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ROH Final Battle 2012 Predictions!

ROH Final Battle - Doomsday this Sunday at 2pm ET!
ROH Final Battle – Doomsday this Sunday at 2pm ET!

Ring of Honor returns to internet pay per view this Sunday with Final Battle – Doomsday. Here is the card for the event along with my predictions.

Prince Nana vs. RD Evans
I’d imagine that Nana would get revenge on Evans for being a throne in his side for awhile now and for essentially taking the Embassy away from him.

New York City Street Fight:
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer

Remember when people thought Titus would get a push when Kenny King bailed on the company? That never seemed to happen. I’m kind of thinking that Titus could use a heel turn and he could turn on Whitmer. I’m going to go with Haas and Benjamin here.

Special Challenge Match:
Jay Lethal vs. Rhino

I’m interested to see how well these two work together. Rhino has done well in 2012 and Lethal has had a lot of momentum the past several months. I could see Lethal winning the ROH World Championship sometime in 2013. Lethal wins here.

Grudge Match:
Michael Elgin vs. Roderick Strong

The slow turn for Elgin has finally led to the blow off between these two former stablemates. I don’t see how Strong walks out as the winner. If Elgin wins here and beats a veteran ROH wrestler, that could go a long ways in making him a strong contender for 2013. Elgin wins here.

Retirement Match:
Jerry Lynn vs. Mike Bennett

It’s sad to see that Lynn is retiring but all great careers have to come to an end. Lynn is truly one of the most under appreciated wrestlers in the history of the business. He should be appreciated by everyone who has ever called themselves a fan of wrestling. As for this Sunday, it would be tremendous heel heat for Mike Bennett if he were able to beat Jerry Lynn. I wouldn’t pass that up. Bennett ruins the last night for Jerry Lynn in ROH.

Grudge Tag Team Match
The American Wolves vs. Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly

The big reunion of Richards and Edwards takes place this Sunday. I believe there are plans for Bobby Fish moving forward, which considering I haven’t seen much of him, I don’t know how I feel about that. I was actually hoping for a Richards/O’Reilly singles match. There would be much more interest from me. I think the Wolves prevail.

Three Way ROH World Tag Team Championship Match:
[champions] Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs vs. Briscoe Brothers vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

For the love of God, the Briscoe Brothers better not win the titles for the 100th time. Yeah, they are popular but man, there is only so much repetition a man can take. Personally, I’d pull the trigger on Coleman and Alexander. I enjoy their work and think they could have a standout year in 2013. Why not close out 2012 with a bang?

Special Challenge Match:
ROH Television Champion Adam Cole vs. Matt Hardy

My understanding is that Hardy isn’t expected to be with ROH for the long-term. I actually hope he is with them for the long haul because he is a “big name” and has seemingly turned his life around for the better in recent months. The logical choice here would be for Cole to win over Hardy and earn himself the biggest victory of his ROH career.

For the ROH World Championship Match: Ladder War!
[champion] Kevin Steen vs. El Generico

These two never fail when it comes to delivering a memorable match. They have had quite the memorable rivalry with each of them getting huge wins over each other. I’m hoping for Generico to get his ROH World Championship run this Sunday by beating Steen in the ladder match. I think a lot of fans want it and I think Generico would do well in that spot. The reign of SCUM comes to an end? I doubt it, but Generico hopefully takes the momentum away from them.

Those are my predictions for the event. Feel free to share your own below.

Thanks for reading.

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