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WWE Night of Champions 2012 Predictions!

Tomorrow night the WWE returns to pay per view with Night of Champions. It takes live from Boston, MA. Here is a rundown of the card along with my predictions for the event.

Pre-Show Battle Royal #1 Contender to US Championship:
It hasn’t been announced who will compete in the battle royal but obviously it will be most of the undercard guys. The winner will probably be either Santino or Zack Ryder. I don’t see anyone else having a chance in it, really.

For the WWE Divas Championship:
[champion] Layla vs. Kaitlyn

The Divas division continues to be a division I don’t care about. I remember Kaitlyn cleaning losing to Eve on television a couple of weeks ago. Thus, I can’t imagine she wins this one. Layla retains and nobody will care.

For the WWE World Tag Team Championships:
[champions] R-Truth & Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan & Kane

With Bryan and Kane having developed an entertaining tag team and getting plenty of television time, I can see them winning the tag titles. Personally, I had forgotten who were the champions in the first place. Truth and Kofi’s reign as champions has become lame and uninteresting. So, put the straps on two guys that are interesting and incredibly entertaining. Bryan and Kane win the titles here.

Randy Orton vs. 2012 Money In The Bank Winner Dolph Ziggler
From what I’ve been reading, it looks like Orton will be taking time off shortly to film a new movie. Considering Ziggler and Jericho wrestled last month on pay per view when Jericho was leaving for a tour and still loss, I guess this wouldn’t mean that Ziggler is going to win for sure. I’m a fan of Ziggler and the guy should get big wins since he has the briefcase. Orton isn’t in the title picture since Sheamus has the strap and I’m thinking Wade Barrett is in line for a title shot sooner rather than later. Thus, Ziggler picks up the victory here and Orton makes his movie.

For the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:
[champion] Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

I didn’t have interest in this three months ago and I still don’t. Del Rio isn’t the guy to beat Sheamus for the strap and that should be obvious to everyone. Sheamus retains making Del Rio tap out just to prove that Del Rio simply isn’t that good.

For the WWE United States Championship:
[champion] Antonio Cesaro vs. TBD

No matter who it is, it is too early to take the championship off of Cesaro. He has been doing a good job getting heat and should continue to hold the strap.

For the WWE Intercontinental Championship:
[champion] The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes

This should be a solid four way bout here. Miz has been doing a fine job as champion and after being lost in the shuffle earlier in the year I feel like he is making an impact on television. I think it’s safe to say that Cara and Rhodes aren’t going to win this one. That leaves us with Miz and Mysterio, a rematch from last month. There seems to be plans for Mysterio to team with Cara so he doesn’t need a singles championship. That should allow Miz to retain the championship.

For the WWE Championship:
[champion] CM Punk vs. John Cena

This is probably the most difficult one to predict and that usually means they have done a good job promoting the match if there is doubt on who will win the match. Yeah, the show is in Cena’s hometown but I have a feeling he won’t win the gold here. If he doesn’t it seems like he has loss a lot of major matches recently, which I suppose is true. But, if he were to win the gold at Mania where he would likely beat the Rock for it, I think it would be worth it. The partnership between Punk and Heyman just started and having Punk keep the gold for a while longer may be the best option for that group and for a possible showdown between Punk/Rock at Rumble. Now that Punk is a full fledged heel, a the build for a Rock/Punk match at the Rumble would be great to see. I can see Lesnar getting involved here as well, but that may be a stretch. Punk retains the championship and continues to have the longest reign in recent memory.

Those are my predictions for the event. Feel free to share your own.

Thanks for reading.

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