Are You Tough Enough? Season 1 Ep. 2

The contestants are looking forward to the training. Chris Nowinski is the only person who knows what to expect and believes he has the advantage in that regard. He is probably right. A lot of the people are delusional as to what to expect.

Maven doesn’t think he will be broken and considers this to be a fun experience. Darryl is already sick on the first day and refuses to admit to anyone he is sick, especially the trainers. Taylor has done some stunt work so she isn’t afraid of bumps and whatnot.

Tazz isn’t at the training facility but Tori is. They are going to start at the very beginning. Tori says they need to protect their body and their opponents body. Jacqueline doesn’t care if they like her or not.

They are being taught how to fall flat on their back and Al warns them that it will hurt. Chris Nowinski knows what he is doing while Nidia and Shadrick are struggling. Darryl is frustrated as well. Victoria kept hitting the back of her head on the canvas.

Big John brings them to the WWF Headquarters. Jason is not a fan of Big John’s workout that they have to do. Darryl is laying down a lot and isn’t interested in working out much, if at all. The next day, Darryl realizes he has a fever and isn’t happy. He is trying to think how he got it and believes a baby on the plane gave it to him.

Maven and Chris Nowinski are used to show how to lockup properly. Chris hit Al with a forearm, that’s not a great impression. Chris continues to try and teach Jason the way he learned but Tori puts an end to that. They do back bumps again but Victoria is having a rough time with this.

Stephanie talks to Victoria about the back bumps and is nice to talk to her and relates to her about it. That’s really nice of her to motivate her to keep going.

Al wants them to do a handstand and land on their backs. Shadrick really can’t get the bumps right. They do the front flips with Victoria doing a good job. Apparently they get tomorrow off and have a three day week so they go out to dinner to celebrate the long weekend.

Oddly enough, they are passing around pain pills at the dinner table thanks to Nidia. Remember that three day weekend? Yeah, Tazz must have not gotten the memo because he and Big John arrived to the house to ruin their day. Tazz ruins the beds that are made. Tazz rips up a Goldberg poster since he is a WCW poster! Who was dumb enough to hang that up?

Tazz sits down with them and says he is a prick but is fair with them. Tazz suggests they believe in God if they don’t. Their activity is having one person protecting a cone while another person tries to get the cone.

Maven and Chris started the activity with Maven getting the cone and Tazz liked what he saw between them. Tazz gives Victoria some pointers to help her out. Darryl and Jason did their challenge with Jason jamming his knee. Paulina landed on a sharp rock and hurt her knee too. Tazz thinks she is alright, and it looks like he is right.

They are now running in mud covered clothes and this is obviously a struggle for Darryl who has the ever dangerous head cold. Tazz rips into him for lagging behind everyone else. They are running a mile and Darryl can’t make it. Darryl is having a legit temper tantrum during the process kicking the street several times.

Paulina is worried about he right knee, but everyone is hurting and we are only two episodes into the series! Victoria closes the show saying “I’m not sure I like this.”

The main focus of this show was the reality of the process hitting everyone. They all seemed to think it was going to be a cake walk, aside from Chris, at least. Now, they are beat up and wondering what they have gotten themselves into.

For a guy being 6’7” and over 300lbs, Darryl is a wuss. Does he not realize that in in professional wrestling you can’t call in sick because of a head cold? It was sad, in an amusing way, to see him throw a fit over having to run.

Only two episodes in and it’s clear that Darryl and Victoria aren’t cut out for this. Shadrick isn’t grasping the bumps quickly and Paulina is falling apart thanks to a rock.

Tazz is really entertaining on this show, by the way. His jerk attitude is exactly what the show needs.

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