Are You Tough Enough? Season 1 Ep. 5

The first contestant is eliminated. Pat Patterson stops by to tell some stories.

Paulina says she isn’t 100% and can’t give her all as a result. Shadrick and Darryl are struggling with their back bumps. Darryl is the worst of them all, though. Al tells them that they will be having dinner with Pat Patterson later on. So, they go grocery shopping to get the food.

The cost of the dinner was more than they had been given. Nobody had a problem giving Chris Nowinski some money to help out, except for Darryl who argued with Chris over it. Patterson visits the house and wants to know why everyone wants to be a wrestler. Paulina thinks that Taylor is a major suck up. Patterson tells his story of how he got into the business.

Pat sees the the women’s division is going to be going in the right direction. As of 2012, that doesn’t seem to be the case. He tells a story about mooning fellow wrestlers when passing them on the road. Pat and Terry had an idea to get naked in the trunk of the car and moon the guys, but the prank ended up backfiring and they ended up doing it to a cop. They did something similar to Brian Blair and he mooned people in a restaurant.

The next day it looks likes Darryl is improving but Shadrick is not doing well. Paulina is still struggling with the back bumps as well. Remember when Darryl was improving? Well that wasn’t the case. Al pulls him aside and says that he can’t allow Darryl to keep doing the moves.

Darryl is complaining about not getting a boost from the people who are lifting him up. Shadrick gives Darryl some credit for staying in it despite his size disadvantage. Big John is upset with how the house is becoming dirty.

Big John challenges the guys to darts with the loser having to do pushups to the winners. So, one of the guys may have to do forty pushups. Taylor was doing school prior to this journey and she wasn’t enjoying. Her father doesn’t have faith in her being a wrestler long term.

Darryl loses at darts and has to do pushups for everyone. They have him run up the driveway to knock off six pushups. Surprisingly, Darryl does it. Big John gives his pushups to Al who can use them on Darryl whenever he wishes. There will be another cut coming tomorrow.

Tori brought everyone to do yoga. She says that everyone in the class has the heart and soul of warriors. She is really proud of the work they have done.

Shadrick throws up after working out. Big John tells him to relax for a minute before doing anything again. Josh feels like that Darryl will stay around only because he is bigger. Paulina admits she is the worst of the three girls.

The judges are sitting down to talk about who to cut. They like Maven and Taylor. They are disappointed in Shadrick and Paulina but they have a lot of faith in Nowinski. Tazz doesn’t like Darryl because he complains all the time.

Darryl takes his shirt off and runs up to the cashier and says breakdown, breakdown and then spikes the bread before running out. The debt of his pushups have been cleared as a result.

It’s time for the cut. They enter the locker room and there will be a red tag in the locker meaning they have been cut. Darryl has been the first person to be cut.

Darryl is confused and lost as to why he has been cut. He didn’t think he would be the first person cut. That should come to the surprise of no one.

With Darryl being cut from the show, that gets rid of one of the main people who provide some kind of entertainment. Personally, for television sake, I probably would’ve kept Darryl and got rid of Shadrick. I think the loss of Darryl takes away from the show as there aren’t any other interesting people on the show, really. I mean, Paulina is always talking about how hurt she is and whatnot but that’s not entertaining.

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