WCW Saturday Night 6/3/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.)Alex Wright defeated Manny Fernandez
2.)Sting defeated Dick Slater
3.)The Renegade defeated Bob Starr
4.)Harlem Heat defeated Mike Khory & Scott Amore
5.)Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage never happened

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Tonight, Randy Savage will be in action against Ric Flair in the main event. WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson comes over and cuts a promo saying that Savage is afraid of Flair in the backstage area. We see Savage getting ready backstage and he says he is ready to get a piece of Anderson and Flair right now. Sting and the Renegade are holding Savage back from doing anything.

2.Alex Wright kicked off the action with a squash match. He won the match following a top rope twisting cross body.

3.Next week Sting is wrestling Meng in a semifinal match. However, this week he is wrestling Dick Slater with Meng at ringside. During the match, Sting had a roll up on Slater but Parker got on the apron to prevent the pin. Meng accidentally kicks Slater from the apron and Sting gets the pin fall victory. Bobby Heenan’s reaction is hilarious. After the match, Meng gets in Sting’s face but they don’t trade blows.

4.This is the debut of the Renegade on Saturday Night. Renegade wins the squash match after a top rope big splash. After the match, Tony Schiavone interviews Arn Anderson again. He will be defending the WCW Television Championship against the Renegade at the Great American Bash. Tony says that Flair hasn’t even arrived to the building yet. Anderson says that Flair is taking his time and is perfectly fine. Backstage, Savage continues to try to get out but Sting is holding him back. Savage appears to have broken free but we go to commercial.

5.Footage from Slamboree where a mystery man appeared on the big screen and talked to Kevin Sullivan. This looks like the start of the Dungeon of Doom.

6.We go to a video of woods where Sullivan is running through as he looks to meet his master. His master wants to end Hulkmania. Sullivan vanishes out of nowhere to meet his master, I guess. That was rather odd.

7.The former WCW World Tag Team Champions competed in tag action this week. They won the match after Booker hit the Harlem Hangover off the top rope. After the match, Mean Gene conducted an interview with them. Sherri Martel doesn’t understand how Harlem Heat didn’t get a return match. They want their chance to regain the tag team titles. They aren’t going to stop plowing through tag teams until they get their titles back.

8.There is only six minutes left in the show as Savage makes his way out. Something fishy is going to happen. Savage doesn’t wait and goes to look for Flair backstage. He finds Flair and hammers away on Flair. Anderson gets into the picture and is tossed onto a table. Officials are trying to break up the fight. Flair kicks Savage a few times. Sting and Renegade run into the picture and they are all starting to pull everyone apart. Flair runs outside of the building but Savage chases after Flair. Savage tries to get in the limo but Flair and Anderson escape.

9.We hear from Nick Bockwinkel who says that now Meng vs. Sting will be for the vacant WCW United States Championship and that will happen at the Great American Bash! Col. Robert Parker who says that he is happy about this and believes that in either situation Meng was going to win the championship. That’s a wrap!

Final Thoughts:
There is nothing to see here, at all. Yeah, the Savage/Flair brawl was fine and different but there isn’t anything that happened here that was entertaining or interesting. So, I’m giving this a thumbs down.

Thanks for reading.

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