Random Ramblings #1: Lord Tensai, Brodie Lee, and Shane Douglas!

Random Ramblings – First Edition
Written by: Bob Colling

Is Lord Tensai a good fit for the WWE? Was it a good or bad publicity stunt by Shane Douglas?

Rambling #1: This past week on RAW, a vignette for a wrestler named Lord Tensai was aired. It was obvious that this is the gimmick that Matt Bloom (Albert, A-Train, Giant Bernard) is going to be coming in under. I’ve noticed on Twitter that there seems to be a mixed reaction on whether or not he should be brought back. I’m with the group of people who think that Bernard should be brought back in and feel that a dominate heel run by him would be a great way to start off. Ever since he went over to New Japan Pro Wrestling, Bernard has greatly improved and works that style very well. That doesn’t mean it will translate over to the WWE, but he knows how to work the WWE style. I find him to be a believable bad ass who could run over the babyface roster.

If I were to bring him in, I’d start him off destroying the under-card and then work him up to take on Randy Orton and/or John Cena. There are several guys you can feed to him including R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Santino Marella, Zack Ryder, and even Brodus Clay. I’m quite interested in seeing how they push Lord Tensai and hope he gets a big push upon his return.

Rambling #2: Recently, independent wrestler Brodie Lee was signed to a developmental deal by the WWE. This is another man whom I’m a big fan of. He is 6’7” and nearly 300lbs. Although he may be a larger man he can still hit high impact moves such as a hurricanrana for goodness sake! He has competed in ROH, JAPW, CHIKARA, DGUSA and 2CW among several other wrestling promotions. If he is going to make it in the WWE he can’t be presented as a dominate face or heel. I feel like his charisma helps him get over and should rely on the fans support to get behind. He is a likable character and hopefully he gets a chance to succeed in the number one wrestling promotion.

Rambling #3: Devon Nicholson needs to stop trying to paint WWE as some kind of evil company. Who’s fault is that Abdullah the Butcher allegedly cut you with a razor and gave you Hep C? That’s not the WWE’s fault. I don’t understand how or why he could think that the WWE is obligated to pay for some kind of medical procedure to help him overcome the disease and get his fair shot. There is no reason for the WWE to do that. Devon Nicholson trusted the wrong person in the ring and his career is over because of that. Sometimes you have to deal with that and move on. I suggest he do just that.

Rambling #4: Apparently, Shane Douglas showed up to RAW and tried to get the fans to chant ECW or something. I’ve watched the video and I must say… it’s embarrassing. There was no one in attendance who even knew who Douglas was and there was two dopes chanting ECW as if people were going to join in. I understand the attempt at getting publicity for Extreme Reunion, but this just didn’t look good. To be honest, the idea of Extreme Reunion in 2012 is silly. If they had tried to do this back in 2005, then I’d be able to get into it but guys like Douglas, Jerry Lynn, Raven, Al Snow, and Sabu wrestling nowadays just isn’t all that interesting to me. Hopefully at some point they will add some younger independent wrestlers to give the promotion a different skill set.

Those are the only ramblings I have this edition. In the future ramblings I’ll be sure to include more and include topics from the past and present. Feel free to share your opinions on my ramblings with your own ramblings!

Thanks for reading.

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