WWE RAW 4/30/2012

WWE Monday Night Raw Supershow: Starring Brock Lesnar
Dayton, Ohio
April 30, 2012
Commentators: Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole
Reported by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

Are you ready? Then stop questioning your heart and join me because it’s time for Monday Night RAW!

A video package highlights the John Cena v. Brock Lesnar match from Extreme Rules last night on PPV. Following the match, Cena addressed the crowd and announced that he would be going away for a while.

The RAW intro and pyro lead us into the show.

Justin Roberts introduces us to Monday Night RAW: Starring Brock Lesnar. John Laurinaitis’ music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He introduces himself to the crowd and says that in one night he revolutionized the WWE. He did it for the fans and people power. John claims that each and every fan should thank him for bringing the destructive force that is Brock Lesnar back to the company. He claims that Cena was beat up so bad that he will never again be the same man. Laurinaitis asserts that Lesnar legitimized the WWE.

Lesnar’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Lesnar has a mic and receives a mixed reaction. He says that last night the world got to witness firsthand as he brought the pain. Lesnar did exactly what he told the world that he was going to do. Laurinaitis agrees and starts to tell him that that is why he is the face of the WWE.

HHH’s music hits! The Chief Operating Officer of the WWE appears and saunters down to the ring. HHH shakes the hands of both men in the ring. Laurinaitis says that he knows HHH is out here to congratulate the new face of the WWE. HHH says that he is out here to do what Laurinaitis is supposed to do but doesn’t have the guts to do. Trips says that Brock’s days of holding up the WWE are through. The private jet that he flew here on will not be taking him back home unless Lesnar pays for it. The same goes for the limo he took to the arena. Lesnar will not be getting any special treatment, no pay raise, and especially not a name change for the show.

HHH says that Lesnar will have everything that was in his original contract, but not the added stipulations from last week. HHH says he will not approve last week’s additions. Laurinaitis says that he did the contract in the fairness of the WWE, it isn’t right that he go back on his word. HHH takes the contract from John and tears it up. Trips says that John knew he didn’t have the authority to make those changes, and he won’t approve it. He says that Lesnar is a businessman which is why Brock knows that the changes from last week will not hold up. HHH says that he wants Brock in the WWE, as does the WWE Universe. They might not all like him, but it doesn’t matter because they want to see him. They want to see a rematch with John Cena, they want to see him face CM Punk, Orton, Sheamus and others. HHH tells Brock that if he doesn’t want to do this, he understands.

HHH tells Lesnar to forget Laurinaitis because this is between the two of them. The original terms were fair, so will he agree? Laurinaitis tries to provide input, but HHH tells him to shut up. The crowd roars their approval. HHH says that he wants Brock here. John says that Hunter is being disrespectful. HHH turns to address John, but Lesnar attacks him from behind! HHH starts to fight back, but Lesnar catches him in a Kimora clutch! Big Show, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston & Sheamus run down to the ring to make the save. Lesnar rolls out of the ring and HHH is writhing in agony. A medic is attending to HHH who says that he thinks his arm is broken. Lesnar exits the arena as the talent helps HHH to the back.


# In the back the doctors are attending to HHH. He says that he cannot move his arm.

Eve Torres is on the ramp and announces that we will be having a beat the clock challenge to name the new #1 Contender for the WWE Championship.

Beat the Clock Challenge
The Miz v. Santino Marella

They lock up and Santino tries for a quick cover. Miz kicks out. Miz kicks him in the leg and then drops to the mat to unload with punches. Miz bounces off the ropes and kicks him in the head. Cover but Santino kicks out. Miz sets up for a suplex but Santino escapes and hits a shoulder block. Miz kicks Santino in the chest and then the head. Cover, but Santino kicks out. Miz punches Santino in the head and backs him into the corner. Miz charges but Santino moves and goes for a quick roll up. Miz kicks out and hits a clothesline. Cover, but Santino kicks out. Miz charges towards the corner and connects with a splash. Miz climbs to the top rope and connects with an axe handle. Cover, but Santino kicks out. Miz gets behind and lands some blows to the face of Santino. Santino picks up Miz and drops him over the top rope. Miz gets to his feet but Santino splits and connects with a hip toss. Santino hits the head butt and pulls the Cobra out of his tights! Santino pumps it up, but Miz dodges and goes for a roll up. Santino counters, but gets kicked in the face. Miz gets behind Santino and hits the Skull Crushing Finale, this match is over.

