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WWF Superstars 7/7/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Binghamton, NY

1.)WWF World Tag Team Champion Demolition defeated Tony Ulysses & Mike Pocari
2.)Tito Santana defeated Buddy Rose
3.)Bad News Brown defeated Mike Bee
4.)Jimmy Snuka defeated Chris Duffy
5.)Greg Valentine & the Honkytonk Man defeated Jim McPherson & George Skaaland
6.)Randy Savage defeated Jim Brunzell
7.)The Big Bossman defeated Barry Hardy

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Demolition shared comments during their match telling us that they aren’t afraid of the Hart Foundation. Hell, they aren’t afraid of anyone!

2. Mean Gene hosts the WWF Update and we get comments from other wrestlers regarding Hulk Hogan. The Rockers are rooting for Hogan to get back up and they hope Hulk comes back. Hillbilly Jim chimes in to say that he is confident that Hogan will return. The Warlord and Slick are confident that Hogan will never comeback to the WWF. Brutus Beefcake talks about the connection Hogan has with the fans. Beefcake knows that Earthquake isn’t man enough to knock Hogan out. Earthquake shares his thoughts saying that he knows Hogan will not be back. Next week, Hogan will be revealing his intentions. Will he retire or comeback to the WWF?

3. Bad News Brown continues to be afraid of snakes. During his squash match, there was a mini snake and Brown ended up destroying the snake with a steel chair.

4. The Brother Love Show is up next. Love considers his guest to be a disgrace to America. His guest this week is Nikolai Volkoff. Love thinks that World Peace is a hoax. Volkoff believes that the whole world should be in peace. Volkoff knows he can take care of his former partner Boris Zhukoff. Jim Duggan comes out to the podium and he gives Volkoff a US flag to wave to end the segment.

Final Thoughts:
It was a weaker show as the main segment was really the Brother Love skit and that was just corny and a poor attempt to make Volkoff into a relevant babyface. Next week should be of more importance since we will hear from the Hulkster and his future.

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