Are You Tough Enough? Season 1 Ep. 6

The group goes to a tranny bar before the next cut is made.

Al hopes that the rest of the contestants will be motivated to improve with Darryl getting cut last week. Shadrick feels like he is an underdog in this competition.

Josh is at a disadvantage because of his size and will have to work harder to win. Chris fell in correctly with Nidia and was yelled at by Tazz since they should know by now how to fall.

They decided to go to a tranny bar where Nidia got a dance thanks to Big John paying the dancer. Greg was pulled out of the crowd and stripped for everyone. Chris Nowinski did the same thing. Maven dressed in drag and came out to dance for people.

Shadrick is hitting Tori’s arms when does a back bump and Tori lets him know that he is doing that. Tazz tells Shadrick to get his head on track or he will be like Darryl. While Maven was talking to his mother it’s apparent that he hurt his back.

The group sits down to watch recent WWF programming except for Josh because he doesn’t like watching it with people. Josh explains by saying that he doesn’t like the idea of rookies complaining about how a wrestler may not fall correctly because of the experience difference.

Maven’s mother was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. There is the emotional story for Maven. Al gives them notice about another cut will be coming tomorrow.

Shadrick is crying because he is getting frustrated because he can’t get the hang of the bumping. Shadrick tells Al that the pressure is getting to him. Chris is struggling with taking an arm drag. He keeps on hopping before his back bump.

Josh thinks Chris will be getting cut but Taylor doesn’t want anyone to be cut. Josh thinks it could be him as well because of his size disadvantage.

The trainers sit down to make a cut. Jackie likes Josh hard work and ethic but thinks he could be lazy as well. Al thinks that Chris has been struggling with improvement. Al thinks it is slim that Chris could do anything in the business. Jackie gets emotional when she was talking to Shadrick about how he was frustrated. She doesn’t know why she gets emotional about talking about Shadrick.

Chris thinks that it’s him or Shadrick because he can’t get the arm drags or hip tosses down correctly.

It’s time for the cut to be made. They go to the locker room to see if there is a red tag in their locker. Shadrick has been cut. Shadrick hugs Jackie who breaks down crying again. She is sorry that Shadrick was cut.

Well, I don’t agree with the decision to cut Shadrick. Chris seemed to be struggling with the bumps on a hip toss and arm drag more than Shadrick was, in my opinion. I don’t think either of them had a chance to win but Shadrick should have been given another week to make more progress as I think he was more teachable than Chris was.

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