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ECW Fancam 11/11/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling Fancam
From: Poughkeepsie, NY

1.)Sal E. Graziano defeated Scott Hall
2.)Michael Shane defeated Mike Bell
3.)Hot Commodity defeated Super Crazy and the Unholy Alliance
4.)Tajiri defeated Super Crazy
5.)Danny Doring & Roadkill defeated Bilvis Wesley & Tom Marquez
6.)Nova defeated Little Guido
7.)ECW World Champion Steve Corino fought Jerry Lynn to a no contest
8.)ECW World Champion Steve Corino defeated the Sandman
9.)Tommy Dreamer, Christian York & Joey Matthews defeated Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger & CW Anderson in a falls count anywhere match
10.)ECW Television Champion Rhino defeated Kid Kash
11.)Chilly Willy defeated Tony DeVito
12.)Scott Hall defeated Justin Credible

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Scott Hall opens the show and got a thunderous ovation from the New York crowd. Hall is happy to be back in Poughkeepsie and is here in ECW for one reason. He was told by Paul Heyman that he would be able to wrestle Justin Credible tonight. However, when he arrived the match between himself and Credible was not listed. Lou E. Dangerously comes out and says that Hall doesn’t work here and can’t make matches. Lou tells Hall he has a lot to prove to him. This brings out Sal E. Graziano to wrestle Scott Hall in the opening match.

2.Sal uses his obvious size advantage to control Hall early on with a short clothesline. Hall attempted a scoop slam but that wasn’t going to happen. Hall battles back and delivers a scoop slam, which was hardly an actual slam. Hall fights off the FBI but is dropped by Sal and a clothesline. Sal comes off the middle rope and hits the Bonzai Drop to pin Hall! That’s right Big Sal just pinned Scott Hall! After the match, Hall is attacked by the FBI some more. Lou tells Hall that he will have his match with Justin Credible later on.

3.Yes, that is the TNA Michael Shane and yes that is the same Mike Bell that was destroyed by Perry Saturn. Shane kicked off the bout with some quick offense consisting of a head scissors and dove over the top rope to take Bell out with a nice somersault dive. Bell drives Shane down with a sit out choke slam after tossing Shane over with a overhead suplex. Shane is really doing a good job with the high risk moves as he hits s a springboard senton splash. Shane wins the bout after hitting a springboard elbow drop to a hunched over Bell. It was a was a solid match, I thought. Shane put together some good offense and makes me wonder if he could have been a breakout star for ECW had it continued. *1/2

4.All six men get in the ring with Mikey, Crazy and Tajiri getting the better of their opponents. Hamrick is sent to the floor following a triple dropkick after a flapjack. Hamrick hit a nice springboard bulldog on Crazy while he was held by Dinero and Money. There is zero control of this match and the action is quite good thus far. Money and Dinero are sandwiched into three chairs and have them kicked into their heads. Crazy accidentally hits Tajiri with a missile dropkick. That leads to Hamrick pinning Tajiri following a top rope leg drop. It was a fast, good match. After the match, Tajiri shoves Crazy and we get our mandatory match between the two of them. ***

5.Crazy opens up the match working on Tajiri’s back with a back breaker. Handspring back elbow by Tajiri to get the control of the bout. Tajiri sets up a table on the floor before kicking Crazy in the head. Tajiri double stomps Crazy from the top rope through the table! Crazy sends Tajiri into the railing so he can step up a table of his own. Crazy hits a moonsault off the middle rope to send Tajiri crashing through the table. Tajiri mists the referee on accident and is dropkicked to the floor. Whipwreck hits the Whipper Snapper on Crazy and Tajiri gets the win after a dropkick to a seated Crazy. It was an okay about, but they have done a lot better. These matches are going to be shorter since it’s a television taping for Hardcore TV. Still, they had some nice hardcore spots and kept the match fast for the most part. **1/2

6.Doring makes the match a comedy one in the beginning as he claims that Bilvis was trying to sexually assault him on a go behind. Bilvis doesn’t help his cause when he crawls t his corner and his face is at his partner’s junk. Doring soon leaps off Roadkill’s back to take out Marquez and Bilvis on the floor. Bilvis knocks Doring out with a super kick for a two count. Roadkill gets the hot tag and takes both men out with a springboard clothesline. Roadkill splashes six people in the corner and they all end up in sexual positions. Doring leg drops a female manager and wins the match. After the match, the FBI attacks Doring and Roadkill. They cut off some of Doring’s hair as well. *3/4

7.Guido attempts a quick submission after Nova springboards off the ropes but isn’t able to get the hold locked in. Mamaluke enters the ring and clotheslines Nova from behind to help out Guido. Nova is tripped by Sal and Guido hit a middle rope leg drop for a near fall. The referee is distracted while Nova has a pin on Guido, so the match continues. Nova comes off the top to take Sal and Mamaluke out with a dive. Nova plants Guido with the Krypotnite Krunch to win the match. After the bout, Nova is attacked by Mamaluke. Doring and Roadkill make the save. **

8.Lynn attacks Corino before the bell as Dawn Marie came out and distracted the champ. Lynn whipped Corino with the ECW World Championship a few times before they went to the floor for the typical brawling portion of the match. Lynn slammed Corino on the concrete floor and kept control in the ring with a charging attack in the corner. Cyrus has made his way down to the ring as well. Lynn is focusing his attack on Corino’s back as he delivered a couple of back breakers. Corino battles back with a snap scoop slam for a near fall. Corino has gotten the full advantage and nearly won following a northern lights suplex. The referee is knocked down after both Corino and Lynn run into him. That brings out the evil referee Danny Daniels. Corino super kicks a chair into his face to put him out as well. Lynn plants Corino with a DDT on the chair but only gets a near fall. Corino super kicks a third referee as Justin Credible comes out and hits both men with a kendo stick! Lynn has been busted open due to the shot. It looks like Lynn is unable to compete and that’s the end of the match. It was okay for what they had going. It was more of just a transition into the next match. **1/4

