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WWE Mick Foley Greatest Hits And Misses Disc 1

Written by: Tom Hopkins

Well, I just got my hands on the newest WWE DVD offering and I have to say, I couldn’t wait to see it. After missing out on the Flair DVD (don’t worry, I’ll get it eventually) I had to get this one right away. Sure enough, I did. Anyway, without further ado, here is my review for Mick Foley’s Greatest Hits and Misses.

First of all, there is a lot of material on this double disc set, so I decided to split it up into 2 parts, disc 1 and disc 2. Makes sense right? The first disc deals with his pre-WWE days and contains matches from WCW, SMW, and ECW. By the way, Mick Foley himself introduces each match, and I put his comments here so you know what he says. Ok? So here we go!

Disc 1: The Matches
First off, Foley thanks us for buying the DVD and making the necessary romantic sacrifices to watch it (because wrestling fans don’t have dates!). He says that many call this next match his most brutal ever. He continues by saying this was a controversial match because WCW at the time wasn’t known for hardcore matches, so showing blood on TV was a big no-no. He goes on to say that the WCW editors spent countless hours editing the match to be blood free, but he has the complete match somewhere and if he finds it before the DVD came out, he would put on the “exclusive footage” and if he finds it we’ll know because they’ll be bleeding. Good Enough. He also talks about how Vader was a huge heel who when some saw their names on the card scheduled to fight Vader, they would quit right there.

-Cactus Jack vs. Big Van Vader (WCW Satruday Night 04/17/93)
Lockup to start but it’s broken up. Another lock-up and Cactus sends Vader to the corner then drives him down with huge elbows. Cactus backs off and they circle each other. Tony Schiavone calls it deliberate. In modern WWE terms, it usually refers to Undertaker working slow as hell, but here it actually has meaning. They start the match off slow, you’re almost anticipating what will happen next. They really have a great build up this match. Another lockup sends Cactus to the corner and Vader absolutely connects with HUGE right hands. I mean you can actually hear Cactus’ nose break. Just sick. Vader continues clubbing away in the corner then sends Cactus to the opposite corner and connects with a body splash. Cactus crumbles to the ground near the turnbuckles and Vader stomps away. Vader whips Cactus to the opposite corner and tries for another splash but Cactus catches him and follows through with a bodyslam, followed up with a legdrop. Cactus goes to the top and hits a flying clothesline as Vader stands up. Cactus sends Vader outside, sets him up along the barricade and a clothesline knocks Vader and the barricade over. Cactus then clotheslines Harley Race just for the hell of it. Since it was originally shown on Saturday Night, we take the dreaded commercial break though thankfully, all the commercials were cut out. Too bad because I would love to have seen those old WCW commercials shilling their magazine or whatever. I digress. We return with Cactus headbutting Vader, who is standing on the apron. Back inside and Vader is sent to the corner. Cactus kindly puts Vader’s head into the tunrbuckle and then applies a sleeper hold. Vader nonchalantly falls backwards on Foley to release the hold. Vader starts connecting again with those club-like fists. Man this is so stiff, it hurts just WATCHING it. Here we go the “EXCLUSIVE UNEDITED VERSION FROM MICK FOLEY’S PERSONAL LIBRARY.” Yes it was so important I had to put it in caps. Back to the action and Vader hits him so hard Cactus starts bleeding hardway. Vader with more punching and Race joins in by choking Cactus, whose head is lying on the bottom rope. Vader hits a samoan drop followed by a Vader splash from the second rope. Vader doesn’t cover though. Great build to this match by the way. He hits Cactus with a knee to the head which sends him outside. Harley race with a rake to the eye. Heel managers, I miss those. Vader again with huge rights. Race holds Cactus up for Vader to hit, and as a wrestling fan you know what happens next. Amazingly, Vader clotheslining Race had no affect on the outcome of this match, as Vader got right back up and clotheslines Cactus. Cactus makes his way way to the ring he meets up with a big boot by Vader. He crawls into the ring but is sent outside again with a Vader clothesline. Cactus crawls to the safety rail and Vader tries a splash but misses, landing right on his stomach. Ouch. Cactus climbs up to the apron and connects with a front flip. Vader sells like a champ as Cactus makes his way inside to beat the 10 count and the win at 10:37. To be honest, watching this match the first time I was bored, but watching it again I see how the match built up. It was really quite excellently done and told a great story. Easy ***1/2.

