WWE Mick Foley Greatest Hits And Misses Disc 2

Written by: Tom Hopkins

Well, this is the second time I start this review because I had just finished the first match when my computer froze and I was just about to save my work. Nevertheless, I toil and sweat through typing it again, JUST so you can read this.

This is the second and last of the newest WWE offering featuring Mick Foley. The first disc chronicled Mick’s pre-WWE days so naturally, this disc will highlight his WWE days, and damn, are there some classic matches on here.

As a brief sidenote, I am eagerly anticipating the coming of the Ric Flair DVD in and once I get it, you can expect a review. Also, I have been watching a number of older Raws lately (from the first season in fact) and for some reason I have been motivated to review them. Once I get a good number of them done, I’m thinking of putting them up by month or something, but we’ll see. We’ll just work on the Foley disc first and see how that works out.

Without further ado, here’s disc two. Let’s hope my computer doesn’t crash now.

-Introducing Mankind
Mick Foley starts off talking about how his exit from ECW was the greatest exit ever! He talks about how he saw no need for a change in character heading into WWE, but someone **coughcoughvincecough** saw otherwise. See he thought Cactus Jack was sleazy so thus, Mankind was born. We cut to a quick early Mankind vignette which shows a slightly deranged Mankind talking to George, his rat. Great vignette by the way. They really introduced the character of Mankind well. Mick talks about hating the Mankind mask but gradually adapted to it. He talks up the Mind Games match (that is coming up next) and considers it his greatest match ever (hey didn’t I say that last disc too?). He also talks about how, since the match was in Philly, he came out earlier to put down the Philly fans so they wouldn’t cheer him.

