Random Ramblings #7: WWE, TNA & ROH

Random Ramblings #7
Written by: Bob Colling

There is something going on with the top three wrestling promotions. So, what’s going on with WWE, TNA and ROH? Here are my ramblings on their recent news.

Rambling #1: It’s about time that TNA has their show live. Sure, it may be for the summer only, but it’s a start. A tape show just doesn’t have the same feeling compared to a live show. Considering a good amount of their fan base is internet guys (come on, lets face the facts), not having spoilers to read should increase their ratings a little bit. I’m interested to see how the live show goes starting next week. Hopefully they don’t have ten guys debut on the show like they had on the January 4th, 2010 program.

Rambling #2: While TNA announced they were going live for the summer, WWE decided it would be a smart idea to have RAW go to three hours starting on July 23rd. WCW went to three hours in 1998 after a few trial runs in 1997, and what made that show watchable for a brief time was the fact that they had a ridiculous big and talented roster. I can’t say the same for the WWE right now. Their roster is obviously thin and in order to have the show go off well they will need to fill up their roster with some guys from FCW or something. I don’t see this being a good move. Their ratings have been suffering while they are at two hours. Moving the show to three hours will just hurt them in the long run.

Rambling #3: A revolution is coming to the WWE next week. A lot of people thought it would be Jon Moxley, but after seeing a photo of the guy in the video package, it doesn’t look like Moxley at all. Instead, it looks very similar to Matt Morgan. The same Matt Morgan who had a stuttering gimmick and left WWE in 2006 for a run in TNA. Morgan’s run in TNA was an overall disappointment and heading back to the WWE shouldn’t be expected to be the same. Morgan isn’t a big guy when it comes to WWE standard. I mean, he use to be but he has lost a lot of muscle mass and is just a tall skinny guy for the most part. I don’t expect him to make that big of a splash in WWE.

Rambling #4: There is another TNA departure, according to reports, Alex Shelley is not going to be sticking around with TNA. Personally, I’ve liked Shelley’s work in TNA but the past year or so he hasn’t really stuck out all that much. When Chris Sabin was injured I don’t recall Shelley being used all that much. I’m not sure what Shelley plans on doing. A run in WWE shouldn’t be considered a realistic option. Unless he is going to settle for a spot on the rumored Cruiserweight only show that may be on the WWE Network when it launches. Realistically, Shelley will get a lot of work on the independents whether it be PWG, ROH, DGUSA or any other lower level independent company. Plus, Japan is always a likely spot for Shelley to go to. Anyway, Shelley leaving TNA shouldn’t be a huge loss for the company since the X-Division isn’t exactly a priority for them at the moment.

Rambling #5: This past Sunday the Big Show had his mandatory heel turn. His babyface run had been reaching its ending point. Now, the segment on RAW where Show cried to save his job takes me out of his run as a heel. Show is going to be trying to be acting like a pissed of giant, but he cried in the ring. He didn’t look so tough there. The segment would make sense if Show were to remain a babyface because some of the fans would be able to get behind a sympathetic giant, but now as a heel, who is really going to intimidated by him? The fans will likely make fun of him, if anything. I don’t think it matters what the Big Show is doing or what his role is. I just don’t find him interesting of entertaining anymore.

Rambling #6: Ring of Honor just can’t get their internet pay per view situation to go smoothly. Personally, I don’t like internet pay per views. I’d rather them just be on television where I’d spend 20 dollars. I know you can get an adapter to hook up to your television, but still. I’m just old fashioned I guess. I don’t understand how ROH would be able to have two of their programs mess up back to back. They now have Sinclair supporting the company and they need to realize they aren’t just some small independent now. Whether people will admit it or not, ROH is one of the top three promotions in wrestling. Having their big shows messed up and issuing so many apologizes is just not going to cut it. Get prepared ROH and start acting like the top three wrestling promotion. If they don’t, they are going to lose a lot of their fan base if they haven’t already.

Those are my ramblings for this go around. Feel free to leave your opinions on any of these topics.

Thanks for reading.

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