TNA Slammiversary 2012 Predictions!

This weekend TNA celebrates its ten year anniversary with Slammiversary on June 10th. Here is the card along with my predictions for the event.

For the TNA Knockouts Championship:
[champion] Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Yet again there is a championship match without any real angle and was booked at the last minute, really. I don’t think Brooke is the one to take the championship away from Kim and since Mickie James is teasing a heel turn, I think Velvet Sky is more likely a selection to take the strap down the road. So, I’m predicting Kim to retain.

Hernandez vs. Kid Kash
This is a random match to have on the card. I can’t recall the last time either man was on Impact whether it be a segment or a match. But, I’m inclined to think that this will mark a push for Hernandez. I recall back when LAX broke up that they had big plans for Hernandez. Sure, that was four years ago, but maybe he will get a chance again. I could see this being a good big guy vs. small guy match.

Open Challenge:
Crimson vs. ???

I’m sure there are some people out there that think that since Goldberg was mentioned on Impact this past week that he will be showing up. For people who want to be realistic, like myself, I think it’s far more likely that James Storm will comeback and square off against the undefeated Crimson. I’m going to pick that James Storm returns and beats Crimson.

TNA Television Champion Devon & Garrett Bischoff vs. Robbie E & Robbie T
The feud that just refuses to die. Devon and Garrett go over and I hope something new happens for Devon. This has ran its course months ago.

Samoa Joe vs. TNA X-Division Champion Austin Aries
They’ve had a couple of good matches before, most notably in ROH about seven years ago, but I can’t see why these two can’t still put together a fine contest. Part of me wants to believe that this could be a start of Joe’s dominance, but since he can’t challenge for the championship I don’t see that happening. Instead, I’m thinking Aries will continue to beat guys who are bigger than him to elevate him up the card. Aries wins.

Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park
Considering Park is actually Abyss without the mask, though I wanted to believe it was two different people, I can only expect this to actually end up being Abyss/Ray. It seems obvious that Abyss will go over on Ray here since it would be all about revenge. So, that’s what I’m going with. Abyss or Park wins.

For the TNA World Tag Team Championships:
[champions] Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. Kurt Angle & AJ Styles

Personally, I’ve enjoyed the AJ Styles/Dixie Carter angle. I don’t know why, but I’m interested to see where that goes. I’m figuring that the distraction involving Dixie/AJ will cost them, though. Daniels and Kazarian have done a good job with the angle and I’ve enjoyed their title reign thus far. Plus, I don’t want to see Angle and Styles wasted in the midcard scene for too long. Champs retain.

#1 Contender for the TNA World Championship:
Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

I find it kind of amusing that three of the biggest stars in TNA were booked into a match at the last minute. Mr. Anderson isn’t about to win this here and doesn’t have any right to be involved in the TNA World Championship picture. That leaves us with RVD and Jeff Hardy. The ultimate goal is for the belt to get back to Hardy, which Hogan has even come out and said in interviews (which is stupid to do). So, I’m going with Hardy to become the number one contender and meet the champion on Impact next week.

For the TNA World Championship:
[champion Bobby Roode vs. Sting

Sting has had all the momentum going in this feud as of late and that gives me reason to believe Roode will wiggle his way out of the match as the champion. Roode retains the championship but I don’t see him walking out as the champion after the next Impact. I can see what happened to AJ Styles in 2010 happening to Bobby Roode in 2012.

That’s it for predictions. I hope everyone who orders the show this weekend enjoy it. Feel free to share your own predictions for the show.

Thanks for reading.

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