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WWF Superstars 4/7/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Sacramento, CA

1.)Dusty Rhodes defeated Don Stevens
2.)The Warlord defeated Ricky Ataki
3.)Dino Bravo defeated Stephen DeLeon
4.)Jim Duggan defeated Black Bart
5.)Bad News Brown defeated Terry Zeller
6.)Rick Martel defeated Nito Gomez
7.)The Hart Foundation defeated Buddy Rose & Mark Ming

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Considering this show was aired well before WrestleMania VI, it’s not likely that there will be much of any angle progression on this one. At least not from the arena.

2.The Warlord has a new manager. He was previously associated with Mr. Fuji but is now the client of Slick.

3.Rick Rude cut a promo from a gym and made a challenge. His focus is on the new WWF World Champion the Ultimate Warrior. Rude notes that there has been only one man to beat Warrior for a championship and it’s him! So, he is going to issue a challenge that Warrior has to accept. Bobby Heenan makes it clear that their challenge is very serious. Rude is going under a serious workout routine and says there will be no doubt who the ultimate athlete truly is between them.

4.The guests on the Brother Love Show this week was the Bushwhackers. Love notes that Honky and Valentine decided to tune their guitars on the Bushwhackers. They don’t find it funny to be hit with a guitar. Luke doesn’t find it funny at all while Love is just laughing about it. The Bushwhackers tease hitting Brother Love but he tries to get out of it. They say that no one bush whackers the Bushwhackers!

Final Thoughts:
Not much going on here, but the beginning of Rude/Warrior for the summer months. The issue between the Bushwhackers and the team of Honky/Valentine doesn’t interest me enough to carry a show. Thus, this show get a thumbs down, but that was expected, at least by me since it was taped so long ago. The following weeks of Superstar will have fresh angles and that has me interested in the product.

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