WrestleReunion VI 1/28/2012

Written by: Bob Colling

Pro Wrestling Superstars presents WrestleReunion VI
From: Los Angeles, CA

Opening Contest: Arik Royal vs. Adam Page: These two get about two minutes of time before Big Van Vader comes out and destroys both men. Page was able to to run off the apron and hit a shooting star press on Royal on the floor. That was a notable spot, but the match was thrown out once Vader came out to ruin the fun.

Second Contest: The Steiner Brothers vs. The New Age Outlaws: Mick Foley is the special referee for the match. Road Dogg is wearing a 2CW shirt, which is a independent promotion based out of Syracuse, NY. I don’t know why I made a note of that, probably because it’s the local independent promotion in my area. Scott and Gunn open the match with basic exchange of strikes. Rick enters to clotheslines the Outlaws to the floor. Rick Steiner bites Dogg on the ass and they proceed to joke about the incident with Foley endorsing the action. Dogg drops Scott with a series of jabs and a knee drop for a two count. Scott gets a two count following a belly to belly suplex. Scott tosses Gunn over with an overhead belly to belly suplex for a two count. Scott shoves Foley and that causes Foley to get Mr. Socko but he tosses the sock to the floor when Scott turns around. Gunn hits the Fame-Asser on Scott and gets the pin after Foley did a fast count. (*1/4. Some of the comedy as okay, but this match was just four guys doing their trademark stuff and calling it a day.)

Third Contest: Colt Cabana vs. Fit Finlay in a World Of Sport Rules Match: There will be three five minute rounds and no closed fists are allowed. Finlay controls Cabana on the mat for a moment until Colt kicks Fit in the head to break free. This is going to be a lot of chain wrestling, and that doesn’t really require a lot of detail, in my opinion. Round one comes to an end with really nothing of note going on. Finlay stomps away on Colt to start the second round. After some more comedy, they go to the floor where Fit sends Cabana into the guard railing and ring post shoulder first. The second round comes to an end with Finlay working on Colt’s left arm. Fit continues to control Colt with an arm bar. Cabana counters a sit down splash with a roll up for a two count. Cabana nails Fit with an biotic elbow after getting out of a Death Valley Driver. Cabana nearly wins following a standing butt splash. Finlay sends Cabana shoulder first into the ring post two times and plants Cabana with the Celtic Cross. (*1/2. A rather boring match for me to sit through. I guess mat wrestling based matches just aren’t my thing as there wasn’t a lot going on here.)

Fourth Contest: Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck vs. Caleb Konley & Cedric Alexander: Konley and Whipwreck kick off the tag team match. Mikey hits a head scissors and his pants fall down. Alexander tags in as the fans chant that Mikey still has what to takes to compete. Tajiri tags in and he controls Alexander on the mat. Tajiri continues to beat down Alexander with a series of kicks before tagging out to Whipwreck and they drop Cedric over the top so Whipwreck and splash him and Tajiri hits a baseball slide dropkick as Mikey held Cedric. Konley enters and suffers a double gut buster and dropkick. Mikey hits a slingshot somersault dive on the floor! Konley delivers a back breaker and Alexander kicks Whipwreck on the back of the head before Konley drives Mikey face first into the mat! Mikey is worked over the by the younger opponents as they hit a double side Russian leg sweep Whipwreck tried for a tornado DDT on Alexander, but Cedric blocked it only to be met with a super kick from Mikey. Tajiri and Konley get the hot tags with Tajiri cleaning house with kicks. Konley runs right into a super kick for a near fall. Whipwreck gets back involved by hitting a hurricanrana on Alexander! Mikey sends Alexander into Konley on the top rope. Tajiri mists Konley and Whipwreck hits a Stunner off the middle rope! Tajiri gets the pin. (***. I enjoyed the match as they had some good double teams and the action was non-stop for the most part. Whipwreck held his own and Tajiri is still as good as ever. Plus, Alexander and Konley are a good young team. A nice match that I wasn’t expecting much from.)