9.Well, as usual it takes Sandman a long time to actually enter the ring because he has to drink beer and play to the fans. Corino tries to get out of the match but Sandman spits beer in his face to let him know he isn’t interested in what he is saying. Sandman works over Corino with chops as the champ isn’t ready for a second match. Sandman leaps off the apron to leg drop Corino who was dangled over the guard railing. Sandman heads to the backstage area to bring out piece of guard railing. Sandman slams Corino onto the railing for a two count. Corino stops Sandman with a super kick but can’t get a three count on the cover. Sandman hammers away on the champ and uses a ladder to hit a senton splash from the apron back into the ring. Corino hits a super kick after sending Sandman into the ladder in the corner. Sandman slams the champ on the railing a second time but doesn’t get a win for doing so. Corino is laid out after a few kendo stick shots to the head. Corino counters a white Russian leg sweep with a neck breaker onto the guard railing and wins the match. I was not expecting that to be the finish, but whatever. It was a decent brawl which saw Sandman control the majority of the bout. **1/4

10.Simon Diamond, CW Anderson and Johnny Swinger came out to confront Joey Styles and Joel Gertner but they bail to the floor and head up the aisle. Diamond says they have no right to judge their abilities because they have never wrestled before. Gertner takes a jab at Diamond for being a guy who isn’t on Hardcore TV compared to them. Eventually, Joey Matthews, Christian York and Tommy Dreamer come out and we have ourselves a six man tag match.

11.All six men brawl on the floor to kick off the bout. This is will hard to follow I would assume since there is only one camera for a fancam. Matthews takes Anderson down with a head scissors in the ring but Swinger enters and hits a side Russian leg sweep but York connects with a springboard bulldog. Diamond with a series of suplexs. Dreamer gets the better of Diamond with a swinging neck breaker but is tossed over by Anderson with a overhead suplex. Swinger backdrops York into the crowd as they continue to brawl on the floor. Anderson whacks Dreamer over the head with a chair after crotching him on the railing. Matthews is bleeding big time, but I don’t know what caused that to happen. Anderson hits a nice delayed superplex off the middle rope for a near fall. Matthews connects with a top rope hurricanrana and York connected with a top rope elbow drop on Anderson for a near fall. Diamond and Swinger hit an elevated DDT on York but can’t put him away. Dreamer is driven down by Anderson with a spine buster for a near fall! Dreamer hits a Death Valley Driver on Anderson through a table set up in the corner but Anderson kicks out just before three! Matthews and York hit suicide dives on the floor leaving Diamond in the ring with Dreamer. Joel Gertner enters and acts like Kamala but is punched out by Diamond. Dreamer puts him in the tree of woe and puts a chair and ring bell in front of his face. Dreamer hits a dropkick and Gertner splashes Diamond before Dreamer plants him with a DDT. Gertner and Dreamer cover to get the win. After the match, CW Anderson knocks them all out with a chair and puts an arm bar on Gertner! ***1/4

12.Rhino tosses Kash to the floor early on and sends him into the guard railing. Kash springboards off the top rope to hit a cross body on the floor! In the ring, Rhino counters a springboard and powerbombs Kash for a near fall. Rhino drives his shoulder into Kash’s midsection in the corner to keep control of the contest. Kash hits a nice springboard somersault dive for a two count but runs into a mini spear from Rhino. Kash is hitting all of his spots as he perfectly hit a springboard hurricanrana and a tornado DDT for a near fall. Oh shit, Rhino plants Kash with a middle rope piledriver for the win. ***1/2. Yeah, it may have not been all that long but that was an entertaining bout put on by these two. I wasn’t expecting it to be that good, but nice job by them. After the match, Rhino goes to gore Kash through a table but Spike Dudley’s music hits and Spike comes walking down to the ring! Rhino misses Spike and gores himself through the table. Spike hits the Acid Drop to stand over Rhino!

13.For the people who enjoy DeVito and Chilly Willy, I apologize. This has been a long show and this will get a simple long story short treatment. Willy wins after hitting a sit-out vertical suplex. After the match, he is attacked by Angel who hits him over the head with a chair, which went unprotected. Balls Mahoney comes out too and delivers a couple of chair shots.

14.Hall works over Credible’s left arm with an arm lock and slaps the back of his head after taking him down to the mat to make him look foolish. Hall blocks a hip toss with a choke slam and mocks The Giant like he did in WCW. Credible flips in the corner and walks into a clothesline. Francine hits Hall with a kendo stick and Credible drops Hall with a super kick! Credible slams Hall face first into a chair but can’t get a win on a cover attempt. Hall charges towards a corner but runs into a big boot and Credible locks in a sleeper hold. Hall kicks Credible to the floor but Francine whacks him over the head with the kendo stick again. Hall knocks Credible off the apron and Credible goes crashing through a table at ringside. Back in the ring, Hall gets a near fall after a fall away slam. Francine broke up the count and Hall goes to hit the Outsiders Edge after spanking her but ducks under a kendo stick shot from Credible and hits the Outsiders Edge to win the match! It was an average match at best between these two. I guess you can’t expect Hall to put forth a max effort for ECW. **

Final Thoughts:
It felt like this show went on forever. There was some good stuff on the show with Corino/Sandman and Rhino/Kash jumping to mind. I’m not sure if either one of them aired on Hardcore TV, but if I were a betting man I’d say Rhino/Kash did because it was quick. The other matches were quick as well but had some entertainment value to them. So, I’ll give this a mild thumbs up.

Thanks for reading.

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