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NWA Hollywood 11/12/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

NWA Hollywood
From: Hollywood, CA

1.)Willie Mack defeated Famous B
2.)New York Nikki defeated Kitana Verra
3.)Joey Kaos defeated Cedric The Hitman
4.)NWA Heritage Tag Team Champions RockNES Monsters defeated Natural Selection via disqualification to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Mack atomic drops B a few times before delivering a running kick. Mack plants B with a sit down power bomb to win the squash match. After the match, Claudio Castagnoli comes out and is chased into the crowd by Mack. They begin to trade a series of strikes in the crowd and they run outside with Claudio getting away from Mack.

2.We get another video promoting the debut of Slymm in NWA Hollywood.

3.Backstage, Nick Madrid is interviewed. Madrid notes that his first two matches haven’t been good. At the next taping, they will be at a new place and Madrid is looking for a new start to his career.

4.New York Nikki pinned Kitana Verra with a roll up while using the ropes for leverage. I don’t see the need for these women matches. I don’t recall any of them being all that great. Plus, they seem to have a trend of botching finishes.

5.Backstage, Rasche Brown is interviewed. Brown says that every sport has a dominating figure in their business. He is the dominating figure in NWA Hollywood. He hurts people for money. Pain is coming!

6.We go to a sit down interview with NWA Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce. He talks about Colt Cabana ruining every chance he has gotten in this business. Pearce has that killer instinct while Cabana doesn’t. Pearce is personally going to call Cabana’s father and tell him that his son is a loser.

7.Kaos won his singles match over Cedric the Hitman after a running yakuza kick. After the match, Kaos says that big things are coming to the NWA Hollywood.

8.Backstage, Peter Avalon is interviewed. Avalon considers himself the biggest wrestler in NWA Hollywood. He wants his own locker-room too!

9.We go to a sit down interview with Colt Cabana who talks about watching the NWA on television. He fully understands what it means to be the NWA Heavyweight Champion. Once he wins the championship he will start a new journey. He says that he and Adam Pearce were star high school football players. Cabana knows he wants it more than Pearce. If he wins the championship he will call his father and knows that his father will be proud of him no matter what.

10.Natural Selection want the match to be a title match. The champs decide to put the titles on the line, so here we go. Natural Selection attack the champs before the bell with Cage hitting a suplex on Goodtime for the early advantage. Richter enters and scoop slams Goodtime but misses an elbow drop. Goodtime head butts Richter in the midsection to fight back before crotching him on the top rope. Richter shoves Goodtime away but is chopped a few times. Richter slams Goodtime off the middle rope and leaps off the ropes only to be met with a dropkick by Goodtime. Goodtime misses a top rope cross body and the challengers keep control of the contest as Cage kicks Goodtime right in the midsection. Goodtime tags in Yuma who cleans house with a few clotheslines and Goodtime dropkicks Yuma onto the challengers for a near fall. Cage dropkicks Yuma for a two count as he regains control of the bout. Natural Selection his a back breaker/forearm shot from the middle rope for a two count. Yuma kicks Cage away but isn’t able to tag in Goodtime. Yuma makes the tag and Goodtime takes the Selection out with a missile dropkick. Goodtime gets a two count on Cage after a leg sweep cradle. Richter avoids a kick and Goodtime nails the referee on accident. Goodtime lands on his feet after he is tossed onto the stage. Goodtime leaps over the top rope and hits Richter with a senton splash before taking Cage out with a dive as well on the floor! The referee is out as Goodtime has the cover on Cage. Richter hits Yuma with a championship but Goodtime kicks him in the face! Cage low blows Goodtime and hits him with the championship. Cage covers Goodtime and gets the three count to win the titles! Wait a second, a second referee comes out and reverses the decision giving the match to the RockNES Monsters via disqualification!

Final Thoughts:
I thought it was a mediocre this week. The squashes weren’t all that good and the main event was just average to me, really. I was expecting something better from those two teams but was left disappointed. Next weeks show should be a good one since Cabana goes for the gold against Adam Pearce. As for this week, I’m giving the show a thumbs down.

Thanks for reading.


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