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Random Ramblings #3: Aries, Bryan, Russo, Flair & Lesnar!

Random Ramblings Third Edition
Written by: Bob Colling

Austin Aries going to the WWE? Good or bad? Daniel Bryan being turned face because of the fans? Vince Russo to answer the fans questions? Brock Lesnar returns to the WWE! My thoughts on these topics and more!

Rambling #1: I’ve been seeing reports that Austin Aries may be heading to the WWE and my first reaction to hearing that was.. “TNA can’t let that happen!” Obviously the main goal for any wrestler is to make it to the WWE, no matter what they tell you. Aries is going to get a better push in TNA compared to what he would get in WWE. I think that is rather obvious. It’s rare for me to say that I’d rather see Aries stay in TNA. But, knowing that TNA doesn’t like to give raises to the better talent, Aries may have to jump ship. I can see by the end of the year that not only does Aries bail but so does Bully Ray, and that would greatly destroy their heel side of things in TNA.

Rambling #2: Vince Russo is going to be having a live shoot with the fans for Kayfabe Commentaries. The promotion for this is that Russo hasn’t spoken a lot about his career and stuff for a long time. I don’t think that is entirely true, but I’m still interested to see the questions he is asked by the fans and how Russo tries to bullshit his way out of the answer.

Rambling #3: Why on earth did TNA allow Ric Flair to go to the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony? That makes them look so minor league it isn’t even funny. And for what? Just so they can get a WWE contracted wrestler to appear on a TNA DVD release for a talking head part? Seriously? How is that even worth it? If I were the head of the TNA there is no way I’m allowing this to happen. I realize they aren’t anywhere near WWE, but to even give the illusion that they could be at some point, you don’t let this happen. Bad business move by TNA.

Rambling #4: Daniel Bryan has to be turned into a babyface soon and it sucks. He has been playing his heel role perfectly but the Miami crowd may have turned him into a good guy with their chants. It doesn’t surprise me because they are getting behind him after the quick loss. This may show us that the fans don’t want to get behind Sheamus. Hopefully the WWE finds a way to keep the heat on Bryan so he doesn’t have to turn good. Perhaps they will have to end his relationship with AJ quicker than expected to do so.

Rambling #5: I saved the best for last. Brock Lesnar is back in the WWE! I’m really excited about this because I have been a Lesnar fan ever since he joined the WWE back in 2002. The guy just has a presence about him that keeps your attention. Are they going to wait for WrestleMania 29 to have Lesnar square off against John Cena? I think that’s what they are going to do, but I hope they figure out a way keep it fresh and off of Twitter like the Rock/Cena feud was. The last I knew Lesnar signed a one year deal, so maybe he will be feuding with other people before leading into Cena, or they will wrestle at SummerSlam and then Lesnar will square off against Undertaker at Mania 29? Oh man, I don’t know. There are so many situations that Lesnar can get into! Hell, what about Lesnar/Punk? As Daniel Bryan would say “YES! YES! YES!”

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Thanks for reading!

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