. Vince, always the risk-taker, decided to start his own football league, the XFL. Vince partnered with NBC to create this. Vince said that it didn’t cost much to create and had an incredible upside. Vince talks about having to drop it (because UPN backed out on them), although the ratings after the first two weeks were just terrible. Other failures, like the WBF, weren’t mentioned.

Vince has always been controversial, and his interview with Costas being showcased. Bob Costas talks about that night and how after that interview, Bob Knight was next and seemed very docile by comparison. Vince has a reputation to uphold as a the leader of the company but would sometimes push the envelope, like the Katie Vick incident (which he thought was funny) though Rock and Linda McMahon didn’t. Speaking of Linda, let’s talk about the McMahon family. They are a close family but who cares about real-life, let’s see the WWE version of the McMahon family. The HHH/Stephanie angle started in 1999 and actually created a full-blown romance where they ended up getting married. Vince liked the idea at first, then hated it (which he calls second-guessing because of business) but came back around again when HHH and Stephanie got back together after a short break.

This leads to Vince saying he loves seeing his family on TV and we see clips of the dysfunctional family in action. Steph slapped her mother down and Shane was supposed to do it as well, but he flat-out refused. This leads to talk about their marriage, and they actually met in a church, go figure. Vince is a huge lecherous guy on screen and they show some of his on-screen action with the Divas. Vince’s love for women is rivaled only by his competitive nature, and we see Vince buying WCW though some think this lack of competition has hurt the product. Vince says his favorite match that he did was the Wrestlemania match with Shane which stemmed from the WCW purchase.

We segue to the Kiss My Ass Club whereby Patterson and Brisco say that Vince doesn’t like ass-kissers in real life. The lack of competition in the WWE led to the brand-split and led to Austin high-tailing it from the company. Vince as pissed about this. We quickly go to McMahon not holding a grudge, as seen by his hiring of Bischoff, Hogan and Heyman among others and Hogan coming back led to a match with Hulk Hogan. The McMahon character is a real prick, including fighting Zack Gowan, a one-legged wrestler. Vince did get honored around this time, being inducted into the Madison Square Garden Walk of Fame.

The narrative theme completely goes out the window as we jump to his match with Stephanie McMahon. Neither her mother, brother or husband were happy with this match being booked just days before her wedding. Speaking of the wedding, Vince asked HHH and Stephanie if they wanted to put the thing on PPV which she said no. The only other time she said no was when he suggested that he was the father of her child and then offered Shane as a possible father. Now I see where Vince’s infatuation with hillbillies come from! Next up is talk of Vince doing crazy things in his matches and the workers seeing this and knowing he wouldn’t ask them to do things he wouldn’t do. They show Vince running out during the Royal Rumble and injuring himself when he got into the ring and actually severed both quads.

They quickly go to Vince firing people, both onscreen and in real life, with a bunch of people talking about getting fired including Matt Hardy, Jim Ross and Shawn Michaels (who tells the Snakeskin boot story). Even though Vince may have a black heart, he is a true patriot, loving the troops and always going to support them. He is still insane though, by creating his own religion. His life was normal for the most part, turning 60 and becoming a grandfather around the same time. We end with people giving their thoughts on Vince the person and the character.

Movie Review
One thing you know about McMahon if you’ve been following the WWE a lot is that he is a pathological liar who always re-writes history to fit whatever his agenda is at the time. You’ll see this 2-minutes into this DVD as the history of him buying the company from his father is erased, the GCW fiasco is all of a sudden Ted Turner’s fault and it’s 2-hours of McMahon putting over his own agenda and always shining himself in a positive light. Things that didn’t go right were never his fault. It’s McMahon writing history the way he sees fit. It’s incredibly self-indulgent, too. I mean, 2 hours on say, Jake Roberts, for example is interesting because his story is so involved and there’s just so much they can talk about, from his career to his demons. This was none of that, it was Vince and a whole bunch of clips from the McMahons. This is nowhere close to being a good documentary, as nothing was really revealed about McMahon and his life in wrestling and how he worked in those early territory days. That’s the way he probably wanted it. I can’t say it was something great to watch, as it was just furthering the McMahon character with no insights into McMahon the person, though can we actually separate the two at this point?

