NWA Hollywood 12/24/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance From Hollywood
Date: 12/24/2010
From: Hollywood, CA

1.)The Tribe fought Rasche Brown & Slymm to a double disqualification
2.)Rico Dynomite defeated Ruben Iglesias
3.)Joey Ryan defeated Ryan Romas
4.)Andrew Hellman defeated Cedric the Hitman
5.)Natural Selection defeated NWA Heritage Tag Team Champions RockNES Monsters to win the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. The promotion has changed their venue to a theater, and it’s obvious that they aren’t drawing too well there. At least in the other venue it wasn’t as noticeable.

2. The opening bout doesn’t last all that long and nothing is settled between the Tribe and the new team of Rasche Brown and Slymm. They brawl in the ring and both reams are disqualified. I find myself not having any interest in the Tribe. Brown should be pushed as a monster in a singles role, too.

3. Backstage, Colt Cabana is interviewed. Cabana will be wrestling Adam Pearce next week in a match where the fans pick the stipulation. Colt says that Pearce doesn’t have the power any more. Cabana reminds us that he made Pearce tap out last week. Cabana believes he will win the NWA World Championship next week.

4. This is the debut of Rico Dynomite. He is a muscular man and has slicked back hair. Rico won the squash with a Texas Cloverleaf which is named the Rico Death Clinch. They have a fan planted in the crowd and she is just a huge fan of Rico. There is no way that’s a legit fan saying she wants to have his babies.

5. Backstage, Adam Pearce is interviewed. Pearce says he has ran through everyone in the NWA and that includes Colt Cabana. Pearce says the fans have no authority in this business but now they have the say in what he and Cabana will be going through next week. Pearce says that all the fans will have blood on their hands. Pearce knows that he and Cabana know each other better than anyone else. Pearce tells Cabana that his blood is on the fans hands and suggests they choose wisely.

6. I find it kind of humorous that Cedric has a Hitman gimmick and is a rather small man. I guess I just would think of a hitman as being a larger man, but oh well. Hellman is able to win the match with a roll up. After the match, Cedric hits Hellman over the back with his briefcase.

7. Both teams go at it before the bell ring as the titles are on the line. The champs dropkick Natural Selection to the floor early on. On the floor, Richter slams Goodtime onto the stage area. Yuma leaps off the stage and Goodtime hit an incredible springboard moonsault off the stage on Richter! Goodtime hits a head scissors on Richter and follows up with a slingshot dropkick in the corner. Richter and Cage hit a double vertical suplex for a near fall. Goodtime hits a spinning heel kick on Richter and Yuma enters to hit a leg drop for a near fall. Yuma is rammed back first into the corner and the Selection hit a double team backbreaker/forearm drop from the middle rope. The champs hit a double senton splash on Richter for a near fall. Richter nails Goodtime with a nice dropkick for a near fall. Goodtime flips over the top rope and takes Cage out with a dive! The guard railing has been tipped over as well. Jesus, Richter clotheslines Goodtime into the crowd. Cage drops Goodtime with a release German suplex for a near fall. Cage enters but is kicked down by Goodtime. Goodtime slams Yuma onto Richter for a near fall. Cage plants Goodtime with a spine buster! Yuma hit a hurricanrana on Cage but Richter lifts Yuma high into the air and slams him down for a near win. Goodtime hits a German suplex on Cage. Goodtime hits a top rope splash but can’t get a three count. Goodtime nearly rolls Cage up for a win. Goodtime accidentally kicks Yuma in the head. Goodtime takes Richter out with a cross body on the floor. Cage has grabbed one of the championships. Cage hits Goodtime with the belt and plants him with a DDT on the title. Cage covers and wins the match and titles! (***. A fine match here and I’m glad that the Natural Selection have won the titles. They are a good power house team and have a good look. Richter and Cage are two good young talents for this promotion. I’m interested to see how their reign progresses.)

Final Thoughts:
An alright episode this week as the main event was okay and there wasn’t much else taking place. They hyped up next weeks match between Pearce and Cabana well. There is more anticipation for that match than anything here. I’ll just consider this to be an average episode.

Thanks for reading.

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