-Mankind vs. Shawn Michaels(c) for the WWF Title from Mind Games (09/22/96)
We start off with Druids carrying a casket down to ringside as Paul Bearer follows behind. Mankind then pops out of the casket. HBK comes out with Jose Lothario. This was post-Syracuse pre-lost smile period for HBK, when he worked great matches but as an annoying as hell babyface. We start off and Mankind hits a quick elbow to the jaw. Mankind works over HBK with fists then hits a Baaaack Body drop (as Vince would say) and a Cactus clothesline sends them both outside. Mankind kicks Shawn to the steel guardrails but is dropkicked in the face and down to the concrete as he lifts up the covering to the floor. HBK hits a crossbody on Mankind and he goes right onto the concrete. HBK then flies from the apron and throws Mankind’s head into the concrete. OUCH! Back inside and Shawn hits an elbow drop from the top then starts to cue up the band. Mankind wisely bails to the outisde where Paul Bearer gives him a pep talk. They exchange blows in the corner and an HBK whip to the turnbuckles is reversed but Shawn jumps on the second rope to reverse that. Mankind takes down Shawn Michaels with a body scissors and tries for the Mandible Claw, but HBK powers out. He takes control until Mankind nails Shawn with a right. They go outside and Mankind sets up the Spanish Announce Table but HBK vaults over it and hits a crossbody on Mankind. He sets him up for a suplex and on the way down Mankind’s knee goes right into the steps. Holee shit, that has got to hurt. Back inside and HBK starts working over Mankind’s knee. Mankind tries for the come back but a leg drag into a figure four turns the tide in Shawn’s favor. Mankind cleverly breaks the hold by…punching Shawn in the face. Mankind sends HBK to the ropes and HBK dropkicks Mankind’s leg and hooks on a one legged Boston Crab. Mankind is able to get to the ropes, however, so Shawn has to break the hold. HBK reverses a Mankind punch into a roll-up for two, then tries for a hurricanrana but Mankind’s knee gives out on him and he falls backwards, causing HBK’s throat to go right into the top rope. Mankind takes a break and stabs a pencil into his leg to get feeling back into it. Mankind sends HBK to the outside and recovers in the ring while Hebner starts the ten-count. HBK makes his way back to the ring only to get hammered by Mankind, and as he lays sitting up in the turnbuckle, Mankind charges his knee right into HBK’s face. Mankind works over HBK until Shawn hits a belly to back suplex. This allows Shawn to get in some offense for a few brief seconds until Mankind takes him out again. Mankind irish whips HBK to the corner and HBK does his famous fly up and into a tree of woe position. Mankind takes advantage of that and drops two elbows into his face. Mankind with a big boot to Shawn’s face sends him outside. He tries to charge Shawn, who is lying on the steps, but misses and his knee tastes steel again. A drop toe hold by Shawn sends Mankind’s head into the steel. Shawn tries to suplex Mankind over the apron into the ring but Mankind brings Shanw onto the apron. Mankind tries to charge but HBK misses and Mankind flies right into the steel ring post. Back inside and HBK hits a flying elbow off the ropes followed by a powerslam for two. Shawn whips Mankind to the ropes and sends Mankind’s head through the top two ropes and over,causing Mankind to be hung there. Shawn talks over to capitalize on the situation but gets hit with a Mandible Claw instead. They both head outside and Shawn hits Mankind in the face, then in the knee, then in the hand with the chair. He brings Mankind inside and works over the hand to stop Mankind from using the Mandible Claw. Nice psychology there. He stomps on his hands visciously as Paul Bearer yells, “Not the hands!” Nice spot follows when Mankind back body drops HBK over the ropes onto the floor below. Mankind then follows up with the Cactus elbow. Brutal match so far. Brutal in a good way though. Mankind then follows that up with a swinging neckbreaker on the concrete. HBK finally gets back into the ring and Mankind hits a double arm DDT for two. A piledriver also gets a two. He covers again and THAT gets a two. A rolling cradle! also nets a two and Mankind can’t believe it. He pulls his own hair out and goes outside to find a chair. He throws some into the ring which Hebner places in the corner (remember that). Mankind opens the casket and starts rolling Michaels into it. Michaels fights back once in the casket and hits a flying fist off the ropes, then kips up. HBK hits a bodyslam and goes up top and hits a cross body for two. He goes to the other ropes only to get crotched by Mankind who falls on the ropes. Mankind head to the apron and climbs the turnbuckles. He tries for the belly to back suplex onto the Spanish Announce Table but HBK reverses MIDAIR sending Mankind through it insteand. Nice! HBK heads inside and Mankind follows with a chair. He goes to the top to try HBK uses the chair in the corner to springboard off of it and kick the Mankind’s chair into his face. A cover attempt is broken up by Vader which draws the DQ at 26:22. HBK fights off Vader and Sid comes down. Sid and Vader fight to the back as Bearer uses the urn to knock Shawn out. Mankind beats on HBK and wants to roll him into the casket, but they open the casket and out pops the Undertaker. Mankind runs to the back and Undertaker follows, leaving Shawn alone in the ring to celebrate. Great match. Great Finish. *****

We start with a rather famous interview where Mankind and Dude Love are talking on camera and introduce Cactus Jack. Mick talks about how HHH really made it believable, that Cactus Jack was something special since he didn’t know if any of the fans would remember Cactus.. Mick talks about how he really liked this match, and thought it was his best in 1997.

