Savage Stories #1: Receiving A Story In Place Of A Yoga Brochure

Diamond Dallas Page (BANG!!) shared with me recently a wrestling recap of his own, one of which I’ll never forget. I’ve brought it along now in my own narrative for your reading pleasure. So, enjoy!

On August 4th, 2012 five of my closest friends and I piled into a little Toyota in route to Rome, New York. There was a scheduled Squared-Circle Wrestling (2CW) event that night that promoted meeting former WCW Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page. Being the enormous WCW (and ‘90s wrestling) fan that I am, I planned on meeting the “Master of the Diamond-Cutter” that night. Like usual, I expected the typically great wrestling show 2CW always provided. This time though, I left the show that night with something priceless and extra special.

After being closer to the front of the hefty line that awaited the opportunity to speak with DDP, my turn to meet the man had finally come. I had come with a special question that I planned on asking him. I approached him and we went through the routine handshake and asking of my name. As he grabbed my 8×10 promo and began signing, I began to present my question. “Being the big “Macho Man” Randy Savage fan that I am”—He cut me off and asked on the spelling of my name. After reassuring him he returned to signing and I continued, “Being the big Randy Savage fan that I am, I have to ask you, how was it like working with him?”

He stopped signing the promo and looked up at me. He exhaled as if overwhelmed, looked directly into my eyes and replied, “Brother… It was a dream come true.” He stood there for a moment not returning to my promo and chuckled, “I’m a huge Savage fan too. Let me tell ya’…”  He broke direct eye contact and searched his mind of all the great memories he had undoubtedly accumulated over the years. After assumingly finding what he was looking for, he returned his direct eye contact and began again, “It had to have been Spring Stampede of… ‘97. I had never beaten Randy yet, ever, that night was gonna’ be the first. So, me and Randy are lacing up our boots in the back when Anderson, Arn, walks in. Arn goes, “Well Randy, what are you thinking tonight?” Randy looked up at me and then at Arn and goes, (Page imitating Savage’s voice) “Well, I think I’m gonna’ take the Diamond Cutter tonight”…

I thanked Page for the promo, took my picture with him and stepped to the side to let the process continue. Unlike the rest who met him that night, he had not bothered offering his yoga brochure to me; instead he provided me with a story. He shared the memory with such a deep and apparent respect for Randy Savage that, at that moment, we were just two fellow fans remembering a legend and a friend. It is a memory shared in my life that I will never forget.

The show that followed was great, as expected, but on the way home it was that story that had stuck with me.

I had to share that one with you guys, hope you enjoyed it!

READER’S NOTE: I will be meeting Kevin Nash this November and I plan to ask him the same question I asked Page. No doubt he’ll be able to hopefully provide me with a similarly fond memory he had experienced with Randy and, if that is to be the case, I’ll be sure to share. So be on the look out for Savage stories #2 around then!

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