DVD Features
A) Extras

—Disc One—
===Stories Section===
1) I Enjoy the Fight (1:26)
Vince enjoys getting in the ring and likes getting into fights in general.

2) Ultra-Competitive (1:46)
HHH relates a story about how competitive Vince is while playing pool against HHH and Steph.

3) No Vacation (2:31)
This is another HHH story and he says Vince he doesn’t enjoy the success. He could go anywhere but he never does and Linda needs to beat him in the head to go on vacation.

4) Regal’s Rehab (3:45)
Regal signed with the WWE and he passed out on drugs in his office the day he was signed. Regal was very messed up and Vince got him the help he needed even though he didn’t need to do that. He was released because he messed up that rehab but was told he was welcome back when clean and he says he will take a bullet for McMahon because of that.

5) The Sleeping Giant (1:01)
Paul Wight (Big Show) relates a story of Vince breaking his air mattress on a flight.

6) I’m The Boss (1:01)
Big Show tells another story about Vince talking down to some guy saying that he’s the boss.

7) I Remember My Dad (1:40)
Stephanie tells stories of her memories with her dad and getting emotional about it.

===Extras Section===
8) Slammy’s “Stand Back” (3:38)
This is Vince singing on stage at the 1987 Slammy’s, with Hulk Hogan playing bass and other wrestlers not playing their instruments. Vince comes out dancing with the big collar. This is just ridiculous.

9) VKM Training Package (1:51)
Vince trains for his Royal Rumble match much like Rocky would.

===Deleted Scenes Section===
10) The Motorcycle (3:01)
Vince had a motorcycle and would take it for a ride, and it was really fast. Vince ended up crashing it, and broke his tailbone. Vince swore of motorcycles but didn’t do it, then took bumps while injured which Linda didn’t like.

11) WWE Championship (0:54)
HHH talks about getting pictures of the old-time wrestlers he likes and pictures of all the champions, including one with Vince, who beat HHH for the title.

12) 9/11 Smackdown! Taping (3:06)
This was the Smackdown Taping from 09/13/01, two days after 9/11. Vince cuts the opening promo, and many people talk about the decision to go on.

13) Stuck In His Ways (3:31)
Vince is intimidating because he is stuck to his ways, because he hardly ever strays from ideas he has. Jimmy Hart is on here and does a decent Dusty impression.

14) The Walk (1:33)
We hear about the famous McMahon walk. There are a bunch of clips of people impersonating the walk.

===Matches Section===
15) Mr. McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (15:57)
This is from Monday Night Raw, aired on 04/13/98. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time Vince was in the ring for any reason to wrestle. Earlier in the evening, Stone Cold said he could beat McMahon with one arm tied behind his back so Vince makes him eat his words and has Austin tie one hand (his Stunner hand) behind his back. Amazingly, this whole thing takes about 11 minutes from ring entrances and everything else. To stall the match a bit more (remember this is sports entertainment) Dude Love bursts onto the scene. Vince shoves Dude down, tries for the Mandible Claw on VKM, Austin charges and Dude puts it on Austin instead. Dude stomps Austin while McMahon is brought to the back. This wasn’t a match at all but it did set up the great PPV match-ups between Foley and Austin.