-Cactus Jack vs. HHH in a Falls Count Anywhere Match (Raw 09/22/97)
We start off with the promo Mick was talking about. Ironically, this was a year to the day after Mick’s Mind Games match with HBK. Also, this is a very historic Raw for the WWF. They hadn’t gone to MSG in some time due to low attendance and very poor business. Come 1997, business was picking up and it was decided to go back to MSG. This is also the Raw where Stone Cold Steve Austin for the first time stunned Vince McMahon and the first time they acknowledged on WWF Television that Vince was in fact the owner and not just an announcer. I digress and we start with HHH charging up the ramp at Cactus only to get introduced to the trashcan Cactus had with him. This is also Cactus’ first debut on WWF Television and immediately and ECW chant comes from the crowd. Cactus goes to work right away and hits a swinging neckbreaker on the exposed concrete for two. They go inside and Cactus is destroying HHH. Cactus elbow sends them both outside and HHH runs away. Chyna nails Cactus as he’s running after HHH and clotheslines Cactus over the steel railing. They head to the locker room as HHH pins Cactus for two. A bodyslam by HHH also gets a two. HHH thinks he’s won and head back to the ring only to have Cactus spray him with the fire extinguisher. Cactus sends HHH to the railing and knocks the railings over. Another ECW chant emanates from the crowd as HHH and Cactus go inside. Just as quickly, Cactus sends HHH to the corner and HHH goes flying over the top onto the ground. Cactus takes the trashcan and from the inside of the ring throws it at HHH. He then goes to the second rope and tries for an elbow, but HHH moves out of the way and Cactus lands right on the trashcan. Chyna throws Cactus into the steel steps allowing HHH to take over. We head to a commercial break and we return with HHH working Cactus over with a mop inside the ring. HHH uses the top rope to choke Cactus with it. HHH finds a chair and sends it right to Cactus’ ribs. THey both head to the apron and HHH sends Cactus to the steel ringposts a few times. Lowblow by Cactus sends HHH outside and a sunset flip off the apron onto the ground gets two for Cactus. Cactus hits a back body drop on the ramp and HHH is out. Chyna hits Cactus with a chair, who no sells, and a second attempt is blocked by Cactus. HHH attacks Cactus from behind and Cactus collides with Chyna who goes right into the steps knocking her out. Nice spot. Cactus recovers and hits a right for a two, but it’s reversed to a rollup which gets a two for HHH. Onto the ramp and HHH hits a belly to back suplex on the runway for two. HHH finds a trashcan and brutalizes Cactus with it, covers and gets a two. HHH finds a snow shovel and uses that. HHH disappears behind the back and Cactis follows. HHH attacks him with something, then sends the back of Cactus’ head right into the steel ramp. HHH brings out a table and tries for the pedigree, but Cactus low blows him and hits a piledriver on the table for the three at 9:18. What an incredible intense brawl. ****.

–Up next, is one of only two matches Mick wrestled as Mick Foley (5 points to whoever knows the other time). Mick calls this one of his most favorite matches and one of his favorite post match dances

-Mick Foley vs. Terry Funk in a No Holds Barred Match (Raw 05/04/99)
Steve Austin is out and joins us for commentary. This is a no holds barred match. Terry Funk is introduced as the “Hardcore Legend.” Thankfully, the old style WWF logos are not blurred out on the turnbuckles, which will get annoying in the matches to come. Mick Foley comes out to no music. We introduce the special guest referee as Pat Patterson and the fans do not like this decision. Do not expect a technical masterpiece here. Lockup is broken up. Funk comes right at Foley witht eh 50 year olf offense. A minute in and we’re already outside. First blurring of the DVD occurs with the WWF logo on the announce table top is blurred. Fucking A. Anyway, Funk attacks Foley with a chair and he blades already. Funk takes a chair to the head and they two continue brawling outside. They go back inside and Foley hits a swinging neckbreaker on Foley as Austin’s microphone goes dead. Austin suspects a conspiracy as he steals Lawler’s mic, which also stops working. Meanwhile, there’s a match going on and Foley covers Funk for two. Stone Cold goes crazy and hits the King. The mic still doesn’t work. Funk throws Foley’s head right into the steel steps and throws the chair down into him. Funk charges Foley but Mick gets a boot up. He takes control and tries a piledriver on the concrete. Funk reverses and backdrops Foley onto the concrete. Funk tosses Foley onto the steel barricade, knocking it down, and the two brawl in the crowd. They brawl and Foley suplexes the hot dog vendor. Chaos ensues as Funk heads up to a higher section, and moonsaults onto Foley in a horribly contrived spot. It’s funny how much different this match is from the HHH match. That was an intense brawl that went full pace for almost the full length of the match. This is considerably slower and not as exciting. Foley takes Funk and piledrives him through the table. That was cool though. They crawl underneath the bleachers and we can’t see a thing. So we take a commercial break. Of course, this is a DVD so there are no commercials. During the break they brawl in the back as Foley covers Funk for a sloooooow two count. They exchange punches and head back to the arena. Funk is really favoring his shoulder which he hurt legit on the moonsault. Foley hits a double arm DDT on the steel ramp and covers but only for a two. They get back to the ring but just as quickly go back outside. Foley uses the table top to slam it onto Funk. Cactus grabs a chair and hits the drives it onto Funk who is lying on the table. Foley and Austin yap at each other until Foley goes inside and covers for two. Foley hits another double arm DDT for two. Foley then hits a piledriver but Foley doesn’t cover. He takes the chair and piledrives Funk onto the chair. He covers and gets the three at 14:10. Afterwards Foley drives Funk’s head into the chair. Austin comes in and throws beer in Foley’s face. Foley puts the Mandible Claw on Patterson (he thinks its Austin). Foley and Austin jaw at each other, as Patterson sneaks up from behind with a chair. Austin catches him however and stuns him. Foley leaves as the Dude Love music hits and Vince comes out with two ladies and the Dude Love attire. They hug and dance as Austin flips them off. The match didn’t really do it for me though, * ½ for some nice spots.

