Rebooking The WWF: Week 6, 1993

The Nasty Boys look to earn themselves a title shot. A new challenger steps up to Yokozuna plus much more!

WWF RAW 2/8/1993 (Manhattan, NY)

1. WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc. defeated the Nasty Boys in a non-title match in 11:27 when IRS pinned Knobbs following a briefcase shot to the head. As a result, the Nasty Boys will not be given a tag title shot for as long as Money Inc. are the champions.
2. Marty Jannetty Interview: Vince McMahon conducted a interview with Marty Jannetty. McMahon tells Jannetty that he knows he had Michaels on the ropes at the Royal Rumble, until Michaels cowardly got himself disqualified. McMahon fully expects Jannetty to get his justice on February 20th. Jannetty talks about a steel cage and how he will finally have Michaels trapped inside a structure where Michaels can not run away and get himself counted out or grab an object to disqualify himself. Jannetty warns Michaels that he is in store for the worst beating of his life. Jannetty will show the world that he is better than Shawn Michaels and he always will be!
3. The Undertaker defeated Duane Gill in 1:00 following the tombstone pile driver.
4. Big Bossman defeated Reno Riggins in 1:46 following a side walk slam.
5. Yokozuna/Mr. Fuji/Jim Duggan Confrontation: Mean Gene conducted an in-ring interview with Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji. Gene mentions that Yokozuna has been destroying his competition during his WWF career, so far. Fuji tells Gene that no man can stop his man, Yokozuna. Fuji doest care how loud and hard people cheer for their heroes, Yokozuna will crush their hopes and dreams. Fuji proclaims that Japanese wrestlers are better than “the weak and worthless American wrestlers.” At that point, Jim Duggan made his way down to the ring with the American flag. Duggan kept it simple telling Fuji and Yoko to stop talking and fight. Before their was any physical encounter, several referees and officials ran down to the ring to stop anything from happening!
6. Razor Ramon defeated Max Moon in 1:55 following the Razors Edge.

WWF Superstars 2/13/1993

1. Owen Hart defeated Blake Beverly in 5:04 following a top rope missile dropkick.
2. Randy Savage Interview: Mean Gene conducted a interview with Randy Savage at Savage’s house. Gene mentions Savage’s back injury thanks to Razor Ramon, which just at the mention of Ramon’s name, pisses Savage off. Savage cuts Gene off and says that Ramon has achieved his goal of making a name for himself. However, according to Savage, as a result of Ramon targeting Savage Ramon will have to watch his own back in fear. Savage tells Gene and the fans that he will be back very soon and when the Macho Man comes back, he is going to return better than ever and break Ramon in half!
3. Crush defeated Duane Gill in 1:33 with the Kona Vice
4. Doink the Clown defeated PJ Walker in 2:03 following the Whoopee Cushion.
5. Ric Flair Interview: Vince McMahon conducted a interview with Ric Flair. McMahon asked Flair why Flair can’t accept that Mr. Perfect is better than him. Flair warns McMahon about the way he talks. Flair tells McMahon that without him, Perfect wouldn’t be in the WWF. Flair puts himself over a two time WWF World Champion and has been in this business for far longer than Perfect. Flair doesn’t believe being tossed over a top rope by Perfect qualifies Perfect as being better than him. Flair says that Perfect knows deep down inside that Perfect can not pin or make Flair submit. Flair tells McMahon that on February 20th at Saturday Night Main Event, Ric Flair will defeat Mr. Perfect and beat WWF World Champion Bret Hart to recapture his championship!
6. WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated Papa Shango in 6:57 in a non-title match with the Sharpshooter.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 2/14/1993

1. Yokozuna defeated Scott Taylor in 0:35 following the Banzai Drop.
2. Lex Luger/Bobby Heenan Interview: Vince McMahon conducted a interview with the Narcissist, Lex Luger and his manager Bobby Heenan. Heenan has a big announcement for WWF fans. Heenan announces that the world will be given the opportunity to see his man, Lex Luger, in action on RAW. Heenan tells McMahon that Luger’s quest to the top begins tomorrow night. Luger briefly chimes in and says that he will be the king of the WWF in no time. Luger poses for the fans while Heenan stands proud next to Luger.
3. Tatanka defeated Barry Hardy in 2:14 following a Samoan Drop.
4. The Undertaker defeated Barry Horowitz in 0:57 following a tombstone pile driver.
5. Steiner Brothers Interview: Mean Gene conducted a interview with the Steiner Brothers. The Steiner Brothers main focus is one thing and that is the WWF World Tag Team Championships. Scott Steiner mentions that since the Nasty Boys couldn’t get the job done on RAW, Money Inc. do not have any competition. Scott knows that issuing a challenge to the champions will just be rejected, so what the Steiner’s are instead going to do is beat every tag team in the WWF, literally, and earn their shot at the WWF World Tag Team Championships!
6. Jerry Lawler defeated Glenn Ruth in 2:05 following a pile driver.

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