Fifth Contest: Demus 3:16 vs. Mascarita Dorada: I don’t have interest in this. Dorada gets the win after spinning around on Demus and rolling him up quickly. Moving on…

Sixth Contest: Tommy Dreamer vs. Kevin Steen in a Street Fight:Steen works over Dreamer and hits a standing somersault leg drop in the opening moments. Dreamer low blows Steen and somersaults off the apron to take Steen out with a dive on the floor! Kevin drops Tommy groin first over the railing to regain control. They are brawling into the crowd and Steen hits Dreamer with a crutch as they are right by the announcers table. Steen knocks Dreamer off a platform and Tommy lands onto a table, which doesn’t break. Tommy hits Steen with his own DVD! They are back to the ringside area. Dreamer brings out a stop sign and a trash can filled with weapons. Steen sends Dreamer head first into a tray in the corner and works over Tommy with a broom stick. Kevin soon locks in the Sharpshooter but can’t get the submission. Dreamer misses a spear in the corner and hits the ring post. Steen slams a stop sign into Dreamer and hits a cannonball senton in the corner! Steen delivers a dropkick to Dreamer as he was in the tree of woe. Tommy makes a comeback with a superplex. Steen low blows Tommy and gets a near fall with a DDT. Steen is crotched on the top and Dreamer delivers a dropkick to Steen who had the stop sign in front of his face! Tommy has gotten a piece of railing and tries to suplex Steen onto the railing, but Kevin avoids it. Steen superkicks Tommy off the apron. Dreamer hits a DDT on the apron! Tommy puts the railing into the ring and rings the bell on Steen’s groin by using an enormous hammer that a fan brought! Steen trips Dreamer onto the railing and Kevin hits a swanton bomb from the top onto Dreamer and wins the match! (***. A quality brawl here that held my interest. Dreamer typically does the same old match, but he and Steen put together a fine match.) After the match, Steen grabs a microphone and puts Dreamer over as a man who still has it. Raven comes out and trips Steen before planting Dreamer with a DDT! Raven taunts and then simply leaves. Steen thanks Dreamer for the match.

Seventh Contest: Roderick Strong vs. Jake Manning: They start off with some mat wrestling but neither man gets a clear cut advantage. Jake keeps Strong down on the mat with a top wrist lock as the match has a rather slow start to it. Strong nails Manning with a leg lariat to get the better of the Man Scout. Roderick chops away on Jake in the corner. Jake returns some chops of his own but Roderick gets the better of the exchange. Jake hits a middle rope elbow drop but Strong kicks out at two. They are on the floor trading chops before Manning sends Strong back into the ring. They are trading pin attempts but neither man can get a three. Roderick puts an end to that with a standing dropkick. Strong gets a two count following a back suplex. Manning gets a near fall following an airplane spin and goes for a piledriver but Strong gets out of it with a backdrop. Jake hits a back breaker and a Flatliner combo for a near fall. The referee accidentally counts the fall but covers it by actually noticing that Strong’s foot was on the bottom rope. Strong hits an Angle Slam but Jake kicks out at two. Roderick goes for the Strong Hold but Jake gets out of it. Strong hits a Lung Blower and the Sick Kick puts Manning away. (**1/4. I didn’t find it to be all that good. There was some okay action throughout but there wasn’t anything special. They didn’t get the crowd behind them and it just felt flat to me.)

Eighth Contest: ROH World Heavyweight Champion Davey Richards vs. Harry Smith: Richards stretches Smith out on the mat, but Smith is able to counter rather quickly. Smith has an arm bar on Davey but he isn’t going to make Richards tap with that. Richards has an Indian death lock on Harry but still no submission in the opening moments of the match. Harry is controlling Davey with a full nelson but Richards gets out of it with an arm drag. Smith is focusing on Richards arm by yanking on it against the ropes and hits a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Richards sends Smith to the floor and kicks Harry on the chest from the apron. Davey takes Smith out with a suicide dive! Richards comes off the top with a missile dropkick. Richards dropkicks Harry’s left knee to keep the advantage. Davey has the Trailer Hitch on Harry right in the middle of the ring. Davey is working over Smith’s left knee as he has a single leg Boston Crab locked in. Smith sends Davey chest first into the corner and follows up with a series of clotheslines. Harry gets a two count with a snap powerslam! Richards stops Smith with a dragon screw leg whip and goes to the top rope. Smith cuts Davey off and they are battling on the middle rope. Harry hits a delayed vertical suplex off the middle rope for a near win! Richards kicks Smith and goes for a lariat but Smith doesn’t go down. Smith superkicks Davey but can’t keep him down for a three count. Harry powerbombs Richards for another near fall. Richards is able to lock in the ankle lock in the middle of the ring. Smith kicks Richards away but Davey kicks Smith in the chest. Davey hits a top rope double stomp but only gets a near fall! Smith is knocked out with a kick to the head and Davey goes back to the ankle lock! Harry rolls through and sends Davey shoulder first into the ring post! Smith is able to get a cross arm breaker on Richards but Davey escapes and has the ankle lock locked in! Smith almost taps but counters with an ankle lock of his own and drops down to the mat! Richards counters with the Sharpshooter and drags Smith back but Harry breaks free to lock in one of his own! Davey rolls Harry up for a two count but Harry nails Richards with a big knee but can’t get a three count! Richards is able to roll through a roll up and pins Harry! (***1/2. That was a damn good match and it truly showcases just how underrated Harry Smith is. If you’ve never understood why people consider Harry to be a great wrestler, check this match out. It’s a job well done by both men. The match of the night, with really only one more to try and upstage it.) After the match, Davey thinks the WWE is stupid for letting Harry go. Davey puts Harry over for doing his talking in the ring. Richards shakes hands with Smith. Smith says that professional wrestling will always be number one even if he decides to do MMA.

