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Random Ramblings #2: Yokozuna, Hogan, & Goldust!

Random Ramblings Second Edition
Written by: Bob Colling

Yokozuna inducted into the HOF? Hogan back on TNA television? SummerSlam 1991? Goldust on Twitter? Lets ramble!

Rambling #1: Yokozuna has received a high honor by being put into the WWE Hall of Fame. Let me just say that I was fan of Yokozuna and thought he was a very good big man wrestler. That being said, I think Yoko being inducted into the HOF just shows me how ridiculous the HOF is. Yoko had a run in the WWF from late 1992 until late 1996. That’s about four years. During that time he held the WWF World Championship twice, one run was nearly a year long. After that, he was used in the mid-card. Yokozuna was a good wrestler for probably two years, but when it came to late 1995, he was just overweight and couldn’t move around in the ring. He isn’t a HOF wrestler by any means, in my opinion. There are several better options out there (Perfect, Rude, Roberts, SAVAGE). It just makes the HOF look weak and judging by this, the standard doesn’t have to be too high to get inducted.

Rambling #2: For the past three or four months, I’ve considered TNA Impact to be a good how. I haven’t watched this past weeks program yet, but what I read has scared me. They are looking to bring back Hulk Hogan as the authority figure in TNA. This makes everyone look foolish. I get the whole “everyone deserves a second chance” but come on! Dixie Carter had to deal with Immortal for something like a year and now she is expected to give Hogan the keys to the promotion? Why? Why does Hogan need to be an authority figure? This is just going to mean Hogan is going to have his face in 75% of the program and get as much airtime as possible. I hope I’m wrong, but part of me feels like I’m right on this.

Rambling #3: I’ve been watching WWF Superstars from 1990 and the build-up to Hogan vs. Warrior at Mania VI has been making me laugh. How could people take these dudes seriously with their grunting and Warrior’s inability to cut a coherent promo? They both were talking about some sort of God in the sky that gives them a special power and how they need to know which one is the better force. It’s just crazy television.

Rambling #4: The other day I was looking at the SummerSlam 1991 pay per view. I noticed that several of the top names at the time weren’t even on the card. They included the Undertaker, who was dominating the WWF and would hold the WWF World Championship for a short time months later, Jake Roberts, and the Rockers come to mind as well. I haven’t watched the event in a long time, but I might have to do a Take The Book column for that event to see if I could make it any better than it was. Heck, I don’t even think the WWF World Championship was even defended!

Rambling #5: My last rambling has to do with Goldust, or Dustin Rhodes. I’m a follower of his on Twitter and I must say, for a guy who wanted the fans to support his quest to wrestle Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania, he treats his fans poorly. Some of his fans ask for him to follow them, which I get is annoying, but is there really a need to even respond to them? Is there really a need to go out of your way to block them? I’ve been blocked by two wrestlers, both from TNA, because I told them my opinion. I guess wrestlers don’t like that sort of thing. I was blocked by Hulk Hogan because I told him it wasn’t a good idea to spoil a storyline months in advance. Yeah, I got blocked even though I have been saying my prayers, eating my vitamins and doing steroids for the past 22-years of my life. The nerve of that guy, right? The other guy was Gunner, who I’m sure will be forgotten about five years from now. I don’t even remember what it was for, because I didn’t care all that much. I guess I just have a higher standard for a WWE employee who begs fans to buy his book, and get him on the Mania card.

That’s it for this edition. Thanks for reading!

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