Foley talks about how he was in the ring with Vader when he lost his ear and how he was dissappointed that WCW didn’t capitalize on his losing his ear. He recounts a story how he was going to have his ear replaced and this match for some reason convinced him not too. It was better than he expected and going into the match he had no idea what to expect.

-Cactus Jack/Maxx Payne vs. The Nasty Boys (WCW Spring Stampede 04/17/94)
This is a rather famous Chicago Street Fight (i.e. Falls Count anywhere). Also, as a sidenote, it is so hard not to put a Z on the end of Boys. Thanks WWE. We start off right away with this match and there’s almost too much going on for me to even recap. The announcers say there are two referees for this match (what is this the NHL) and they are about as effective as, well, things that aren’t very effective. Ok, I’m a wrestling reviewer, not a comedian. Anyway, Knobs pairs off with Cactus and Sags pairs off with Payne. Cactus is immediately nailed with a broken pool stick as Payne hits Sags with a Bossman slam. To the outside Payne and Sags go. We see Knobs beating on Cactus with a pool stick. Payne sends Sags to the steel guardrails. Cactus gains control of Knobs and hammers him with the poolstick. A Cactus clothesline sends them both to the outside. Meanwhile, Sags nails Payne with a chair. Cactus sends Knobs to the steel rails but is hammered with the chair by Sags. Cactus returns the love by introducing Sags’ head with a steel chair. We’re back to where we started with Payne squaring off with Sags and Cactus with Knobs. Knobs clotheslines Cactus into the ring as Sags brutalizes him with the pool stick. Knobs and Payne head outside as Payne and Knobs exchange blows. Sags sends Cactus outside. We follow Knobs and Payne to the souvenir stand and we go split screen. We see Cactus biting Sags while Knobs breaks a table over Payne’s back. Sags nails Cactus with a chair as Knobs covers Payne for two. Cactus takes control of the chair and levels Sags. We go back to Knobs and Payne as Payne picks up Knobs and puts him through the souvenir table. DON’T CRUSH THE FOAM FINGERS!! Payne covers for a two. Knobs uses a broken piece of table to knock down Payne. Sags and Cactus make their way to the souvenir stand too. Knobs puts Payne through the flimsy souvenir stand wall as Sags hits Cactus with a table a good 6 times. Sags brings the table to the runway as Knobs covers Payne for two. Cactus hits a swinging neckbreaker on the runway and picks up the table and suplex’ it onto Sags! He sets up the table but is hit in the leg with a shovel by Knobs. Payne come back and grabs the shovel and pummels Knobs with it until Knobs hits him with a lowblow. Sags sets up Cactus on the table but unfortunately the table breaks. Knobs covers Payne as the refs are nowhere to be found. Sags tosses Cactus off the runway to the concrete (Holy Shit moment number one on this disc). Sags jumps down, grabs the shovel and just lays it into Cactus head (Holy Shit moment #2), and that of course ends it at 8:59. Great match. Tons of action, the pace never slowed down. This isn’t your average garbage hardcore match, it had pace, it told a story and it was near perfect. The only fault was the table spot but it didn’t really take away from the match. Still a must-see. ****3/4.

We begin the introduction to Foley’s ECW career by spitting on the WCW Tag Team Belt. This promo was given after losing to Sabu. Foley discusses how this was a talent tradeoff as he was given to ECW in hopes of forming a partnership of sorts. Foley says him versus Sabu was like a battle of “Hardcore Icons.” He says that he injured his back and broke out in hives but still stayed in the ECW arena just to give spitting on the belt promo. He says that if Flair had seen the promo instead of heard about it, he would’ve known what Foley was trying to accomplish. Foley says that people view this match as a dissappoinment as no one was killed. Foley says that he attempted to not fight back (a la of Mice And Men) to have the fans call for him to fight back.