Ninth Contest: The Young Bucks vs. El Generico & The Great Sasuke: Generico and Nick start off the tag match with both men trying to get the advantage. Nick is working over Generico’s left arm for a moment. Sasuke is tagged in but Nick avoids him at first. Sasuke isn’t affected too much by Nick’s offense. Generico is worked on in the corner by Matt as soon as he is tagged in. Generico arm drags Matt several times and plays to the crowd. Nick tries to attack Generico on the floor but fails. Generico is dropkicked off the apron by Nick while Matt had a head scissors on Generico. The Bucks are able to prevent Generico from getting to his corner by wearing him down in their corner. Nick hits a slingshot senton splash from the apron for a near fall on Generico. Generico tries to punch his way out of the corner and nearly tags in Sasuke, but Matt prevents the tag from happening. Generico suplexs Matt into a corner with an exploder suplex! Sasuke gets the tag and he hits the Bucks with a double clothesline. Sasuke dropkicks Nick through the middle rope and Generico somersaults over the top to take Matt out with a dive on the floor! Sasuke hits a flipping neckbreaker from off the top on Matt for a near fall. Sasuke misses a top rope splash after taking his sweet time going for it. Sasuke tags in Generico after being dropkicked. Generico nearly pins Nick following a top rope crossbody. Generico gets a near fall on Nick following the Blue Thunder Driver! Nick accidentally hits Matt on the apron with a kick. Sasuke dropkicks Nick in midair and Generico nearly got a three count on the cover! Nick hits a face buster on Generico and a moonsault on Sasuke! Matt plants Generico with a face buster or his own. The Bucks hits a splash/moonsault combo on Generico for another two count. Nick plants Generico with a tornado DDT and Sasuke powerbombs Nick only for Matt to super kick Sasuke! Generico runs into a double super kick and a double tombstone piledriver but Sasuke breaks up the cover. Sasuke avoids a moonsault from Nick and takes Matt out with a dive on the floor! Generico hits a swanton bomb on Nick but can’t put him away on the cover. Generico hits a running boot in the corner and hits the turnbuckle brainbuster on Nick for the win! (***1/2. It’s on par with the previous match between Richards/Smith but more different reasons. They did a very good job of doing some basic tag moves but they mixed it up and provided the match with some sick moves for the final five or so minutes. A nicely done match, and it’s too bad this one or the previous match weren’t the main event.)

Main Event: Legends Battle Royal: This is a match that I have next to zero interest in. They have a bunch of legends involved but I mean, is Virgil really a legend? Or, is the Godfather really a legend? Hell, is Gangrel even a legend? In any event, it’s your typical battle royal that consists of punches and it is of no interest to me. Well, Kevin Steen forces Raven into the battle royal after he decided to not enter. Dreamer gets a DDT for revenge and they brawl backstage. That’s the only thing worth mentioning. I should mention the winner, which was the Godfather after he eliminated Brutus Beefcake.

Final Thoughts:
I thought it was an okay show that featured a lot of well known talent. The show started off rather slow, but once we got to the tag match involving the Unholy Alliance, it picked up and the last two real matches were very good, quality matches. Plus, the brawl between Steen/Dreamer was an enjoyable one. Thus, this gets a thumbs up from me. Just fast forward through some of the junk on here.

Thanks for reading.

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