ECW on TNN 5/12/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Minneapolis, MN

1.)Tommy Dreamer defeated Simon Diamond
2.)Lance Storm defeated Jerry Lynn
3.)ECW Television Champion Rhino defeated Tajiri to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Backstage, Sinister Minister and Mikey Whipwreck were cutting a promo until they cut it short because the camera guy heard a noise. Whipwreck and Minister are mad so Whipwreck lights the camera guy on fire. That’s nice of him.

2. This is ECW’s debut in Minneapolis. After Joel Gertner does his usual stuff, Tommy Dreamer makes his way out to talk to them. He is not a happy camper. I can tell because he has an angry look on his face. Before Tommy Dreamer can even say a word, Simon Diamond decides it’s a good time to come out and talk about his problems. Diamond tells us that he isn’t a comedy act and doesn’t believe anyone cares about what Dreamer has to say regarding losing the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. Diamond doesn’t think Dreamer is hungry anymore and thinks the man who ate and drank ECW is dead. Diamond is punched by Dreamer and that leads to the opening match.

3. Dreamer works on Diamond with a microphone and tosses Diamond to the floor early on. Diamond tosses Dreamer into the crowd and they begin to brawl in the first three rows. They end up higher in the crowd with Dreamer getting the better of Diamond. Prodigy is out at ringside and clotheslines Dreamer to help out Diamond. Dreamer counters a suplex attempt with one of his own and steps on Diamond’s crotch in the corner. Dreamer dropkicks a chair into Diamond’s face as well. Diamond plants Dreamer with a DDT after Dreamer fought off one of Diamond’s buddies. HC Loc, the referee, prevents Diamond from using a chair. That doesn’t make sense. Dreamer hits a double DDT on Prodigy and his sister. Loc is attacking Diamond and Dreamer finishes him off with a DDT.

4. There must be a winner for Lynn vs. Storm. Lynn dropkicks Storm off the apron after a springboard and follows up with a rolling senton splash off the apron onto the floor! Back in the ring, Storm superkicks Lynn for a two count. Storm maintains his advantage with a half Boston Crab. Lynn knocks Storm down after kicking him with his free leg. They begin to trade several rollups and they hit each other with a clothesline. Lynn kicks a chair into Storm’s face a near fall. Lynn hits a tornado DDT onto the chair! The referee is distracted, though. Justin Credible nails Lynn with a crutch on accident, I think. Storm gets the win. Tommy Dreamer comes out to fight Credible, but Storm takes both men out with a dive over the top rope. All three men begin to brawl!

5. Cyrus comes out and reminds everyone that he is part of the Network. Jerry Lynn is still in the ring. Cyrus notes that the Network didn’t want to come here because he came from Canada. Cyrus continues to get cheap heat by comparing Lynn to Minnesota teams that can’t win the big games. As a Vikings fan, this makes me angry because it’s true. Cyrus wants Lynn to join the Network. He has an offer for him that he can’t refuse. Cyrus believes that if he were to be Lynn’s manager, there is nothing that could stop them. Tajiri makes his way out to the ring to stop that from happening. Tajiri is slapped by Cyrus from behind as he was chatting to Lynn. Lynn clotheslines Tajiri from behind! Lynn gets the microphone and says he didn’t do that for the Network but rather he did it for himself because Cyrus is an asshole! Steve Corino comes into the ring along with Jack Victory but Tajiri takes care of them with some kicks. Rhino clotheslines Tajiri and they have a match.

6. Tajiri opens with a handspring back elbow and a few kicks to Rhino’s chest. Rhino goes to the floor where Tajiri hits a springboard moonsault! Rhino sets a table up in the corner but Tajiri spits mist into his face! Tajiri kicks Corino as he tries to get involved. Tajiri puts Corino on the table and heads to the top rope. This is probably going to cost him. Tajiri sends Corino through the table with a double stomp. Rhino GORES Tajiri but doesn’t go for the cover. No, instead Rhino hits a pile driver off the apron and through a table on the floor. Rhino covers and wins. After the match, the Sandman tries to help out Tajiri from a post match beatdown but is attacked as well. That brings out Rob Van Dam to make the save. RVD takes Rhino over with a hurricanrana and hits a top rope side kick on Rhino. RVD follows up with a top rope Five Star Frog Splash.

Final Thoughts:
It was an okay show mainly because it didn’t offer anything different from what they have been airing the last several weeks. The matches are fine but the angles and stuff is just the same things reused week in and week out. So, that’s being said it gets an average rating for me.

Thanks for reading.

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