Winner: The Miz at 4:18


Divas Championship Triple Threat
Nikki Bella v. Brie Bella v. Layla

The Bellas are arguing as Layla dropkicks one into the other. One of them flies out of the ring so Layla tries for a quick cover. It works! This match is over.

Winner & STILL Divas Champion: Layla

The lights go out in the arena, and Jericho’s music hits. His beat the clock challenge match is up next!


Beat the Clock Challenge
Chris Jericho v. The Big Show

Show backs him into the corner and starts to unload on him. Show scoop slams him and tries for a cover. Jericho kicks out. Show punches him in the gut and the delivers a chop. Show hits a back splash and then goes for a shoulder block, but Jericho kicks out his leg. Jericho goes on the attack and kicks him repeatedly. Jericho goes for a cover, but Show throws him off.

Jericho climbs to the top rope and leaps, but Show swats him away. Jericho is on the mat as Show climbs to the second rope for a splash. Jericho moves out of the way to avoid being flattened. Jericho leaps and connects with a Lionsault. Cover, but Show kicks out. Jericho tries to flip the big man over for the Walls, but Show tries for a small package. Jericho kicks out but immediately gets caught with a chokeslam attempt. Jericho counters into a DDT and cover. Show throws him off. Jericho runs the ropes, but gets caught with a spear. Show crawls over for the cover, but Jericho kicks out.

The Miz is shown watching the match on a TV in the back. Show is the first to his feet as the clock ticks down to a minute left. Show looks for the Knockout Blow, but Jericho dodges into a Codebreaker attempt. Show catches him in the air, so Jericho pulls Show out of the ring. Jericho tries to run back in, but Show pulls him out. Show charges at Jericho but crashes into the barricade. Jericho slides back in the ring as the referee is engaged in a ten count. The clock buzzes to signal that time has expired.

Time Expired

The referee signals that Jericho beat the ten count into the ring and beat the previous time by 1 second. The referee exits the ring to confer with the time keeper as we go to commercial while they figure this mess out.


Back from the break, we find out that as seemed obvious during the match, Jericho did not win the match in time. The Miz still holds the time to beat.

Brodus Clay w/ Exotic Dancers v. JTG

Clay starts to shake so JTG charges. Clay catches him and drops him to the mat. Clay whips him into the ropes and drops to a knee to punch him in the gut. Clay hits a scoop slam, and drops an elbow. Brodus tries to lift him up on his shoulder, but JTG scurries free only to get caught with a headbutt. Clay connects with a splash followed by a Sheeplex. Clay finishes off the running splash and this match is over.

Winner: Brodus Clay

After the match, Clay brings in some young fans to help out with the dance party.


# Eve tells Teddy to leave the office because his presence is upsetting John. She tells Laurinaitis that she gets that he is upset that Lesnar is gone and hurt HHH on his way out. Eve says that the Board is watching and the WWE needs a leader. He changed the WWE in one night, so tonight he needs to decide who John Cena’s next opponent is going to be. He says that he will, and that John won’t like it!


Beat the Clock Challenge
Randy Orton v. Jack Swagger w/ Vickie Guerrero

Swagger backs him into the corner and connects with shoulder blocks. Orton tries for a roll up, but Swagger kicks out. Orton rushes forward with a clothesline. Swagger gains his bearings and hits a second rope splash. Cover, but Orton kicks out. Swagger is stalking his prey and kicks him in the gut. Swagger looks for the Gutwrench but is met with a neckbreaker instead. Swagger is whipped into the ropes and responds with a dive at the knee of Orton.

