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ROH TV 3/10/2012

Tonight, the Blind Destiny Challenge takes place as six of the top ROH wrestlers look for the chance to get a ROH World Championship match on March 31st in Florida!

From: Baltimore, MD

Jim Cornette talks about Showdown in the Sun and how it was difficult to make ROH World Championship matches for both shows when he doesn’t know who the champion will be. Okay, so this Blind Destiny Challenge will see the three men involved in the triple threat title match compete in singles matches. There will be three matches tonight for the guys to qualify for the challenge. “Once the challengers are determined, it’s up to Blind Destiny!”

We hear from Kenny King and ROH Television Champion Jay Lethal as they will be in action tonight. King notes that he is in the challenge and he has to beat Lethal. He tells Lethal that he has to step in the ring with the Pretty Boy Pitbull to find out how lethal he is. Lethal chimes in to say that when he had his shot he lost because there was a riot at ringside. Lethal believes it’s his destiny to be the ROH World Champion.

Opening Contest: Blind Destiny Qualifier
ROH Television Champion Jay Lethal vs. Kenny King

Lethal manages to make his way to Florida by locking King in a roll up and keeps a bridge locked in to keep King down for a three count. As a result, Lethal will be facing Roderick Strong on March 31st!

Next up, we hear from Adam Cole and Kevin Steen. Cole mentions how quickly his career has changed and how he has main evented in NYC. Now, he has a chance to possibly get a ROH World Championship shot. Cole assures us that no matter who he is wrestling he will not back down from them. Kevin Steen tells Cole that he is going to need to focus on rebuilding his career after he gets done with him because Steen is determined to be champion and hold the company hostage. Steen apologizes to Cole because he will be a casualty to his destiny.

Second Contest: Blind Destiny Qualifier
Kevin Steen vs. Adam Cole

Late in the match, Cole delivers a few superkicks but Steen refuses to be dropped by them. Steen hits a powerbomb and destroys Cole with a clothesline. That allows Steen to hit the F-5 after screaming out “Davey.” Steen covers Cole and is heading to Florida to wrestle Eddie Edwards on March 31st. After the match, Steen looked to hit the Package Piledriver, but Eddie Edwards ran out and saved Cole.

Inside ROH this week focuses on the three way dance between Richards, Strong and Edwards. Strong believes he should get a singles shot because he beat Edwards later week. Edwards thinks the match should’ve been just restarted and they get a clear cut winner. Strong doesn’t believe Edwards can beat Richards, but he can. The second topic is about Lance Storm returning to ROH to take on Mike Bennett. Bennett didn’t realize he was so popular among the old people because Storm is wanting a match with him. Bennett assures Storm that he will beat him so fast that he will be able to catch the early bird special. Lastly, w e hear from the Briscoe Brothers who say they aren’t going to show up to Florida unless they get WGTT.

ROH World Champion Davey Richards joins the announcers for the main event. Richards considers the main event a win-win for the fans because both O’Reilly and Elgin can fight.

We hear from Kyle O’Reilly who says he will handle a possible match with Richards differently than Edwards. He believes he and Richards will fight with honor and remain friends. Truth Martini tells O’Reilly that he isn’t going to have to worry about wrestling his hero because Elgin will take care of him tonight!

Main Event: Blind Destiny Qualifier
Kyle O’Reilly vs. Michael Elgin

Late in the match, Roderick Strong comes out and distracts O’Reilly. That causes Richards to leave the announcers table and trades blows with Strong. Elgin takes advantage of this and hits the Buckle Bomb followed by the 360* Powerbomb to earn a possible title shot in Florida.

Final Thoughts:
This was a very good ROH program as they had three solid matches and promoted the Florida shows extremely well in the process. I’m seriously interested in all of the matches made on this program as they are all capable of being great. I might say this has been the best ROH show in 2012 so far. I suggest checking it out and get pumped for their Florida shows!

Thanks for reading.

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