-Cactus Jack vs. Sabu (ECW Hostile City Showdown 06/24/94)
This crowd is hot. Sabu begins with kicks to head and cactus goes down. As Foley said, it’s pretty clear that he is just letting Sabu attack him. Joey Styles tells us that Cactus is favoring his shoulder from an ECW injury. We go to a headlock and Sabu is just pummeling Cactus. Sabu hits a belly-to-back suplex. Sabu pounds away and a spinning kick sends Cactus outside. He bluffs going for a tope but Cactus moves out of the way. Sabu sends Cactus to the outside and works over Cactus’ shoulder with a chair. He continues brutalizing Cactus and Sabu goes back inside and hits a tope connecting head on with Cactus, who was being held there by Paul E. Dangerously. Sabu grabs a chair and hits Cactus as he slides back into the ring. Sabu sets up the chair in the corner and you know what is next if you’ve ever seen a Sabu match. Sabu tries again but Cactus with an elbow and his first offense of the match, and only 5 minutes into the match too! He hits a Cactus clothesline sending both to the outside and connects with a chair shot to Sabu’s back, then another to his head. Cactus goes to the apron and hits the Cactus elbow. Cactus picks up a frying pan from the fans and nails Sabu with it, then hits himself in the head with it. Brief note, it’s really weird to hear Joey call ECW Eastern Championship Wrestling. Joey says that Cactus may have found a new home in ECW. Back inside and Cactus hits an elbow drop for two. Cactus goes to the top and misses a front flip. Sabu with a slingshot legdrop which garners a two count. Sabu hits Cactus with a punch and a legdrop. Sabu goes upstair for a moonsault but Cactus crotches him and goes for a belly to back suplex. Odd looking spot as it appears that Sabu shifted his weight to counter but it didnt really look that way. Cactus tries for a suplex but its reversed and both men tumble outside. They brawl outside and Sabu flips Cactus over the steel guardrails. Looked like another blown spot to me. Sabu sets Cactus up on the table, uses the guardrail as a slingshot and hits a legdrop to send Cactus through the table. Sabu sends Cactus back inside, covers, and gets a two count. Funny moment as Joey says Paul E. ruled WCW with an Iron Fist with the Dangerous Alliance. Sabu sends Cactus to the guardrails and charges but Cactus sidesteps as Sabu runs head-on into the steel. Sabu apparently wasn’t in selling mood today as he immediately gets up and hits Cactus with a belly to back suplex on the concrete. He sets up a table outside the steel guardrails and goes to the ropes for an Asai Moonsault that baaaaaaaaaarely touched Cactus. Somehow, after Cactus going through the table, Cactus rolls Sabu inside for two. Cactus throws Sabu into the corner and charges with the bit of table he had. In a horribly contrived finish, he charges again, the referee looks away for no reason and Paul E hits Cactus in the back of the head with his phone, Cactus falls over, Sabu falls on top of him and gets the three count and the win at 13:00. Of course, it’s ECW so it’s not really over as Cactus takes on Sabu, 911, and Paul E until Mr. Hughes runs out to attack Cactus, then Shane Douglas runs out to attack Hughes, then the Bruise Brothers run out to attack Douglas, and Sabu hits his plancha over the top rope to take them all out. Cactus ends up hitting Sabu with a piledriver through the table. Sabu and Cactus go inside and Sabu hits Cactus with a bottle or something. 911 then throws a table into the ring and Sabu sends Cactus face-first into the table breaking it. Sabu then hits a moonsault on said broken table. Cactus amazingly is the first one up and slingshots the table over him onto Sabu and THAT’S your main event for the evening. Overall, this was a pretty sloppy match with no real build or storyline. As usual with Sabu around this time, it’s just a bunch of spots. They hit spots just to hit spots. Compare this to the match Payne/Cactus vs. Nastys match and it’s like night and day. The WCW brawl was a vicious brawl that told a story and the intensity grew as the match grew longer and it was a vicious shot that ended the match and it made sense. People sold when they needed too and came back when they needed to. Here it was just spot after spot and no one sold. Cactus had an injured shoulder in storyline terms and Sabu didn’t even try to capitalize on it. Overall it was too sloppy for my tastes and was basically the same match as Sabu vs. anyone. *1/2.

We head over to Smokey Mountain Wrestling with Cactus rhyming a cute promo about Chris Candido.

Candido, I'll beat his butt, that's my creedo I really think, I'll make him bleedo, Candido Worse than Rocky made Apollo Creedo and Upon these two fists, Jim Ross, he will feedo As if they were two giant cheetos And when my mission is complete-o I'll see his skin inside his speedos Because I will beat Chris Candido BANG BANG! 

Foley comments how he looked sleazy with his hair and talks about the fun times he had in SMW and how he enjoyed wrestling Chris Candido and basically talks up Candido.