–The answer is no. The question is the shirt Vince wears in this match get any shorter? Mick says that Patterson, Brisco, and Vince did a great job of putting it over and he felt says it is one of his favorites, and the only time favorite match and Dude Love will ever be used in the same sentence.

-Dude Love vs. Steve Austin from Over The Edge (05/31/98)
This is the match that defined what all WWF main events to come. Truly a classic. We start with Undertaker’s introduction, who was the special enforcer for this match. We start with a lockup and they’re forced into a corner where Austin breaks clean, then flips McMahon off. By the way, it’s really annoying how the WWF logo’s are blurred out on the tunrbuckle. Dude gets a shoulderblock and a QUICK two count causing Austin to yell at McMahon and Taker shoot Vince a dirty look. A knee to the gut gets a one count for Dude. Austin takes over with a side headlock however and sends Dude to the ropes and connects with a stomp to the gut. Austin finds Dude’s fake teeth and crushes them to the delight of the fans and JR says that Dude has lost his smile. Cute JR. Austin hits the Thesz press and sends Dude over with a clothesline. Austin follows tries to send Dude to the steel steps, but Dude reverses and takes over on the outside. They head back into the ring and Dude hits a russian legsweep for two. Undertaker just staring at Vince is kind of creepy during that two count. We go to the corner where Dude bites Austin. Dude whips Austin to the corner and drops an elbow on the prone Austin. Irish whip to the other corner and Dude follows right behind with a knee to the gut, which gets two. Dude tries for a back body drop but Austin reverses it with a neckbreaker and connects on three clotheslines. Austin stomps at Dude in the corner, but an Irish whip to the other corner is reversed and Dude applies the Mandible Claw. Austin reverses by sending Dude through the ropes, choking him inbetween the top two ropes. They fall outside and Austin is sent over the Spanish announce table. Patterson informs us that this match is no-DQ and JR has a shit-fit. Dude finds some cables and chokes Austin but Austin sends Dude inro Brisco and pounds on Dude’s face. Dude is sitting on the steel barricade and hits a clothesline that causes Dude to fall RIGHT ON HIS FUCKING HEAD ON THE CONCRETE. HOL-EE SHIT. Shortarm clothesline and we head back to the ring. Austin tries to sit down on Dude who is stradling the ropes but Dude moves and Austin ends up on the apron. Dude hits a baseball slide to send him outside then follows up with a neckbreaker on the runway. Just a reminder from Patterson, this is falls count anywhere and Dude covers for two. Dude with a backslide for two. Dude walks away celebrating and Austin gets right up and clotheslines him. He charges but Dude backdrops him onto the car which adorns the entrance ramp, and covers for two. He sends him face first to the hood of the car and covers for two. Austin blocks a right hand but Dude with a rake to the eyes. Dude charges Austin but is hotshotted onto the roof of the car for two. Another shot to the car gets a two count for Austin. We go to the top of the car now and tries for a stunner but Dude just tosses him off the car. Dude with a sunset flip off the car gets a two count. Dude finds a lead pipe and drops it on Austin’s back and then sends Austin face first into the car. Austin is bleeding now by the way. Austin fights back and tries a piledriver but a Dude backdrop counters and gets a two. Dude then hits a suplex and Vince is imploring Dude to cover him. Dude gets up on top of the car but misses an elbow drop on Austin. Austin covers Dude for two. We roll back ringside and Austin sends Dude to the stairs. Back in the ring now and Austin goes to the ropes, only to be tripped by Patterson. Dude takes over and takes off the top turnbuckle, sensing that one day it would be blurred out, and sends Austin head first into it. Dude then charges a knee into Austin who’s lying on the turnbuckles. Again Austin is sent into the exposed turnbuckle and Dude puts on the camel clutch. Austin gets out of it and fights back only to once again be sent to the exposed turnbuckle for two. Patterson finds a chair and gives it to Dude who puts it in Austin’s midsection then a crushing blow against his back. Dude then hits a double-arm DDT for two. Dude sets up Austin in the corner and charges with chair in tow, only to have Austin kick the chair into Dude’s face. Austin nails Dude with the chair and covers, but Vince doesn’t count. Dude gets up and tries to hit Austin from behind with the chair, only to have Austin move and instead Vince gets knocked out. Stunner by Austin but there’s no ref. Mike Chiota comes running out only to have the count broken up by Patterson. Dude hits the Mandible Claw as Patterson runs in to count. Undertaker stops him and gets chokeslammed through the table. Brisco runs in while Taker is doing that and starts to count but he two gets sent through a table. Austin hits Dude in the nuts and hits a stunner but there is no ref. Austin drags over a still knocked out Vince and uses Vince’s hand to count the three for the win at 22:25. What an incredible match and very the finish was very cleverly done. This is also one of my favorite Mick Foley matches too, so bias and historical value will give this match a rating of ***** and like it.