Swagger bounces off the ropes and hits a shoulder block. Cover, but Orton kicks out. Swagger kicks him in the gut and then gets behind to stretch the arms of his opponent. Swagger covers, but Orton kicks out. Swagger stomps on his gut and charges for another second rope splash, but Orton moves out of the way and kicks him in the gut. Orton connects with a couple of clotheslines and a snap scoop slam. Orton sets up Swagger on the apron for the suspended DDT. It connects with 40 seconds remaining. Orton drops to the mat to pound as Swagger gets to his feet. Swagger dodges the RKO and locks on an ankle lock! Orton escapes and pushes Swagger towards the corner. As swagger bounces out, Orton hits the RKO. This match is over!

Winner: Randy Orton at 4:16

Orton has beaten The Miz’s time by two seconds and is the current #1 Contender for the WWE Championship.


WWE Tag Team Championship
Epico & Primo v. R-Truth & Kofi Kingston

Primo and Truth start the match. Truth does a little dodge and nails a big right hand. Truth knocks him out of the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from the break Truth goes for a cover, but Primo kicks out. Truth is kicked in the gut and then stomped on. Epico gets the tag and continues the stomping. Epico punches Truth in the face and then slams his head against the turnbuckle. Primo gets the tag, but Truth kicks him in the gut. The double team is too much as Truth is dropped back to the mat. Cover, but Truth kicks out. Truth hits a heel kick and tries to crawl towards the corner. Epico gets the tag, as does Kofi.

Kofi flies in with a springboard crossbody and follows with a dropkick. Kofi sets up and connects with the Boom Drop. Primo is knocked off the apron and Rosa jumps up to distract. Truth uses the distraction to pull Epico’s head into the top rope. Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise and this match is over!

Winners & NEW Tag Team Champions: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth


# In the back, Epico and Primo are arguing with each other and Rosa Mendes. AW tells them that if he had been representing them, they wouldn’t have lost tonight.

Beat the Clock Challenge
The Great Khali v. Kane

Khali backs Kane into the corner and delivers a chop. Khali goes to another corner and delivers another chop. Kane grabs him by the throat, but Khali frees himself. Kane leaps and connects with a dropkick to the knee to knock him to the mat. Kane lifts him up and delivers a DDT. Cover, but Khali kicks out. Kane scales to the top turnbuckle and leaps for a clothesline which floors Khali. Kane hits a dropkick to the face of the seated Khali and tries for another cover. Khali kicks out.

Kane chokes Khali with a boot to the neck and then slides out of the ring to deliver a couple of blows. Kane slides back in and lifts Khali up to his feet. Khali pushes him back and hits an elbow. Khali hits a high boot and then a clothesline. Khali hits a double chop which sends him out of the ring. Khali tries to follow after, but gets nailed in the face with a punch. Khali punches back and rolls Kane into the ring. Kane looks for a chokeslam, but Khali grabs him by the neck as well. The clock buzzes to announce the end of time.

Time Expires

After the match, Kane delivers a chokeslam for good measure.


Beat the Clock Challenge
Daniel Bryan v. Jerry Lawler

They lock up and Bryan pushes him towards the corner. Bryan whips him across the ring and delivers a dropkick to the jaw. Cover, but King kicks out. Lawler is met with a number of punches to the head, but then responds with a couple of punches of his own. Daniel hits a headbutt and snapmare. Cover, but Lawler kicks out. Bryan drops a couple of knees and tries for another cover. Lawler kicks out.

Lawler starts to fight back with some brutal punches and a dropkick! Cover, but Bryan kicks out. Lawler is whipped into the corner, but dodges a running dropkick. Lawler climbs to the second rope for a flying fist. The move connects! Cover, but Bryan kicks out. Lawler looks for the Piledriver, but Bryan kicks him right in the head and goes for the Yes Lock. This match is over!