-Cactus Jack vs. Chris Candido (SMW 11/18/94)
We begin right with Candido firing off hard rights and lefts. Irish whip to the corner and a charge is met with a Cactus elbow. Immediately, Candido tries to bail. Cactus catches up with him, clotheslines him on the side of the ring and starts biting him. Quick clippage as Cactus whips Candido to the ropes and just kicks him in the head. Cactus clothesline sends them both outside. Candido is being pummeled by Cactus on the outside. We head back in and Cactus starts biting Chris again. Whip to the ropes by Candido is met by a shoulderblock from Cactus followed by a legdrop for two. A side-headlock is applied by Cactus. Candido breaks it with a whip to the ropes but Cactus shoulderblocks Candido to the ground. Cactus charges Candido but Candido steps aside as Cactus goes outside. Baseball slide by Candido keeps Cactus outside and he follows up with a pescado. Outside Candido nails Cactus with a fan’s crutch. Cactus makes the comeback inside by choking Candido then punching him mercilessly in the corner. Irish whip to the other corner, Cactus charges, Candido moves and Cactus’ shoulder collides with the ringpost. Candido immediately starts working the arm. Candido breaks the hold and hits a suplex. Whip to the ropes and Cactus counters a backbodydrop with a swinging neckbreaker. Cactus goes to the top but Tammy distracts Cactus long enough for Candido to hit a Frankensteiner. He goes to the top but misses a splash from the top. Cactus takes over as Tammy leaves ringside. Candido is stuck on the bottom rope so Cactus goes to the apron and legdrops him, then brings him outside and hits a suplex on the floor. Tammy comes back and has Boo Radley in tow. Of course, Radley and Candido collide allowing Cactus to hit a double-arm DDT for the pin and the win at 8:12. Tammy comes in and blinds Cactus with hairspray and Candido goes to work as Radley makes his way to the top. Brian Lee comes for the save and we’re out of time sez Ross. Not a bad little match **3/4.

-Cactus Jack vs. Sandman (ECW 02/04/94)
This is a Texas Death Match and Foley warns us that this won’t be good due to Sandman getting concussed and not staying down. The rules are you need to pin the opponent then the opponent has to stay down for a 10 count. Cactus charges Sandman from behind and sends him into a steel pillar. Already Sandman looks dazed. So Cactus hits him with a chair shot and then with a foreign object. He has another chair and connects with Sandman straight on and then again, then another one and Sandman falls down. Leg drop gets the three count and Sandman gets up by 5. Another chair shot, and Cactus puts a chair on top of Sandmans face and hits a legdrop for three. Sandman gets up at 6 though. Sandman is completely fucked up now. They go outside and Cactus hits Sandman with a frying pan, and Sandman just sits there. Sandman throws Cactus down to the ground in a sick bump and “goes to work” on Cactus. He throws him to the steel guardrails then sends him inside. He hits what can loosely be called a “slingshot dropkick” from the apron. He whips Cactus to the turnbuckles and the action is going so fast I have trouble keeping up. Cactus knocks Sandman over with some right fists and throws him outside. Snapmare on the concrete leads to an attempted legdrop, which misses. Sandman of course just lies there as Cactus kicks him and sells a leg injury. He charges at Sandman who is lying up against the steel and misses. Sandman sort of hobbles around and punches Cactus. Cactus head back inside and Sandman hits a vertical suplex, sits up, and looks around. There’s almost no point anymore. Why choose this Sandman/Foley match to put on here? Sandman is now controlling the offense and the match starts to suck very badly. Cactus starts working the knee by hitting it with the chair. Woman gets involved and hits Cactus with the Singapore cane on the knee. Sandman is still working the offense and I’m literally falling asleep. Sandman for some reason starts threatening the ref with a chair and Cactus saves. Cactus goes for a piledriver on the chair and Sandman “reverses” sending Cactus falling down on the chair. Cactus takes over with punches and a snapmare but misses an elbow. Cactus hits a big double-arm DDT on the chair and Sandman kicks out. I don’t know, I can’t really blame Sandman for not taking the pin and fucking up the psychology of the match, because he is obviously in another world. Sandman ends up hitting a piledriver on the chair which Foley said legit injured him. That would’ve gotten a three but Sandman breaks the pin at two. Sandman hits a DDT on the chair for three, and as the referee counts Sandman attacks Cactus thus breaking the count. Sandman controls with more crappy offense and I can’t take it anymore. Even the usual hot ECW crowd is dead. Cactus hits Sandman over the head with the cane a few times as Sandman rolls outside. You can see Cactus is noticeably pissed. Chair shot from Cactus and Cactus sends Sandman outside. He hits a Cactus elbow with the chair for two! Cactus just tosses the chair head on with Sandman, hits an elbow and gets the count. Sandman just stands up three seconds later like it never happened. Legdrop by Foley gets three. Cactus tries for a piledriver but can’t lift him up. DDT gets three but Sandman just gets right up. Joey Styles mentions how “another wrestler is famous for taking punishment and getting right up” and says if he faced Sandman he would send him back North. Cactus with another DDT, another three, and Sandman’s up again. Shall we try again? DDT, three count and FINALLY the whole shebang is over at 16:10. Felt like more. Horrible match due to Sandman. DUD.