–Mick talks about the famous Hell in the Cell match (while he’s watching the match and laments how everything he’d done in wrestling up to that point became “instantly obsolete” and that the throw off the cage is what he’ll be most remembered for, and to some, the only thing he’ll be remembered for. He mentions that it was the only time he’d been knocked out in a wrestling match and talks about the fall through the cage causing major damage (especially the chair following him afterward landing in his face) and how he was confused to why there were a pair of sneakers in the ring. He also talks about taking an Undertaker punch and not falling, but crumbling.

-Mankind vs. Undertaker in a Hell in the Cell Match
We start with Mankind coming to ringside and instead of going inside the cage, throws his chair up to the top of the cage and climbs up. Of course, Undertaker has to follow. Mankind hits Taker on his way up and we start on top of the cage. Mankind wallops Undertaker with a chair for a while and as a sign of things to come, as they walk, a piece of the cage breaks. Mankind then tries to set up a suplex which Undertaker punches out of, and one of the most famous spots in history occurs. Undertaker throws Mankind off the cage through the Spanish Announce Table. That spot is still amazing to watch, even 6 years later (it’s been 6 years since that, damn I must be getting old). Terry Funk comes out to help Mankind along with referees as Mankind takes his mask off. With Mankind being attended to, we see clips of Mankind falling off the cage about 10 times. A stretcher comes ringside, since nothing is going on, I guess I’ll write about something. How about Mick Foley? I don’t know how but a seemingly out of shape guy has put on an incredible amount of ****+ star matches. He’s put on some real historic ones too. True, he lost most of them, but it’s just amazing the career he’s piled up, and the reactions he gets still. This DVD set should show newer fans that this guy could WORK. As I type that, Mankind gets up and heads back to the top of the cage. Undertaker immediately tries for a chokeslam and Mankind goes THROUGH the cage. This leads to Mankind getting knocked out. Undertaker himself climbs through the cage (and I think breaks his foot or toe in the process) and chokeslams Terry Funk, who loses his shoes. Mankind is up and crumbles to the ground after a Undertaker punch. Undertaker tries for the ropewalk and Mankind falls on the top rope to knock Taker over. Famous shot of Mankind smiling at the camera, which was really Mick trying to show the camera he could stick his tongue through a hole in his mouth I believe. They try their best to make a match of this, as Mankind tries to lift the steel stairs but can’t. Undertaker uses the steel on Mankind a few times and he’s down on the ground. Undertaker hits some uppercuts on Mankind just because and tries for a tope but lands head first into the steel, then he blades on camera. Good one Mark. Mankind rubs Undertaker’s head into the cage and we head back into the ring. Mankind sets up a chair and piledrives Undertaker onto the chair and covers for two. Mankind puts the chair on Undertaker’s face and drops a leg on it for two. Mankind finds thumbtacks and you know something bad’s gonna happen. Undertaker falls dangerously close to falling onto the tacks and they tease a fall onto the tacks, but it will have to wait while Mankind puts the Mandible Claw on Undertaker. Undertaker is almost knocked out but revives, and with Mankind on his