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ECW on TNN 5/5/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Poughkeepsie, NY


1.)Lance Storm defeated Kid Kash
2.)Jerry Lynn defeated Scotty Anton
3.)Tajiri & The Sandman defeated ECW Television Champion Rhino & Steve Corino

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. The era of Justin Credible begins! He won the championship last week by pinning Tommy Dreamer who hand for as long as a sitcom episode lasts.

2. Speaking of the new ECW World Champion, Justin Credible made his way down to the ring to be interviewed by Joey Styles and Joel Gertner to open the program. He has Francine by his side now too. She just goes wherever the gold is. Styles is shocked at what Credible did to the ECW World Tag Team Championships. Francine says it is shocking for people to think she wouldn’t be involved in the championship scene. She lists her accomplishments of leading several wrestlers to championships. Credible is cut of by his former tag team partner, Lance Storm. Storm is mad because he trained and carried Credible. Storm thinks Credible spat on the business when he disrespected the tag team championships. Storm is either going to take the ECW World Championship or Credible will have to hand it over. Storm slaps Credible and they begin to brawl. We also get a cat fight between Francine and Dawn Marie. That doesn’t last long, though. Raven comes out and attacks Credible! Raven turns around and Storm delivers a super kick and a DDT! Jazz runs in and slams Dawn Marie. Storm kicks Jazz right on the chin.

3. Kid Kash comes in and he starts his match with Storm while Credible brawls with Dreamer in the crowd. Kash takes Storm out with a springboard twisting dive on the floor. Storm stops Kash with a back elbow as he charged the corner. Storm drives Kash down with a nice twisting power slam moments later. Kash tries a hurricanrana but Storm cuts him off with a sitout powerbomb! Kash nails Storm with an atomic drop and a spinning heel kick for a near fall! Kash comes off the top with a nice flying hurricanrana! Dawn Marie saves Storm from the Money Maker. Kash runs into the superkick and plants Kash with Deep Impact for the win. I was entertained by the match as it was fast paced and had some quality action in it. The interference wasn’t necessary, though.

4. Backstage, Electra is trying to seduce Mikey Whipwreck, apparently. Actually, she is trying to seduce Sinister Minster. TNN actually censors 90% of the promo. Electra takes her top off to end the segment.

5. This is Jerry Lynn’s first match since breaking his ankle three months ago. On the other side, this is Anton’s first official appearance. The match is joined in progress after a commercial. Lynn hits a slingshot cross body on the floor. Anton tosses Lynn into the guard railing and sets a table up in the ring. Lynn battles back with a tornado DDT out of the corner for a two count. Rhino runs in but misses Lynn and instead GORES Anton through the table. Lynn puts Anton away with the cradle piledriver for the win.

6. Cyrus comes out with the Network and wants Lynn to shake his hand. Lynn dives over the top to take Steve Corino out. Rhino is attacking Anton in the ring. That brings out Rob Van Dam! RVD trades blows with Rhino and gets the better of Rhino. RVD leaps off the top to nail Rhino with a kick. Jack Victory and Steve Corino save Cyrus from RVD. Tajiri runs down and cleans house with RVD getting some shots in as well. RVD takes out both Lynn and Anton out with a dive on the floor! Tajiri is left in the ring with Corino and Rhino! Corino says they will forgive Tajiri and let him come back to the Network. Tajiri takes out a beer and the music for the Sandman begins to play! Here we go…

7. Rhino works on Tajiri to kick off the main event this week. Tajiri hits a spinning heel kick to get some momentum. Tajiri hit a handspring back elbow and Sandman tagged into the bout. Corino enters as well but is worked on by Sandman with several left hands. Sandman drop toe holds Corino onto the guard railing face first. Sandman slams Corino back first onto the railing as well. Sandman hits a top rope hurricanrana for a near fall! Sandman follows up with a White Russian leg sweep for a two count! Sandman’s wife enters the ring and hits Rhino with a kendo stick but Rhino isn’t hurt. Tajiri mists Corino! Rhino misses Sandman and crashes through a table in the corner! Tajiri double stomps Corino through a table for the win!

Final Thoughts:
ECW on TNN is clearly a quality show and is reliable to put forth some good stuff. This weeks program was a good one with Kash/Storm delivering a quality bout and the main event being a fine brawl. It’s just a continually fun hour show and this week was no exception. Thumbs up!

Thanks for reading.

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