—Disc Two—(3:00:24)
Disc Two contains nothing but matches.
1) Mr. McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (26:27)
This is a Steel Cage Match from St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, held on Valentines Day of 1999. I can’t imagine the unlucky girlfriends who didn’t go out on a date so their guy could watch this. That guy was probably single by the 15th. Vince was hesitant to get into the ring, drawing good heat from the crowd. Austin tires of this and chases Vince around the ring and into the cage. Austin tries to climb in but McMahon keeps stopping him. Austin slips off the cage and twists his knee, but he is just playing possum and draws McMahon out. Austin clotheslines him down and chucks him into the cage and choking him with a cable. They brawl through the crowd then make it back to the ring where they both climb to the top of the outside cage. This leads to Austin knocking McMahon off the top of the cage onto the Spanish Announce Table, where Vince broke his coccyx. It was a tough-looking spot and he did land square on his tailbone so I could believe he broke it. It actually looked like it would hurt more than Foley’s suicide bump from KOTR98. Vince is about to get stretchered to the back but Austin refuses to let him go and brings him back into the ring. Austin lays a whooping into Vince and is about to leave but comes in when he sees Vince flip him off. Vince stomps a mudhole in VKM and lays into him some more. Vince comes back with a lowblow and tries to climb over the top. Austin catches him and throws him back in. McMahon is sent into the cage and is busted open. Austin starts to climb over the top and almost makes it out when Vince flips him off again. Austin comes back in to punish Vince some more and stuns him. Austin gets into Vince’s face as the ring rips open to reveal Paul Wight, the newest guy Vince signed from the WCW. He tosses Austin into the cage, throwing him so hard that the cage breaks and Austin goes through the cage and lands on the ground to end the match at 7:58. That was quite the finish. McMahon was just too hobbled form his injury to do anything once the match started but this was a very entertaining 27 minutes of storyline. *1/2.

2) Mr. McMahon & Shane McMahon vs. Steve Austin (19:10)
This is from King of the Ring, held on June 27th, 1999. Austin gets a HUGE pop coming out. Compare this pop to anyone in the WWE now and there’s just no comparison. Ok, this is a ladder match with control of the WWE hanging in the briefcase above the ring. Linda and Stephanie had sold their shares to Austin and the briefcase houses all four equal shares of the WWE. Shane and Vince head for the ladders early but Austin clotheslines the both of them down, then brings Vince to the ring and stomps a mudhole in him. Shane tries to attack from behind but suffers a similar fate. We quickly leave the ring and Austin brawls with the McMahon’s by the entrance way with its ladder display. Austin collapses the display onto both McMahons and heads to the ring with a ladder. Shane and Vince follow and are dumped to the outside, with Shane getting tossed into the announce table, colliding with Ross. Ross picks up his hat, puts it back on, and continues announcing without missing a beat. Shane is set up on the Spanish Announce Table and Austin elbows him through the table from the top of the ladder. Vince makes his way outside and shoves Austin off a ladder into the announce table, which doesn’t break. Vince ascends the ladder back in the ring and almost reaches the top, until Austin catches him and lowblows him. Austin then slingshots an oncoming Shane into the ladder. Austin tries to climb but is knocked off by Vince. Shane tries to get the briefcase by sitting on his Dad’s shoulders but Austin recovers and knocks them both down, stuns both of them, and makes the climb to the briefcase. Austin makes it to the top but the briefcase is pulled further away when Austin tries to reach for it. Vince makes his climbs when Austin complains outside but Austin catches him. Shane dumps both of them and Shane grabs the ladder to finish this at 17:11. Was the person who pulled the briefcase ever revealed? The match was really slow and boring, but the storyline of it was quite entertaining, if that makes any sense. *.