Mick talks about how he accidentally burned Terry Funk and actually considered quitting wrestling. Terry, ever the trooper, came back from the hospital to cut promos for November to Remember. A few phone messages later and all was forgiven.

-Raven/Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk/Tommy Dreamer from ECW November to Remember 11/18/95
Cactus challenges Dreamer and Funk to fighting out on the floor to begin but they decide not too as they sort of just walk around. They head in and Funk pairs off with Cactus and Raven faces off with Dreamer. They fight and the heels are sent to the outside. Funk starts attacking Cactus and Raven makes the save. Dreamer comes back and they go to the ring. Outside, Funk nails Cactus with chair shots outside, and then throws the chair inside hitting Raven in the head. Nice aim Terry! Funk sends him outside. Stevie Richard makes his way ringside with a garbage can filled with fun things the whole family can enjoy. Funk takes a speed limit sign (25 MPH) and hits Cactus and Raven with it. Dreamer goes low on Cactus. Dreamer/Funk then go outside and dispose of Stevie the only way possible, putting him in a shopping cart, and ramming it crotch-first into the steel post. In the ring, Funk kills Cactus dead with a snow shovel while Dreamer tosses a VCR into the head of Raven. Simply awesome. Then he uses the remote. Raven is dead Funk gets a frying pan and attacks referee, Jim Molyneaux while Dreamer uses a cheese grater on Raven. Raven then takes a golf club to the nuts via Terry. The heels take over though as Raven uses a toilet seat on Funk, and Raven uses chains on Dreamer. Whip to the ropes and Dreamer gets nailed in the throat with the chain. Raven almost has the crimson mask. They head outside as Cactus brutalizes Funk with silverware and Raven sends Dreamer to the steel guardrails. Raven sends Dreamer back inside as Cactus literally shreds Funk’s arm with a fork. Dreamer and Funk are now both outside as the heels rest inside. Dreamer gets double-teamed and jumps into the outstretched chain to knock both heels together. He hits a DDT on Raven who bails leaving Cactus with Dreamer inside as Funk and Raven brawl outside. Cactus nails him with a speed limit sign then takes off his Dungeon of Doom shirt to reveal a shirt saying: “Forgive Me, Uncle Eric” on the back with a picture of Eric on the front. Dreamer is bleeding now and starts pounding on Cactus, who was motioning to the crowd WCW. He pulls Cactus’ shirt over his head (leaving the picture of Eric Bischoff there) and starts pounding away and hits a nice chairshot. Outside, Funk drops the cart on Raven. Inside, Dreamer drops the garbage can on Cactus and Cactus responds with a kick to the midsection, knocking Tom over. Funk’s back in and takes a double arm DDT from Cactus on the chair. He covers but there is no referee. Dreamer is outside and Raven hits a pescado. Raven rolls back inside and covers Funk as Cactus counts three. I DON’T think that will stand though. Outside and Cactus gets a crutch and hits Dreamer with it. Back inside a pair of referees have arrived (Bill Alphonso and Taz) Cactus covers and Alphonso counts to two until Funk kicks out. This angers Billy who starts kicking Funk. Taz pulls him off though and starts punching, covers Funk and counts to two until Dreamer saves. Cactus and Funk head outside as Raven slips on the crap in the ring. In the ring, Dreamer hits a pair of DDT’s on Raven as the Jim Molyneaux finally gets up. Dreamer hits a piledriver on the chair; Funk covers and gets the three at 13:42. Fun match to watch. ***.

We then go to a clip of Mick Foley’s going away speech in ECW. Mick tells us to keep a secret from Vince McMahon. The secret is that his most favorite wrestling moment didn’t take place in a WWE ring. He says he had played the heel in ECW and didn’t know how the fans would react. He says the emotional response was tremendous for his last ECW match.

