Random Ramblings #11: TNA Victory Road, Matt Hardy To ROH!

Ramblings on TNA Victory Road, Matt Hardy is coming to ROH, Jerry Lawler’s health and TNA talents leaving.

Rambling# 1: So this past Sunday TNA held a pay per view, No Surrender, where the show was basically set up three days before the show. Anyway, this rambling doesn’t have much to do with the show but rather what people are saying about Jeff Hardy winning. There seems to be people who are supporting Jeff and believe he deserves “a second chance.” It seems like there are people who have bad memory. First of all, Jeff no showed TNA in 2005 and was promptly let go when there seemed to be power in place that new what they were doing. He comes back in 2010 and ends up being a mess at Victory Road 2011. So, he is on his third try. I personally can’t believe people are still willing to support a man with a history of issues like Jeff Hardy. Hardy is still the top babyface in the promotion, so it makes sense he is in the main event for Bound For Glory, but he has had his fair share of chances. I hope he doesn’t mess up again and can stay clean.

Rambling #2: Now, let’s talk about Matt Hardy coming to ROH. This is good for the short term but in no way a good thing if it’s going to be long term. Personally, the money being spent on Matt could probably be used to bring in the top independent guys making a splash. Is Matt going to get publicity for ROH? Sure, of course he is. But, are people going to care enough to watch him ROH? I can’t say that I am. Considering all the crazy stuff Matt has done in the past year or so, I just don’t have any interest in him competing. Besides who is going to feud with? We will find all that out this Saturday, but as of today, I’m just not interested.

Rambling #3: On Monday Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack during RAW. Luckily, he doesn’t have brain damage. Lawler is one of my favorite heels of all time, and I greatly enjoyed his commentary when he was a heel. I was happy for him to finally get on Mania despite wrestling Michael Cole. I hope Lawler is able to recover fully from this. I can’t imagine he will ever wrestle again after this, though.

Rambling #4: Recently, several talents have left TNA. Angelina Love, Devon, Matt Morgan, Rosita, Winter and Velvet Sky have all left TNA in recent memory. As you can see, these people aren’t overly important to the program. Oh wait, Devon just so happens to be the TNA Television Champion. It’s good to see that they would rather have the champion leave without dropping the championship than to have a new champion crowned and try to establish someone on the roster. Anyway, they have replaced those people with Joey Ryan (he is signed, lets face it), Sam Shaw, Taler Hendrix, Alex Silva and Chavo Guerrero. I like Joey and Chavo is forming a fine tag team with Hernandez. However, every person that has won Gut Check has just been sent to OVW and the odds we ever see them on TNA ever again is doubtful at this point. TNA needs to get better at scouting talent and make sure they keep the important people. I was very happy to hear that Bully Ray had been signed to a new two year deal. Bully Ray is one of the few people TNA can’t offered to lose at this point.

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