NWA Hollywood 11/5/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

NWA Hollywood
From: Hollywood, CA

1.)NWA Heritage Tag Team Champions RockNES Monsters defeated Anchor Away
2.)Buggy defeated Luck O’Shay
3.)Colt Cabana defeated Rico Dynamite
4.)Joey Ryan defeated Scorpio Sky

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Adam Pearce says that as the champion he has been a targeted by everyone including Sky, Ryan and Cabana. Pearce says he will do anything to retain the title and has no remorse for doing any of it.

2.The RockNES Monsters competed in a squash match. They won after hitting the Explosive Amnesia! The fans really like Goodtime and Yuma!

3.Backstage, Joey Ryan is interviewed. He wrestles Scorpio Sky tonight. Ryan says he is the number one contender since he pinned Adam Pearce two weeks ago. He is good friends with Scorpio Sky. He uses an app. On his Iphone to cut a promo. He will have his arm raised in victory tonight.

4.We go to footage of Peter Avalon on the street with a large crowd of people walking around. He is talking to random people who probably don’t even know what NWA Hollywood is. It wasn’t funny.

5.Women wrestled this week. Buggy pinned Lucky after hitting a side slam. After the match, Lucky thought she kicked out and attacks Buggy out of anger.

6.A video airs promoting the debut of Slymm.. coming soon.

7.Colt Cabana competed in singles action this week. Cabana won with the Billy Goat’s Curse. After the match, Cabana cut a promo. He says that in two weeks he is coming for Adam Pearce and the NWA Heavyweight Championship! Cabana believes he will win the championship in two weeks.

8.Backstage, Scorpio Sky is interviewed. Sky says he and Ryan are competitive and can enter the match as friends. Sky likes Ryan and respects Ryan. Sky suggests that Ryan wake up and realize that he isn’t going to beat him tonight.

9.Ryan shoulder blocks Sky early on but they trade several arm drags and both go for a dropkick only to have a standoff. Ryan stops Sky with a knee lift for a two count moments later. Ryan works on Sky in the corner with several shoulder rams and a right hand. Ryan follows up with a dropkick. Sky has a cross arm bar over the top rope on Ryan to gain the advantage. Sky takes Ryan down to the mat with a snap suplex for a two count. Ryan charges out of the corner with a clothesline and follows up with a scoop slam. Sky cuts Ryan off on the top rope to hit a hurricanrana! Sky takes Ryan out with a somersault dive over the top to the floor! Sky head scissors Ryan in the corner and kicks Ryan before hitting a springboard cross body for a two count. Ryan stops Sky with an exploder suplex to regain momentum. Ryan almost wins following a snap power slam. Sky has a leg lock on Ryan after avoiding a super kick! Ryan is trying to reach the bottom rope and does. Ryan spears Sky out of the corner but Sky counters a power bomb attempt and has another leg lock on Ryan! Ryan reaches the bottom rope again, though. Sky sends Ryan to the floor with a running knee lift. Ryan blocks a kick and rolls Sky up to the win the match. After the match, Adam Pearce runs into the ring and hits both Ryan and Sky with the NWA Heavyweight Champ! Colt Cabana runs out and attacks Pearce to make the save. Cabana ends up putting the Billy Goat’s Curse on Pearce! Cabana has the fans remind Pearce that he just tapped out to close the program.

Final Thoughts:
I’m considering this to be a below average episode. The main event was a good match, but everything before that just wasn’t interesting or good for that matter. There were a few fans in the building that clearly don’t like Cabana and that kind of kills the whole angle. When a top babyface is getting booed it just takes me out of the moment. This episode gets a mild thumbs down from me.

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