Winner & #1 Contender: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Punk’s music hits and he makes his way onto the entrance ramp. Punk applauds and then holds his Title up in the air. Bryan signals that he is going to win the strap and starts to yell “Yes!”.


John Cena’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring amidst a loud ovation. His arm is in a sling after the attack from Lesnar at last night’s PPV. Cena says that he thought his arm was broken last night and expected to be in a hospital tonight. But, the x-rays showed no breaks and the MRI showed no tears. All of his muscles are strained, but he is here. Cena has been in WWE for a long time and has learned the difference between being injured and being hurt. He is only hurt, so he gets to come out and do what he does best.

John Laurinaitis’ music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Cena mocks him and the crowd boos Laurinaitis. He claims that by bringing in Brock Lesnar, he was trying to motivate Cena. Laurinaitis says he was trying to push Cena and bring out his best. Cena should be thanking him. Cena thanks him for being a corporate jackass. Laurinaitis says that because of the power he has, he can make Cena’s life either very easy or very difficult. Cena laughs and says that he just survived a match against Lesnar. Laurinaitis says that while Cena cannot wrestle at the moment, he will be good to go for the PPV. Laurinaitis goes to introduce Cena’s opponent – and Lord Tensai’s music hits.

Tensai undresses on the way to the ring and Cena drops his mic. His disciple is in the ring as well and they circle Cena. Laurinaitis attacks him from behind, and announces that he will be facing Cena at Over the Limit. It will be Cena v. Laurinaitis!

Tensai, Disciple& Laurinaitis all attack Cena. They expose his arm and slam it over the steel steps. Tensai holds his arms and John grabs a steel chair. Laurinaitis takes the chair and slams it over the already mangled arm of Cena! Laurinaitis gets back in the ring and mocks the “You Can’t See Me” hand gesture to the face of the fallen Cena.

David’s Thoughts

It was a pretty powerful opening to RAW tonight. Lesnar attacking HHH will be interesting as it appears that Trips’ arm is now “broken” which puts a match between the two far in the future. I can’t imagine that HHH will let such a match up pass him by, so we’ll see when it will go down. Perhaps ‘mania?

The Miz got his revenge for Santino defeating him on the pre-show last night. It was a quick match, nothing too special.

Women wrestled. Look, what the hell else am I supposed to say?

Jericho v. Big Show was a mess. Clearly they lost track of time and the finish got a bit muddled. I think my favorite part is that when we came back from the break there was no explanation for the mess, just that Miz still held the time to beat. Oh well.

I like Brodus Clay bringing young fans into the ring for the dance party. Finlay and Hornswoggle used to do that and I always thought it was pretty cute.

Orton and Swagger seemed pretty awkward in the ring against each other. I’m not sure why it was like that tonight but they just didn’t jive all that well. Also, they could have been a little less obvious when it came to looking at the clock towards the finish of the match. There is a difference between glancing at the clock to see how much time is left to try and win the match in time, and glancing at the clock to bring it home. They blew that one.

Congratulations to Kofi Kingston and R-Truth for winning the Tag Team Championships. Here’s hoping that this time Kofi’s partner doesn’t get suspended and cost him the Title again. Oh sure I might be a jerk for saying it, but given Truth’s past – it’s a possibility.

Khali should be in Beat the Clock matches more often. It was nice to have a timer telling me how much longer I’d be forced to watch him wrestle.

I have no idea why Jerry Lawler was in a match tonight, but the fans seemed to enjoy it so I don’t have a problem with his participation. Besides, his punches are outstanding. Bryan and Punk should have a hell of a PPV outing. I’m looking forward to it, and should be worth the price of the PPV on its own.

Eve Torres looks amazing in glasses, but I’m a bit dismayed that her emergence has displaced David Otunga. You’ll be missed.

The Laurinaitis/Cena confrontation was just weird (RAW as a whole was pretty weird tonight to be honest). I suppose facing Laurinaitis is one way to ensure that Cena gets cheered. I see no other rational for this match other than to continue the rebuilding of Cena post-Rock. Will it work? Probably, fans are fickle.

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