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WWF Superstars 6/25/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Erie, PA

1.)Typhoon defeated Quebecer Pierre
2.)Well Dunn defeated John Paul & Gary Sabaugh
3.)Sparky Plugg defeated George South
4.)The Undertaker defeated PJ Walker
5.)the 1-2-3 Kid defeated Jeff Hardy
6.)Kwang defeated Chris Hammrick
7.)Lex Luger defeated Barry Horowitz

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Gorilla Monsoon is on commentary and Jerry Lawler is wearing sunglasses to cover up an apparent black eye that Roddy Piper gave him.

2. This is the return of Typhoon who is back after a failed run in WCW as the Shockmaster. Typhoon casually shoves Pierre down to the canvas to start the match. Pierre is not able to do anything as Typhoon is just too big and strong. Typhoon puts a full nelson on Pierre and just drops him as Pierre reached the ropes. Johnny Polo distracts Typhoon and finally Pierre can get some offense. Pierre jumps onto Typhoon’s back a few times across the middle rope. Pierre drops Typhoon with a missile dropkick off the top for a near fall! Pierre chokes Typhoon over the middle rope as he keeps his offense extremely basic. They botch a splash in the corner, so they do it again and Typhoon knocks Polo off the apron. Typhoon wins the match following a big splash. (1/2*. Well, that just sucked. Typhoon is not good at all and Pierre couldn’t do anything with Typhoon, who can’t do anything well nowadays. It was just a bad featured match.)

Final Thoughts:
Well, they mostly just told us what happened at the King of the Ring and gave us one featured match. As you can tell, that match just sucked big time. We got plenty of time before SummerSlam, so I’d imagine within a few weeks the build for that will start.

Thanks for reading.


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