NWA Hollywood 12/17/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance From Hollywood
Date: 12/17/2010
From: Hollywood, CA

1.)Rasche Brown defeated Hawaiian Lion by disqualification
2.)Team Cabana defeated The Standard in an elimination match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. NWA World Champion Adam Pearce opens the show and puts over his group of men including Austin Aries, Peter Avalon and Joey Kaos. Pearce says that his group will take care of Colt Cabana’s group tonight and set the standard of excellence.

2. Brown’s undefeated streak continued this week as there wasn’t a clear winner. Late in the match, Brown missed a spear and took out the referee. Lion’s partner Navajo Warrior came out to attack Brown. Luckily for Brown, Baby Slymm ran out and made the save for Brown.

3. Backstage, Colt Cabana is interviewed. Cabana thinks the match tonight might just be practice. Cabana says they are moving on to get rid of the Standard.

4. The main event this week is going to take up more than half of the program and features eight of the top guys in the company. All eight men begin to start in the brawl with the babyfaces getting the better of the exchange early on. Sky hits a somersault dive onto everyone on the outside. Joey Ryan and Austin Aries start the match legally until Scorpio Sky tags in and works over Aries with a back breaker for a near fall. Willie Mack comes in and splashes Aries in the corner! Cabana tags in and drops Aries with a double chop with Mack. Avalon enters but is arm dragged by Cabana quickly. Avalon is being punched by all the faces in the corner. Sky dropkicks Avalon as the babyfaces continue to dominate the contest. As soon as I say that, Avalon sneaks a roll up and uses Sky’s tights to eliminate Scorpio Sky. That was actually surprising and a huge pin for Avalon. Mack enters and scoop slams Avalon. Ryan continues to work over Avalon as the babyfaces are down one wrestler. Mack and Cabana get a few shots on Avalon until Aries tags in and trades blows with Willie Mack. Mack rolls through a top rope cross body by Aries, but Pearce enters and chop blocks Mack’s knee! Aries locks in a leg lock and Mack is forced to tap out! Mack has been eliminated! Aries hits a side Russian leg sweep on Ryan and tags in Pearce. Kaos enters and works over Ryan with elbow drops. Pearce comes off the top to hit a diving head butt. Avalon spin kicks Ryan but only gets a near fall. Kaos hit a swinging neck breaker for a near fall on Ryan. Ryan is being controlled by the heels for several moments. Ryan superkicks Avalon and gets the three to eliminate Avalon. Aries ties Ryan up and tries to get a submission but Ryan won’t give in. Pearce runs in and knocks Cabana off the apron. Cabana gets a few punches on Pearce as they were on the floor. Aries is kicked by Ryan but tags in Pearce. Cabana gets tagged in as well and he cleans house with strikes. Cabana nails Aries with a butt splash but can’t get a three count. Cabana splashes Aries in the corner and takes Pearce and Kaos out with a springboard moonsault to the floor! Ryan tags back into the bout but Aries sends Cabana into Ryan. Aries leaps off the top to axe handle Ryan, but Ryan superkicks Aries on the floor! Aries and Ryan have been counted thus both men are eliminated.Cabana is by himself to deal with Kaos and Pearce. Cabana hammers away on both Kaos and Pearce. Kaos chop blocks Cabana’s leg as he tried to scoop slam Pearce. Kaos accidentally dropkicks Pearce from the top and Colt rolls Kaos up from behind to eliminate Kaos! We are down to Pearce and Cabana! Cabana splashes Pearce in the corner and hit a clothesline for a two count. Cabana avoids a dropkick off the top and locks in the Billy Goats Curse! Pearce taps out in the middle of the ring! (***1/2. A nicely done match here with the fans exploding for Cabana win over Pearce. You could tell they were very much interested in these two when they were the final two men in the ring. This is the top feud in the company and without question the fans are dying to see Cabana hold the championship. Everyone did a nice job throughout.)

Final Thoughts:
A nicely done episode this week as the fans are surely emotionally invested into Cabana and that’s nothing but a great thing. The main event took up most of the show and thus I can’t complain. A thumbs up for this episode.

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