-Cactus Jack vs. Mikey Whipwreck from ECW Big Ass Extreme Bash (03/09/96)
The response to Cactus in this match is tremendous. The fans give Cactus a standing ovation that is rightly deserved. Cactus gets on the mike and says he can tell his kids he had the last match with Cactus, but he didn’t beat him. They lock and Cactus tosses Mikey down. I guess I should mention that Mikey is wearing a neckbrace. Lockup again and Cactus sends Mikey to the corners and works him over with forearms then drives his knee into Mikey’s head. Cactus sends Mikey outside and Cactus follows, finding a chair from the audience and misses three chair shots allowing Mikey to fight back, for a second before Cactus sends him down to the ground again. Cactus works over Mikey outside now. They head back inside and Cactus is dominating the match. Whip to the ropes and a clothesline is missed allowing Mikey to comeback and Mikey hits a Cactus clothesline knocking them both outside. Mikey sends the back of Cactus’ head into the steel then hits a belly to back suplex on the concrete floor. Back inside and Mikey hits a side Russian leg sweep on the chair. Mikey tried to take Cactus over in a victory roll type maneuver but Cactus simply tosses Mikey onto the timekeepers table outside, but it doesn’t break He sets up table again and hits a belly to back suplex on it, but the table doesn’t break! So he does what he can, gets to the second rope and hits an elbow drop on the concrete floor. Cactus finds a crutch somewhere and introduces it to Mikey’s head. A chair is found but before Cactus can do anything with it, Mikey hits a sidekick knocking the chair into Cactus’ face. They start brawling in the crowd and Mikey sends Cactus into the steel guardrails. Mikey heads back inside, hops on the top rope and somersaults onto Cactus. Cactus makes a comeback and connects with a Cactus clothesline over the steel guardrail. Cactus hits a suplex on the concrete, and works Mikey over on the concrete. They head back inside and Cactus applies what almost looks like the mandible claw. And yes, it is the mandible claw. He takes it off and piledrives Mikey to the mat. Cover gets two. Double-arm DDT gets two. Cactus sets up Mikey’s head on the bottom rope and from the apron hits a legdrop, then lies Mikey on the apron and drives his elbow into his throat from outside. Outside and Cactus sets up a piledriver but Mikey fights back and dumps Cactus into the front row, Cactus reversed and hits a neckbreaker over the guardrail. Cactus heads up to the bottom rope and slingshots himself backwards but Mikey moved out of the way of the elbow and Cactus fell right into the steel. Back inside and Mike connects with a chair shot that doesn’t take Cactus down. Then a second, a third, and the fourth knocks him down. He starts getting back up and Mikey simply lays one into Cactus’ face. That only gets a two though. Mikey then gives Cactus a shot with a Leonard Cohen record album. More chair shots and Cactus bails to the outside. They go towards the broadcast, um, booth, and Mikey hits a suplex. Mikey climbs up to the broadcast booth balcony as Cactus is on the bottom and nails a flying cross body of sorts. Mikey drags Cactus back to the ring and rolls him inside. Mikey goes to the top and tries something, but gets elbowed in the face Cactus style. Cactus picks up the chair and decides it’d be a good idea to hit Mikey in the back a few times. He hits a nice piledriver on the chair and gets the pin for the win at 17:20. The fans appreciate and give Cactus a standing ovation, and they start chanting Cactus. Cactus heads over to Mikey and the two bond wrestling style in the ring. Good Match and a nice way to end Mick Foley’s ECW run, and this disc. ***1/2.

Ok now we head into the cool part, The Extras

-Post-Vader Interview (04/24/93)
This is given after the Saturday Night match that we saw already on the DVD. Cactus talks about how he steps out of the hospital and his wife and son asked him not to step back into the ring with Vader because he’s scared of what Vader to do. He challenges Vader one last time. Great Interview. Of course, it would lead to the really shitty Cactus has amnesia angle but who cares?

