WCW Saturday Night 3/21/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
: 3/21/1992
From: Atlanta, GA

1.)Ron Simmons defeated Randy Starr
2.)JT Southern defeated Chris Sullivan
3.)Tom Zenk & Marcus Alexander Bagwell defeated Jesse Curles & Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker
4.)Brad Armstrong defeated Greg Sawyer
5.)WCW United States Tag Team Champions Terrance Taylor & Greg Valentine defeated Junkyard Dog & PN News
6.)Dustin Rhodes defeated John Peterson
7.)WCW Television Champion Steve Austin defeated John Collins
8.)Steiner Brothers defeated WCW World Tag Team Champion Bobby Eaton & Larry Zbyszko

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Footage from WCW Pro is shown where Steamboat choked Rick Rude with a strap over the top rope. Steamboat is clearly out for some revenge considering what happened to him at Superbrawl II.

2. It looks like Sting vs. Vader is going to the top feud going on. Simmons cut a promo regarding the situation saying that he wishes Sting luck but knows Sting is going to have battle on his hands.

3. JT Southern cut a promo saying that he can play the guitar and wrestle as well. In his opinion, Van Hammer can’t do either of them and he will show him that in the ring. I tend to agree with that though I’ve never heard of Southern.

4. During WCW Magazine Update we see footage from the Main Event, which saw Johnny B. Badd wrestle Richard Morton. Badd used the ropes for leverage to win. Brad Armstrong lost his match after sending Tracy Smothers over the top. The winner of Smothers/Badd match will get a title shot against WCW Lightweight Champion Brian Pillman. Badd won following a top rope sunset flip. We heard comments from Big Van Vader who told Sting he doesn’t fear any man and doesn’t feel pain. He is going to make Sting feel pain!

5. Eric Bischoff conducted an interview Nikita Koloff. Bischoff wants to know what Koloff’s motivation was when he returned to WCW during the press conference. Koloff says that he has been getting those questions all the time. Koloff wants to talk to one man and have a heart to heart conversation. He doesn’t reveal who he is talking about.

6. Back to the footage from WCW Pro that involved Steamboat and Rude. Steamboat was competing in a singles match against Anderson before Rude got involved. Dangerously was flipped into the ring and Steamboat delivered an atomic drop. That brought out Rude with a chair and he tried to hit Steamboat but the referee stopped him. Rude still saved Dangerously and choked Steamboat with a strap. Steamboat turn the tables and chokes Rude!

7. WCW United States Champion Rick Rude and Paul E. Dangerously came out to cut a promo. Dangerously says that Ricky Steamboat is going to fall for Rude’s trap. Rude notes that things don’t always end up the way they planned. Rude admits that he can’t say things will come out the way he wants them too. There is another plan in place for Rude and Dangerously.

8. The WCW United States Tag Team Championships are not on the line for this match. Personally, I find the combination of JYD and PN News to be strange. Valentine and Taylor are able to pull through with a victory. News nearly pinned Taylor following a power slam and a belly to belly suplex but Valentine delivered an elbow drop and Taylor stole the victory.

9. We hear some pre tape comments from Scotty Flamingo. Flamingo is having a world tour and is going to be competing in the Lightweight division. For those of you who don’t know, he is Raven. Flamingo is rapping and says Flamingo Madness is happening.

10. Eric Bischoff tried to conduct an interview with WCW Television Champion Steve Austin. Diamond Dallas Page hijacks the segment and says he wants to talk to Kip Frye! Page is mad that has been banned from doing interviews. Doug Dillinger comes over and tells Page to leave. Austin says he and Zbyszko would be more than happy to beat up Rhodes and Windham at any time. Austin discusses Tom Zenk, who is coming after the WCW Television Championship. Austin thinks he is the greatest champion ever in WCW. Madusa suggests that Missy Hyatt has been sleeping with Jim Ross.

11. Footage from WCW Worldwide is shown. Sting took care of a jobber very quickly. That’s not the story, though. Nope, the story is instead Big Van Vader coming down with a steel chair. Sting hit Vader with the chair, but it didn’t hurt Vader at all. Sting went to the top rope but is slammed by Vader in midair! Vader followed up with a big splash off the ropes. Vader leaps off the middle rope and splashes down onto Sting! The locker room empties as they check on Sting while Vader stands tall!

12. WCW World Champion Sting is interviewed by Eric Bischoff. Sting admits it was scary when Vader wasn’t hurt by a chair. Sting tells Vader that he has some fear in his eyes but he also sees the WCW World Champion and says that he thrives on fear.

13. The main event doesn’t have a lot of time to work with. Scott started off with Eaton and tried for a quick pin but couldn’t keep him down. Scott slams Eaton with a overhead suplex. Zbyszko tags in but is rammed back first into the corner by Scott. Scott locks in a Boston Crab. Rick knocks Eaton off the apron! Eaton can’t get anything going as Scott hit a tilt a whirl slam. The show cuts off from here, but I find out that Rick Steiner pins Zbyszko after a top rope bulldog. Larry had collided with Madusa leading to the finish.

Final Thoughts:
Quite a bit going on in WCW. I would’ve thought that Rude/Sting was the next feud, but they switched that into a Sting/Vader issue. That is obviously a fresh catchup and could garner more interest. They are doing a great job with promoting Vader as a man who feels no pain. It’s cool to see the early stages of Vader’s WCW career. The action was lackluster again, but I’m enjoying the angle developments. WCW is filled with great promo guys and that helps the show greatly. I’m giving the show a slight thumbs up this week.

Thanks for reading.

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