3) Mr. McMahon vs. HHH (36:45)
This was the main event of Armageddon, held on December 12th, 1999 and was the result of HHH marrying Stephanie against her will and revealing it before her wedding with Test on Raw. HHH comes out with the sledgehammer, the first appearance of it, I believe. Vince throws powder in HHH’s eyes to get an early advantage as our big move of the match, punches, rule the day. Vince and HHH head into the crowd to brawl then head back to the ring a few minutes later where Vince backdrops HHH back to ringside. Mankind comes out with some plunder, which Vince has no problem using. HHH washes his eyes out with water, a nice bit of continuity from getting powder thrown in before, only to get whacked in the head with a trash can lid, then the whole trash can itself. The two start brawling again, this time to the entrance with the helicopter and sandbags. The jeep that DX used in its attack on WCW is there, too. McMahon gets smacked in the head with a gun turret, but McMahon reverses an Irish Whip into a helicopter to make his comeback. That comeback is short-lived as HHH and Vince head to the backstage/garage area. HHH bails to outside the arena and Vince follows. HHH tries to run him over but Vince manages to get out of the way. They fight on top of a limo, where Vince is bodyslammed. They return to the ring as the match hits the 23-minute mark. This is going on way too long. McMahon finds a steel pipe and HHH climbs up some scaffolding to bail. Vince follows but is knocked off the tower into the bed of a truck below. Vince is now bleeding as HHH goes back to ringside and taunts Stephanie. Vince gets back to the ring so HHH grabs the trusty sledgehammer. He preps to use it but Vince low-blows him and takes him down with a lead pipe. He grabs the sledgehammer and plans on using it but Steph comes into the ring and she wants to be the one to use the sledgehammer. She get it, but balks at using it. HHH grabs the sledgehammer and Vince takes the sledgehammer to the gut, then a shot to the face to end this thing at 29:54. Of course, Steph reveals that she was in on it with HHH the whole time and the two embrace at the end of the match. The fans seemed to like that heel turn. This was ungodly long at almost 30 minutes, with a whole bunch of pointless brawling to the crowd and backstage that really made this tough to sit through. ½*.

4) Mr. McMahon vs. Shane McMahon (20:49)
Wrestlemania X-7, held on April 1st, 2001, was the place for this big match. Basically, Vince was pissed at Shane buying WCW when Shane went underneath his father’s nose to purchase the company. Shane introduces some WCW friends then brings out the guest referee, Mick Foley. Vince has Stephanie in his corner. Vince pounds on Shane in the corner, but Shane comes back with a clothesline and a spear. Stephanie interferes early but she’s shoved down. Shane baseball slides his father and we start the outside brawling portion of this match. Shane finds a kendo stick and uses that. Shane props up Vince on the Spanish Announce Table and tries a flying elbow drop from the top rope. Stephanie pulled Vince out of the way and Shane goes right through the table. As the McMahons are down, Trish wheels out Linda McMahon to ringside. Trish helps Vince up, then slaps him. Stephanie slaps Stephanie and the two of them start going at it. They roll around a bit in the ring, then Trish chases Stephanie to the back. Vince now goes after his comatose wife, but Mick rolls her to the back. Vince catches him with a chair and knocks Foley out with a chair shot to the face. Vince rolls Linda back to ringside and seats her up in the corner of the ring. Vince brings Shane back into the ring and lays him out with some garbage cans he finds. As his back is turned to Linda and he’s pounding Shane, she stands up and low blows Vince. Foley comes in and pounds away at Vince, seating him in the corner and charging at him with a knee. Shane props the garbage can in front of Vince’s face and does the Van Terminator (a missile dropkick from one side of the ring to the other) and the pin is elementary at 14:14. This seamlessly melded in some awesome storylines and a really god brawl that didn’t last too long and had enough high spots that hit to make everyone watching it happy. ***1/2.

5) Mr. McMahon vs. Ric Flair (19:09)
These two young’uns battled at the 2002 Royal Rumble, which took place on January 20th. McMahon looks jacked for this match. These two co-own the WWE which I guess precipitated this feud. They start with a lock-up of all things, and McMahon shoves off Flair, then poses. He then works in a side headlock, making this a more technical match than any other match McMahon has ever been in. Flair is shoved down again, and Vince struts. Flair goes to work, tripping up McMahon. McMahon tries chopping Flair but Flair reverses that and shows him how its done. Flair is sent hard to the corner and is clotheslined on the rebound. McMahon dumps Flair and they start brawling outside. Vince finds a trash can and lacerates Flair with some shots to the head. Vince sends Flair to his children at ringside, then takes their camera and takes pictures of their bloodied father. Vince heads back to the ring and goes to work on Flair’s leg. He posts the leg, then puts Flair in the figure four. Flair turns it around and Vince quickly breaks with the ropes and bails outside, where he finds a lead pipe. Flair low blows McMahon before he can use it and dumps McMahon. Flair chops away then uses the monitors at ringside to slam them into McMahon’s face, busting him open. Flair’s kids at ringside get to take photos of McMahon busted open and McMahon begs off in the ring. Flair uses the lead pipe and puts the figure-four on McMahon and he has no option but to tap out at 15:02. This was a really good match between two senior citizens. I would’ve liked to have seen Flair work the leg a bit before putting on the figure four but this was entertaining, and you can’t say that about a lot of matches on PPV today. ***.

