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NWA Hollywood 12/31/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance From Hollywood
Date: 12/31/2010
From: Hollywood, CA

1.)Famous B defeated Ray Rosas
2.)NWA World Champion Adam Pearce defeated Colt Cabana in a Hollywood Street Fight to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. The opening bout saw Famous B and Rosas put on a competitive eight minute match and the crowd made some noise for both men. Famous B hit a dangerous looking hurricanrana from the top rope and Rosa hit a modified Cradle Shock but neither move was good enough for win. Famous B ends up leaping off the middle rope and rolls Rosas up for the win. A good competitive match by two local talents. After the match, they shake hands but Rosas kicks Famous B in the groin. I can behind several matches between these two.

2. Backstage, NWA Heritage Tag Team Champions Natural Selection are interviewed. Brian Cage says the gold belongs right around their waists. They have finally gotten the titles that belong to them in the first place. Richter says he is business and Cage is the pleasure.

3. We hear pre-tape comments from Austin Aries. Aries says he hears about people saying Scorpio Sky is the best athlete in NWA Hollywood. Aries thinks he is the brightest star of them all. Aries thought the best way to make an impact in the company is to take out the best athlete and make a statement and he did just that when he attacked Scorpio Sky. Aries doesn’t feel threatened by Scorpio and he doesn’t fear any man.

4. There was a match involving two local females, but they didn’t reveal their names and I simply don’t find them to be all that important. Sorry, ladies.

5. Backstage, Scorpio Sky is interviewed. Sky says that Austin Aries always has something to say. Sky tells us that talking doesn’t win anything, but he does. Sky is not intimidated by Aries, but rather is focus and ready. They will be meeting each other next week.

6. NWA World Champion Adam Pearce comes out and gets some good heel heat. Pearce is upset that the fans were allowed to choose the stipulation for his match tonight with Cabana. Pearce says that Cabana’s blood is one everyone’s hand. Dave Marquez has the stipulation in his hand. The match is a Hollywood street fight and it’s fight as you are dressed. Pearce wants to fight Cabana right now. So, here we go right now.

7. Cabana runs into the ring and knocks Pearce down several times with right hands. Cabana tosses Pearce over the top to the floor. Cabana takes Pearce out with a slingshot cross body over the top and onto the floor! Cabana jumps off the railing to strike Pearce with an elbow. Pearce is begging off in the ring and is asking for a timeout. Cabana shoves a shirt down Adam’s throat. Colt backdrops Pearce and the champ bails to the floor. Pearce heads to the backstage area but Cabana follows him since it’s anything goes. Cabana returns with Pearce and lays a couple of chairs down. Pearce catapults Cabana into the guard railing to counter a suplex attempt! Pearce whacks Cabana over the back with a steel chair. Pearce tosses Cabana into the crowd after a chair shot over the back. Colt fights back out of the corner but runs into a big boot. Pearce jumps off the top to deliver a forearm shot. Pearce locks in a camel clutch but Colt gets out only to run into a spine buster! Pearce grabs the championship but Cabana kicks the middle rope and that low blows Pearce! Cabana drops Pearce with more right hands and nearly wins with a clothesline. Pearce hits a dangerous piledriver off the apron through a table on the floor! Pearce grabs his championship and walks away while Cabana is laid out on the floor. That’s the end of the match. (***. A decent fight here that was disappointment in the sense that it wasn’t a bloodbath that would have been nice to see. It was more of an angle advancement, which the feud doesn’t exactly need.)

8. Officials are checking on Cabana for while as we go backstage to hear comments from Adam Pearce. Pearce tells Marquez to watch who he is talking to and says he told Cabana and the fans that this would happen. The fans made this happen and they are at fault. Pearce is giving Cabana one week to get better and they will finish it then. Back the arena, Cabana is helped up and leaves the arena with help.

Final Thoughts:
A fine show that had two good matches and the was able to find a way to advance the Cabana/Pearce feud some more. NWA Hollywood is doing a good job at keeping my interest week in and week out.

Thanks for reading.


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