WWF Superstars 8/1/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Glen Falls, NY

1.)The Nasty Boys defeated Greg Davis & Mike Greenberg
2.)WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart defeated Mike Sharpe
3.)Rick Martel defeated Bill Pierce
4.)Papa Shango defeated Unknown jobber
5.)Legion of Doom defeated Flex Armstrong & Richie Rich

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Mr. Perfect talks about how much he laughed at Warrior and Savage last week. Those two nearly went to blows last week.

2.The Nasty Boys won their tag team match this week after Saggs hit a top rope elbow drop on Davis.

3.We see footage from last week where Warrior told Savage he was going to realize his dream and beat Savage at SummerSlam. Savage suggested that Warrior be worried about the present and not the past. Flair and Perfect taunted Savage calling him the macho chicken. Savage ran down to the ring and attacked Flair. Perfect choked Savage with his belt until Warrior ran down to the ring to make the save. Warrior picked up the WWF World Championship and handed it to Savage who got in Warrior’s face.

4.Bret Hart won his squash match over Mike Sharpe with the Sharpshooter. They are really driving home the fact that Bret vs. Bulldog is causing family tension.

5.We hear comments from Nailz who says that Bossman is going to get his final beating at a house show coming up. Bossman says that he must roll on and isn’t going to back down from Nailz. The house show in question is on August 22nd at Boston Gardens. We also hear from the Legion of Doom who say that the Beverly Brothers don’t have any chance against them even with the Genius.

6.Martel thinks that Tatanka’s feathers are going to give him luck. That proves to be the case as Martel wins the match with the Boston Crab.

7.The Undertaker and Paul Bearer make their way out to be interviewed by Mean Gene. Bearer wonders why Kimchee and Whippleman would want Kamala to wrestle Undertaker. He has been looking at the expenses to ship a casket from England to Uganda. That will not be an issue for them, though. He can picture all three men burning in a fire. Taker assures us that the maggots will be the only things dining at SummerSlam as they will be eating Kamala’s body.

8.Papa Shango won his squash match after hitting a shoulder breaker.

9.The Legion of Doom competed in tag action this week. They won the match after hitting the Doomsday Device.

10.We go to Razor Ramon who is talking about people going to the land of opportunity but for what? He says they sit around all day playing dominos. Ramon thinks that people only care about where you go and he is going to the top of the WWF. He warns the Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage. He is going to knock down everyone’s hero.

Final Thoughts:
Razor Ramon is making his way into the WWF! They need some depth at the heel spot since it’s really just Flair in the main event scene. Perhaps he will be able to fill that void. This was just your standard episode of squashes and a promo. There really isn’t anything to see here.

Thanks for reading.

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