6) Mr. McMahon vs. Hulk Hogan (28:06)
McMahon again wrestled at a Wrestlemania, this time taking on the man he helped create, Hulk Hogan. This is from March 30th, 2003 and was WM XIX. If Hogan loses tonight, he must retire. Hogan’s entrance alone takes up about 3 minutes. McMahon slaps Hogan and the street fight is on. Hogan tackles McMahon and chokes away. He tries to ground and pound but McMahon is covering up. So Hogan stomps at him in the corner instead. McMahon comes back with a hammerlock and a test of strength that McMahon uses to keep Hogan on his knees. McMahon tosses Hogan to the outside and McMahon tries to sandwich Hogan’s head between the post and the chair but Hogan quickly moves out of the way. Hogan grabs the chair and McMahon takes a wicked shot that cuts him open. Hogan finds another chair and slams it into the back of McMahon, then accidentally hits the Spanish announcer, Hugo, who blades as well. A McMahon low blow turns the tide and he grabs the chair, slamming it into Hogan’s face and he’s cut open now. McMahon finds a ladder underneath the ring, sets up Hogan on the Spanish Announce Table, climbs to the top of the ladder and mocks Hogan, then legdrops Hogan through the table.

McMahon brings Hogan back into the ring and covers for two. He’s pissed and covers again and Hogan again kicks out. McMahon finds a steel pipe under the ring and there’s an awesome camera angle of him peering over the ring apron into the ring. He gets in the ring but a low blow stops him from using that pipe. Roddy Piper makes his return to the WWE by running into the mach, spits at Hogan and kicks McMahon. Piper finds the lead pipe and uses it on Hogan. McMahon covers but Hogan again kicks out. McMahon gets the pipe again and the referee interferes only to get tossed out by McMahon. McMahon uses the lead pipe and hits the legdrop and cover but Hogan kicks out and hulks up. The crowd like this. Hogan recovers, tosses the crooked referee, punches McMahon, hits the big boot and hits three leg drops to finish things at 21:28. Hogan celebrates in the ring for a few minutes when Shane McMahon makes his way to ringside. He’s only there to check on his father. I thought the pacing of this match was done very well. Even though it’s twenty minutes long, it didn’t feel like it. It was a really enjoyable street fight between the two oldies. ***.

7) Mr. McMahon vs. Stephanie McMahon (16:10)
This is an I Quit Match from No Mercy, held on October 19th, 2003. The stipulations here are that Steph can win via pinfall and that if Vince wins Steph is out as GM of Smackdown and if Steph wins, Vince is out as GM. Stephanie has her mother in her corner. Sable is making her way to ringside next, so I guess she’s Mr. McMahon’s mistress at the time. Stephanie turns her back on her father to help her father out of the ring and gets blindsided as a result. Steph cowers in the corner and tries to escape only to get shoulderlocked down. Vince knees Stephanie in the corner then Sable slaps Stephanie, causing Linda to chase her around the ring. Vince gets between them and shoos Linda away. Vince returns to the ring and Steph tries to kick him away but she’s clotheslined down. Vince puts Steph in a single leg Boston Crab but she refuses to give up. So Vince tells Sable to get the lead pipe and Linda goes after Sable again. Linda slaps Vince for good measure and Steph low blows him using the lead pipe. She rolls up Vince for two. Steph has the lead pipe and tees up her father. Vince charges and gets whacked in the gut and the face, and comes off the second rope with a shot. She covers but Vince’s foot makes the ropes. Sable interferes and Vince gets shoved into her and bulldogged for two. Steph grabs the pipe again but charges right into a Vince choke. Vince whacks her in the gut then chokes her out with the lead pipe. Linda throws in the towel at 9:27, ending this debacle. This wasn’t even fun to watch and bordered more on creepy than anything else. DUD. Vince throws down Linda after the match as well.

