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ROH Showndown In The Sun 2012 Predictions!

Ring Of Honor returns to internet pay per view tonight and tomorrow night with a double shot of shows dubbed Showdown In The Sun. It looks to be a rather stacked weekend for the promotion. Here are my predictions for both shows!

Night One:

Tag Team Rematch:
Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

I’m a big fan of Coleman and Alexander. I find them to be one of the better tag teams going on the independent scene. However, since WGTT is getting a title shot tomorrow night against the Briscoe’s, I don’t see the upset happening here. Benjamin and Haas should be able to take this but it will surely be a good match.

Proving Ground Match:
ROH World Tag Team Champions Briscoe Brothers vs. Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste

As if there really needs to be any reasoning behind this. I’m sure ROH will try to showcase Mikey and Shane, but I’d rather hope for a complete squash. For me, this match his a sore spot for the show.

Dual Duel Night #1:
Young Bucks vs. All Night Express

If I had to guess, I think this match will be the tornado tag match. I feel like the second night isn’t as strong as this show, so they might as well save the bloodbath for the second night. I really don’t know who will win this one. I’m going to guess and say that the Bucks prevail leading to them bleeding buckets tomorrow night.

Kevin Steen vs. El Generico
I can’t recall these two ever having a bad match with each other. Whether it be in ROH or PWG, these two just deliver the goods. Steen should be able to beat Generico here since he is clearly the number one heel and is being groomed to take on Richards for the strap at some point. I’m expecting a brutal match, with Steen being able to beat his former best friend and tag team partner.

For the ROH Television Championship:
[champion] Jay Lethal vs. Kyle O’Reilly

I’m tempted to pick O’Reilly here, but I feel like Ciampa is the man they want the title on. This should be another solid match and could very well go to a time limit draw (which I hate). But, I’m going to pick Lethal to retain the title anyway.

Lance Storm vs. Mike Bennett
Personally, I’m disappointed to see Storm come out of retirement. Not that I don’t want to see him wrestle, but he should have gotten a better opponent. I get that Bennett can work a WWE style, but this isn’t WWE and they shouldn’t try to present themselves as such. I’m expecting this to be a let down with Bennett cheating to win.

For the ROH World Championship:
[champion] Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong

Until Kevin Steen is a challenger for the championship there should be no reason to think that Richards is in any actual danger of losing the championship. So, Richards wins after pinning Strong.

Night Two:

Special Attraction:
TJ Perkins vs. Fire Ant

If there is going to be some kind of invasion by Chikara, I would imagine their guys need to get some wins as they enter ROH. So, I’m going to go with Fire Ant to win here. It’s not even that big of a deal since Perkins is really just a jobber in the promotion anyway.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole
Adam Cole has been on a role as of late as he even pinned Davey Richards. So, do you have Cole keep that momentum or do you build O’Reilly up as well with a victory? I’m going to go with O’Reilly picking up the win as a way to get revenge for his mentor, Davey Richards.

Dual Duel Night #2:
Young Bucks vs. All Night Express

I’m assuming this will be a street fight and there shall be a lot of blood lost here by both teams. As I wrote this I kind of thought about how the Rockers bled bucks back in the AWA in their street fight. If ROH were to go in that direction, they could shill the crap out of that image to sell some DVDs. All Night Express win this one.

For the ROH World Tag Team Championships:
(champions) Briscoe Brothers vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team

To me, WGTT has become a stale team. I don’t know if it’s really their fault since they really only have one or two tag teams that would make for a fun feud. Remember the days when ROH had a crazy tag team with tons of depth? I miss those days. I don’t see the titles changing here.

ROH Television Champion Jay Lethal vs. Roderick Strong
I’m not sure if the championship is even on the line, but if it is, I don’t think we will see a title change. I know I’m probably wrong as I feel like one championship will change hands, but I don’t see the need for any of them to happen. Ciampa better be the next guy to hold the TV championship. I’d expect a time limit draw for sure here.

Eddie Edwards vs. Kevin Steen
It’s all about momentum. Steen should be built up as a dominate heel, which he is, and that means going through everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kyle O’Reilly got involved to screw over Edwards and continue their issues some more. Either way, Steen wins here.

For the ROH World Championship:
(champion) Davey Richards vs. Michael Elgin

I like Elgin, but this is a weak main event. I won’t repeat myself too much, so, Richards wins here and has a brief confrontation with Steen to close the show, hopefully.

Those are my predictions for ROH’s double shot this weekend. If you watch the show, I hope you guys enjoy it!

Thanks for reading.

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