back, falls backwards onto the tacks. Mankind rolls around on the tacks. Mankind then takes a chokeslam on the tacks, then a Tombstone which finishes it at 27:23. Not really much of a match since it was the two Foley falls, and nothing else. So I’ll give it a ½*. Honestly though, wrestling wise there was nothing. I won’t defend myself though, since people have already given this match its place in history so there ya go. One of those weird instances where a match has sucked really bad, but is still a classic match, for different reasons though.

Mick goes on to talk about his first ever title win. He says that he wishes that JR was on hand when he won title. He says JR is very important in his career and in bringing him into the WWF. He never thought he’d be champion and until he held the title, he never knew how important it was in his career. He says its not his best against the Rock, but he hopes we enjoy. He also thanks the Rock.

-Mankind vs. The Rock from Raw is War 01/04/99
This match is no-DQ. I think I have the full show somewhere in my tape collection so I think I’ve seen this recently. D-X joins us at ringside to help out Mankind since it was during the whole Corporation vs. DX deal. Rock comes out escorted by the Corporation. Rock looks a lot smaller here. Rock attacks from behind to starts and Mankind goes outside. Shamrock starts beating on Mankind but Rock holds him off. They continuer fighting outside and Mankind rams Rock’s head into the broadcast table. Mankind tries to send Rock to the ropes but its reversed and Mankind goes leg first into the stairs. Rock works him over and picks up the steel steps right onto his back. He then lays the lower steps on Mankind’s head and drops the upper steps on top of it. Ouch. Rock hits a suplex on the outside and takes Michael Cole’s headset and talks trash. He is punched in the face by Mankind however, and he starts beating him up in front of King, then HE takes the headset and says he’s looking good now, showing lots of testicular fortitude. Rock grabs the ring bell and hits Mankind in the head with it, then starts choking him with a wire. They go onto the table and Rock puts Mankind through the table with a Rock Bottom. They head back into the ring and Rock works Mankind over with punches then covers for two. Just for those interested, this was THE match where WCW gave away the ending to this match, and at that moment, MILLIONS, flipped from WCW to WWF. Rock hits a Russian leg sweep for two. Mankind tries for the comeback but Rock with an elbow to the face then a body slam sets up the Corporate Elbow which gets a two count. Mankind makes his comeback with a swinging neck breaker but is distracted by Bossman. Rock grabs the belt and wallops Mankind in the head with it, and THAT only gets a two. Rock tries to hit him the belt again, but Mankind dodges, kicks Rock and hits a double-arm DDT on the belt for two. Mr. Socko comes out and goes right into the mouth of The Rock. Shamrock runs in with a chair and breaks the hold but Billy Gunn runs in. Chaos ensues between the Corporation and DX and Stone Cold makes his appearance, hitting Rock with the chair then putting Mankind over Rock. Ref comes over and makes the dramatic three count, ending the match at 8:48 and giving Mick Foley his first WWF Championship Title. Vince McMahon can’t believe it. Match was really short for a World Title change and Mick was right about it not being the best Rock/Mankind match, but it was fun to watch, even if just to see Mick Foley win the big one. **1/2.