8) Mr. McMahon vs. Undertaker (13:44)
This is a Buried Alive match from Survivor Series, held on November 16th, 2003. We don’t get Undertaker’s entrance here. Vince comes out with his hands folded in prayer. He seems to believe in some higher power that will help him out during this match. Taker punches McMahon and McMahon’s busted open already. Taker pounds away at McMahon in the corner and McMahon’s really cut open now. We see the blood pouring onto the mat. Taker posts McMahon’s grapefruits then posts his leg. Was that the same leg he broke back in 99? McMahon crawls across the ring where Taker does the same exact thing he did on the opposite corner. They end up outside where Taker chokes out McMahon with a cable then slams one of the TV monitors into his face. Taker then walks out and grabs a shovel and just wallops McMahon’s head with it. Taker then takes McMahon outside and shatters the steel steps across his ankle. McMahon is still a bloody mess, having a pool of blood by the stairs. Taker carries McMahon to the grave near the entrance. McMahon comes back with a Greco-roman handful of sand to the eyes and follows and an equally as technical low blow. McMahon then uses the shovel and whacks Undertaker into the grave, busting open Taker’s arm. Taker recovers and dumps McMahon into the grave and heads to the pay-loader when an explosion goes off and Kane comes out. Kane knocks Taker into the grave, pulls McMahon out and McMahon buries Undertaker to end this at 12:00. This was just a brutal ass-whooping on the part of Undertaker with a really cheap ending to finish it off. It was definitely a bloodbath, so if you like that sort of stuff you’ll like to see McMahon bleeding. It just wasn’t up my alley, as it was way too slow and was just a 12-minute squash with a cheap ending. *.

B) Audio/Video
This is standard widescreen and Dolby Digital 5.1. Almost all the footage is post 1997, so it all looks and sounds good.

C) Packaging / Liner Notes
This is a fold open DVD case with an insert inside one of the folder sleeves. The insert just includes the matches, chapter listings and extras.

D) Easter Eggs
—Disc One—
1) Chicken Hijinx (1:22)
This was also part of Vince training against Austin by trying to catch a chicken and the chicken basically just stands there and doesn’t move. To get this, head to the extras and highlight “VKM Training Package” and press left twice.

2) HHH retells Sleeping Giant (0:53)
To get this, head to the extras and highlight “Sleeping Giant” and press left twice. HHH says that Vince not only popped the mattress but convinced Show to tape it up with duct tape.

Overall Review
We get the usual WWE commercials to start the collection (WWE On Demand, Home Video, World’s Greatest Wrestling Managers DVD, Dusty Rhodes DVD, Wrestlemania 22, and the Don’t Try This at Home ad). Well, if you like Vince McMahon then this is the DVD for you. The main program is interesting just to see how much McMahon loves himself and actually committed all this to tape for general release. The matches were generally fun, though the really good ones were ones from Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble and are easily available on those Anthology collections. I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend this, but there’s enough good stuff on here that if you can pick it up for cheap, you should. It’s just too much McMahon and focuses way too much on the character rather than the person.

Overall Rating

10.0      Perfect
9.0-9.5  Near Perfect, Highly Recommended
8.0-8.5  Really good disc, Recommended
7.0-7.5  Good DVD, Mildly recommended
6.0-6.5  Above Average DVD. Mildest of mild recommendations
5.0-5.5  Decent all around disc, but catch it on TV
4.0-4.5  Great Movie but horrible DVD
3.0-3.5  Horrible movie but great DVD
2.0-2.5  There’s at least some merit to this DVD, but not much.
1.0-1.5  Horrible DVD, don’t even bother
0.0-0.5  Worst DVD ever


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