-Cactus Jack vs. Sting WCW Beach Blast (06/20/92)
This match was falls count anywhere and no DQ. Since this is WCW and Sting was the champion, this is non-title. Coach and Foley will are doing the commentary for this match and I’ll put their comments in parentheses. Foley mocks WCW right away for making this non-title and says it’s one of his favorite matches. Cactus and Sting start off right away on the ramp (I miss that ramp.) and Sting gets a backslide (I wouldn’t choose an extra that ended on a backslide) for two. Sting whips Cactus to the ropes and hits a back body drop followed by a bulldog for two. Sting tries to splash Cactus on the ropes but Cactus cleverly moves out of the way. Sting falls outside and Cactus hits a Cactus elbow, covers and gets a two-count. Foley talks about putting Sting through a table with a head butt and how he knocks himself out. Too Funny. Swinging neckbreaker on the concrete gets two. Cactus hits a nice sunset flip off the apron on Sting for two. They brawl outside and Sting back body drops Cactus over the guardrails (I took those guardrails hard, I tipped those guardrails the hardway), and then hits a suplex for two (getting suplexed like is jarring). He whips Cactus to the guardrail and he flips over. They head back to the ring and Sting is still in control until Cactus connects with a clothesline (Sting had his foot and Cactus hits a spinning clothesline that he invented and DDP stole. He even says that Hurricane rips off his Dude Love persona). It’s Cactus’ turn to work over Sting and he does. He hits a bodypress in the corner and lays on a bodyscissors and as is Cactus style, starts stretching Sting’s mouth (Foley says how he thanked Sting for what he did for his career and how Sting says he was taken aback by that). Sting powers out and tries to fights back but a Cactus clothesline (ahh the Cactus clothesline, now stolen by everyone in the WWE) sends them both to the outside. Cactus whips Sting to the guardrail but a charge is met by the foot of Sting. Cactus finds a chair though and works over Sting’s back. Meanwhile Foley says he brought out the best in guys like Sting because they’d have to work a different style. Cactus drags Sting to somewhere, but we’ll never know where because Sting hits a belly to back suplex on the concrete for two. Cactus is never one to back down and lays a fist into Sting’s mouth for two, which is reversed by Cactus for two (Foley says it is one of his favorite matches, top ten, and says how it’s in his books. Coach accuses him of trying to sell his book to the new fans). Sting tries a Stinger Splash on the guardrails but Cactus dodges. Cactus hits a niiice piledriver (then he makes fun of Al Snow) then heads to the second rope (I’d go to the top, but I don’t have the balance) but an elbow is countered with a Sting fist to the stomach. They go back to the runway and Sting with a bodyslam. Sting finds a chair and hits Cactus in the back, then throws it at his leg. Scorpion Deathlock is reversed as both tumble off the runway. (Foley talks about how he was terrified of the HITC match with Undertaker and that is wrestling was not high-risk, just high-impact.) They head back though and Cactus hits a double-arm DDT for two. Cactus wanders back ringward but Sting hits a clothesline, (Foley says he knows that by the end of the match, he had a great match and thought it was his best until he had went to WWE) jumps to the top and from the tope rope to outside hits a flying clothesline for three, which ends it at 11:22. Really good match. ****. Watch it with the commentary and it’s even better.

-Cactus spits on the ECW Belt (06/24/94)
This is the complete interview that Mick was talking about prior to the Sabu match on this tape. We also get the Heyman interview from the same show where he talks about Cactus. Great interview segment.

-“Cane Dewey” Promo
This is what Mick considers his most favorite wrestling promo. Cactus talks about in this interview he was touching upon real anger and that anger was caused by the WWE because he wasn’t signed by the WWE yet. A rather famous interview that should be seen.

-“Anti-Hardcore” Promo
Another famous interview where Cactus denounces the hardcore nature of the ECW fans. Funny stuff.

