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Random Ramblings #4: Scott Steiner Rants, Fit Finlay To ROH, Damien Sandow!

Random Ramblings Fourth Edition
Written by: Bob Colling

Scott Steiner trashes Hogan & TNA, Fit Finlay is heading to ROH and Damien Sandow is going to educate us?

Rambling #1: So, Scott Steiner decided to go on Twitter and just rip apart Hulk Hogan and TNA in general. I suppose he doesn’t need to be involved with a wrestling company that has television. This just doesn’t make sense to me, at all. First off, Steiner is involved with the TNA India project and considering this is an online rant, I’m having to believe this is some kind of angle. Hogan even said he was looking for a way to bring Steiner in because he sees money in Steiner. Yeah, it’s 2012 and Hogan sees money in Scott Steiner. What money has Scott Steiner ever made? His WCW World Championship run was at the tale end of WCW existing and prior to that he was just a tag team wrestler. He failed in the WWE and in TNA he was never a regular main event guy. This whole thing is just funny to me. If it’s not some kind of angle, then I have to give credit to Scott Steiner for speaking his mind and the truth.

Rambling #2: Fit Finlay is heading to Ring of Honor. This is clearly ROH playing to the online community and not the general fan. I’ve always believed that the online community doesn’t play that big of a role in overall viewership. The casual fan will remember Finlay for being a mid card guy who had a midget as his sidekick towards the end of his WWE run. Heck, the current WWE fan may not even remember him at all. Finlay is capable of having some good matches with Richards, Steen, Generico and probably Edwards. I don’t see this lasting a long time or anything like that but it should make for some solid wrestling matches. I’m probably most excited to see a Finlay/Steen brawl.

Rambling #3: This past Smackdown there was a vignette for a new wrestler, Damien Sandow. His gimmick is basically just Bob Backlund’s gimmick from 1995. He is going to be teaching the fans of the WWE about stuff to make them smarter and all that great stuff. The gimmick didn’t really work in 1995 and I doubt it will work today. I do like Sandow, though. For those of you who don’t know Sandow, he is actually Idol Stevens and had previously competed in WWE back in 2006. I’ve been watching his work from 2005 in OVW and he is an above average heel for sure.

This is a rather short edition of Random Ramblings, but I figured I express my opinions on these developments. Feel free to share your opinions as well.

Thanks for reading.

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