Mick says that this was an important match for him. It brought closure to his career. He knew he was going to retire soon and wanted to end the way he started. He thought that HHH was at his best here and he wasn’t far behind.

-Cactus Jack vs. HHH in a Street Fight from Royal Rumble 01/23/00
I don’t think I need to give a back story for this match. Cactus starts off with wild rights and sends HHH headfirst into the turnbuckle. He tried again but HHH reverses and starts punching away. Cactus comes right back with a clothesline, sends HHH to the corner and pummels him. Immediately we go outside and Cactus hits a spinning neckbreaker. Cactus goes back inside and HHH follows, only to get leg dropped across the ropes. We go outside again Cactus sends HHH’s head off the steps, then off the ring bell. HHH grabs the bell and nails Cactus in the head with it. HHH grabs a chair and goes inside. He invites Cactus to come inside and Cactus takes a VISCIOUS chair shot to the side of the head. Cactus gets right back up and clotheslines HHH. He puts the chair on HHH’s head and drops a leg drop which gets a two count. Cactus stomps away at HHH and sends him outside. Cactus follows but HHH is up and hits a forearm to the head. He sets Cactus up against the railing, charges and is back body dropped onto the concrete, over the barricade. They brawl in the stands for a bit and go to the entrance way. Cactus finds some wooden pallets and hits a suplex on it. Nice spot. Cactus finds a trashcan and slams it into HHH’s skull. I seem to remember the MSG fans chanting boring during this part, but I guess they edited it out. They continue brawling in the entry way. Oh wait, I just heard the boring chants, which King says are Foley chants. HHH hits a belly to back suplex on Cactus and Cactus lands right on the trashcan. They make their way back to the side of the ring and Cactus lays HHH up against the stairs and knees him right in the face. Ouch. Cactus sends HHH back inside and starts looking for something under the ring. He finds it and takes out a 2X4 wrapped in barb wire. The ref ties to get Cactus to get rid of it, but a HHH low blow sends Cactus down. HHH gets the 2×4 and starts brutalizing Cactus with it. He tries to hit Cactus in the head with it but Cactus goes low, then uses the 2×4 downstairs and hits a double arm DDT as the ref gets rid of the 2×4 putting it under the Spanish Announce Table. Back inside and Cactus covers HHH for two. Cactus goes looking for the 2×4 and the announcers present him with “the” 2×4. HHH tries to charge Cactus from behind but Cactus dodges and hits Hebner instead. Cactus nails HHH in the head with the 2×4 drawing blood, then drops it on him and covers for two. Cactus continues using the 2×4 on HHH. HHH sells it like a champ here. Why doesn’t he do that anymore? Cactus starts working on the cut on HHH’s face and Hunter is wearing the crimson mask now. They head over to the announce table and Cactus tries for a piledriver. Hunter reverses it and gets back body dropped through the table onto the floor. HHH now has a huge puncture wound on his leg which is bleeding like crazy. HHH sends Cactus back inside but a Pedigree attempt is reversed and HHH is slingshot onto the turnbuckle. Cactus then drops HHH’s head onto the barb wire and covers for two. Cactus clothesline and both men are outside. Cactus charges HHH but is hip tossed right onto the steel steps. He then picks up Cactus and whips him to the same steps and Cactus knee runs right into the steps. HHH chop blocks the injured left knee of Cactus. They head inside and HHH again chop blocks the knee. HHH grabs the 2×4 and lays it right across the leg of Cactus Jack. HHH goes outside and grabs something from Finkel. He heads inside and reveals they are handcuffs. He handcuffs Cactus, but not before Cactus tries to fight HHH off. HHH brings the steel steps inside and tries to attack Cactus with him, but Cactus drop toe-hold’s HHH and HHH’s head goes into the steps. He goes low by throwing his entire body at him, then starts biting him. HHH knocks Cactus down though with a clothesline and grabs a chair. HHH actually breaks the chair over Cactus’ back and Cactus rolls outside. Cactus gets to the entrance way and gets nailed with a sick chair shot to the head. HHH taunts Cactus and Cactus trash talks right back. Out comes the Rock with a chair to knock HHH over and a cop is there to unlock Mankind’s hands. Cactus makes the huge comeback and sets up HHH on the Spanish announce table. Cactus hits a sick piledriver but the table doesn’t break. Cactus has to literally drag HHH to the ring and throws him in. Cactus goes under the ring and grabs a bag. He dumps the contents of the bag out, revealing thousands of thumbtacks. Stephanie comes out as Cactus pounds on HHH near the tacks. He charges but Cactus gets back body dropped right onto the tacks. He gets up and the tacks are stuck to his body. A pedigree gets a two count and the fans go absolutely crazy. Cactus gets up and HHH immediately follows up with a pedigree on the thumbtacks and THAT gets the three ending the match at 27:06. A super intense brawl where both men gave it their all and created an exciting match. *****. Great way to end the match section of the DVD.