-Cactus Jack vs. Sabu (09/30/94 in Hamburg PA)
This is the rematch from Hostile City Showdown and Foley and Coach are again doing commentary, and again I will put Foley’s comments in parentheses where I see fit. We start off right away with Cactus hammering away and hitting Sabu with an elbow then a legdrop for two. (Working for ECW was wild. The fans are as part of the show as the workers themselves.) Cactus headbutts Sabu a few times then chokes him with the ropes. Sabu is on the bottom rope and Cactus hits hit legdrop from the apron. Sabu is still lying there so Cactus goes for the chair shot. Of course, Sabu moves and the chair bounces off the rope into Cactus’ head. Sabu goes for an Asai Moonsault from the second rope to the outside, misses Cactus and his ribs land plum on the steel guardrail. OUCH. 911 comes out to brawl with Cactus to buy time for Sabu who is still lying there (a blatant attempt to buy time). Major stalling going on right now.(911 gave Dewey his leather jacket to sleep on). Leave it to Sabu to injure himself a minute into the match and thus fuck it up for everyone. Cactus finally drags Sabu back and tries for a suplex, which is reversed. Oh, I see Cactus has bladed. Just a note, either the commentary is mixed real low, or the ring boom mic was mixed too high, but sometimes it’s really hard to hear what Mick and Coach are saying. Cactus suplexes a table (I’m surprised no one has stolen that yet)onto Sabu who is still lying there grabbing his ribs. They go inside and Sabu hits Cactus a few times with a chair then sets up the chair to springboard off of it (A Sabu trademark) into Cactus. Whip to the turnbuckles and Cactus is down. Sabu dries for a legdrop with the chair which misses, then misses again, a third time is bluffed so Cactus moves and then Sabu connects with it. (Sabu was never satisfied with his matches. I say, neither was I.) Cactus makes the comeback though and sends Sabu to the outside. Cactus tries to suplex Sabu through a table but it doesn’t break, doing wonders for Sabu’s ribs I’m sure. Sabu and Cactus head outside to brawl some. Basically they walk all over the “arena” (school gymnasium) and throw each other into walls. Cactus does hit a piledriver and follows it up with an elbow drop on the stage. He tries for another piledriver but Sabu manages to reverse it, then set up a chair to springboard onto Cactus.They go into a closet to brawl and no one knows what’s happening. They brawl behind a curtain, and all we see is the curtain. Cactus has a trash can and brutalizes Sabu with it. Paul E and 911 attack Cactus though as they make their way back to the ring and 911 sends Cactus into the steel guardrail (a career trademark, though not a smart one). Sabu sets up Cactus on a table outside the ring and, as 911 holds Cactus down, hits a second-rope springboard moonsault to put Cactus through the table. Sabu is dead. He can barely stand. Cactus finds a bottle (which isn’t fixed, its a real bottle) and tries to use it but Sabu prevents that hitting a split-legged moonsault for two. Sabu sets up a chair for another springboard body press but Cactus catches him (Am I doing a strength move?). Sabu falls on top of him though and gets the two count. Sabu picks up the bottle and smashes it itno Cactus’ head and the bottle doesn’t break, just a thud. A second time and it breaks the bottle. Cactus won’t go down though. He keeps hitting him and still he won’t go down. So Sabu finds another one, breaks it over his head, hits hime a few more times and hits a splitlegged moonsault for the pin at about 14:35 or so. Bad Match, which was hampered incredibly by Sabu’s injury. *. Watch it with commentary though, it makes it a LOT more bearable. Funny bit at the end as Foley says he can’t believe he put two matches as extras where he loses.

-ECW Farewell Speech
This was given immediately after the Mikey Whipwreck match at Big Ass Extreme Bash. Very heartfelt and emotional speech.

-Jack Foley/Les Thornton vs. The British Bulldogs 09/13/86
This would be Foley’s 2nd match (sadly, no known footage exists of his first one.) Foley said he is very excited, though less excited when Patterson said he had to take off his bandan and not be Cactus Jack. Foley talks about he got hit with a clothesline that tore a ligament of his jaw and he couldn’t eat solid food for a month. Foley was looking quite slim back in the day. Les and Davy Boy start off with a lock-up which Les turns into an Arm-bar which Davy reverses and Les kicks out. Les hits big forarms which Davy bridges out of. Nice reversal sequence ensues.Davy Boy hits a victory roll for two and both partners tag out. Dynamite hits Foley with a nice snap-suplex and then a double-underhook suplex, followed by backbreaker, snapmare and headbutt. Davy tags in and hits a powerbomb. He followes with a huge suplex which gets a two. Foley tries to take control and hits Davy with an elbow, who doesn’t sell. Davy hits a headbutt and Davy tags in and nails Foley with the clothesline. Davy tags back in sets Foley upstairs and Dynamite hits a belly to back suplex from them top for the pin and the win at 3:43. Can’t really rate it since it was a squash, but watching Davy Boy and Dynamite in their primes is always fun.

-WWE Confidential Feature
This is the feature on Confidential asking Mick about his long absence from the WWE. Mick says he left because he had done everything he had set out to do. Says he flew down to Charlotte just to get fired. Mick says he missed the kids the most. Nice segment.

-Easter Eggs
There are 2 Easter Eggs on disc 1.
—The first one is the Dude Love music video and to find it go to chapters, highlight Cactus Jack vs. Chris Candido and hit right.
—The second one is the famous clip of a young Mick diving off the roof. To access it go to extras, highlight the main menu and hit left.

There you go. A HIGHLY recommended DVD set and I will have the Disc Two review up tomorrow.



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