ROH Death Before Dishonor X 2012 Predictions!

Tomorrow night, ROH returns to internet pay per view with the tenth annual Death Before Dishonor live from Chicago. Here is a rundown of the card along with my predictions for the event.

Tag Team Attraction:
The House of Truth vs. Irish Airborne

When will Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong finally split up? I’m assuming they are going to be wrestling each other at Final Battle, so the split has to be coming soon. Will they save it for television? That is possible. So, I’m picking the HOT to win the match after Roderick bails on Elgin and Elgin is able to win a handicap match, basically.

Special Challenge:
Jay Lethal vs. Homicide

Well, Lethal has a title shot against Steen coming up in October when they return to New Jersey. I have a hard time believing that Lethal would lose prior to that showdown. Considering Lethal has had an attitude change, I’m expecting Lethal to win here as well.

SOTF Qualifier:
Tadarius Thomas vs. Silas Young

Apparently, Silas Young has been doing very well on the independents and in another promotion will be wrestling Michael Elgin in an I Quit match. I think Silas Young is the more important man out of the two here and will advance into the tournament.

Special Challenge:
ACH vs. Kyle O’Reilly

I’ve read that ACH is a top prospect on the independent scene and that fans are excited to see him getting a chance in ROH. I’ve been looking at his stuff on YouTube, even as a I write this, and he seems to be alright. It may all depend on the opponent for ACH to have a memorable match because I haven’t really found anything that makes him different from anyone else. That being said, I’m going to pick Kyle O’Reilly to win this one.

For the ROH World Television Championship:
[champion] Adam Cole vs. Mike Mondo

This has clearly been Cole’s year as he has become a breakout star on the independent scene. Whether it be ROH or a company like PWG, Cole has risen to a top name on the independent scene. His reign is fairly new still and I don’t see Mondo prevailing here.

ROH World Tag Team Tournament: Semi-final #1
Rhett Titus & Charlie Haas vs. the Briscoe Brothers

For some reason I have a feeling that the team of Titus/Haas could possibly win this, but since Shelton Benjamin is back from Japan, I feel like it won’t happen. The Briscoe Brothers are the top babyface tag team and they should be able to reach the finals.

ROH World Tag Team Tournament: Semi-final #2
S.C.U.M vs. Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman

Since I have the top babyface tag team in the finals, it would only make sense to have the top heel tag team in the finals as well. Thus, I’m picking Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs to win their semifinal match.

ROH World Tag Team Tournament- Finals
the Briscoe Brothers vs. S.C.U.M

Steen’s main goal has been to have complete power over ROH. What better way to continue that mission by having Corino and Jacobs win the tag team gold? That’s what I’m leaning towards here. I can see the Briscoe Brothers chasing after the gold leading into Final Battle. So, for at least a few months S.C.U.M will have some gold around their waists.

For the ROH World Championship:
[champion] Kevin Steen vs. Rhino

This should be a good brawl here, but the result shouldn’t be surprising. Steen should be in line for a long title reign and Rhino doesn’t look to be the right choice to beat Steen. I’m glad that ROH has been using Rhino as the unstoppable force that he was presented as being in ECW, though. It’s an interesting match and again, it should be a solid one. It’s just crazy to think Steen would drop the title here. Not yet, folks.

Davey Richards Returns: former ROH World Champion Davey Richards will be making his return to the promotion. I have no idea what he plans on doing. If he were to wrestle I feel like that would have been announced already.

Matt Hardy Returns: former WWE/TNA talent Matt Hardy will be making his return to ROH. He last competed in ROH back in 2005. Hardy will be on commentary for the show and is likely going to be part of a big angle on the show. Again, I have no idea what he could be doing. So, that’s an interest if it’s done right. If not, I’m not going to care all that much for Hardy in ROH.

Those are my predictions for ROH Death Before Dishonor. Feel free to share your own predictions!

Thanks for reading.

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