The Extras

-Introducing Mankind-
This is a series of four vignettes. Great stuff here introducing Mankind to the WWE Fans. All four of the vignettes don’t show his face, just his ripped off ear.

-Music to my Ear-
This is another early Mankind promo talking how he was hammered in the finger. He says that people’s screams for mercy is music to his hear. Another great vignette.

-Mind Games-
This is the interview from the Mind Games Free-For-All (remember those?) Basically, Mankind cuts a scathing promo against Shawn saying he was slithering on his belly in a bingo hall (ECW reference) and how he hates Shawn Michaels. This was the promo Mick was talking about earlier to get the Philly ECW fans to hate him.

-JR Interviews Mankind- This aired on Raw on 06/09/97. This is a rather famous interview where Mankind puts the Mandible Claw on Jim Ross. Well, I’m sure he enjoyed that more than getting burned by Kane.

-Birth of Mr. Socko-
This is a pretty famous segment too, which has been shown on WWE Television multiple times after this, so I’m sure most of you have seen it. If not, it’s where Mankind visits Vince McMahon, who happens to be hospitalized, and tries to cheer him up. Mr. Socko is one of the ways he tries to cheer him up. They actually messed it up though, as Mr. Socko is nowhere to be found. Really weird. They show Yurple coming in and then it finishes.

-Mick and Al Snow in Vegas-
Basically, an obnoxious fan follows Mick and Al around and Mick and Al chase him away

-More Mick and Al Snow in Vegas-
They show the two riding a train, joining a lounge band, riding some theme park rides, and going to a strip club.

-Commissioner Foley & Kurt Angle-
When Foley was commissioner there were tons of great moments I can remember and this is one of them. Anything with Kurt and Foley is gold. This was how Kurt was pissed he didn’t win the IC title and somehow it turns into a match with the Undertaker.

Easter Eggs
For the first easter egg, go to chapters, highlight HBK vs. Mankind then hit left and you get one of Mick’s Chef Boyardee commercials.

For the second easter egg, go to extras, highlight the Birth of Mr. Socko and hit right to access the Have a BAD Day video that DX made about Foley after he lost the pink slip on a pole match to the Rock.

Overall, what can I say? Another winner from the WWE DVD department. The more they keep putting out like this, the better! I prefer the second disc to the first because there’s an incredible amount of ****+ matches and his WWE years were way better than his earlier work.

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