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WWE Main Event 2/13/2013

WWE Main Event on ION!
WWE Main Event on ION!

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio squares off against Dolph Ziggler!

WWE Main Event Results
February 13, 2012
Little Rock, Arkansas
Commentators: Michael Cole & John Bradshaw Layfield
Report by: Clinton Bowman of

Main Event…IS…JERICHO! JBL and Cole welcome us to WWE Main Event! It’s time for the Highlight Reel with The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, The King of the World, The Best in the World at What He Does…Y2J…CHRIS JERICHO!

Jericho takes in the ovation from the crowd, and welcomes everyone to the Highlight Reel. Jericho announces that while Miz was supposed to be his guest, however, due to Cesaro’s actions on Monday Night, he would be unable to show. Jericho goes to the Jeritron 5000 and shows the footage. Jericho goes to welcome his new guest, but reconsiders and welcomes Ricardo Rodriguez to introduce Alberto Del Rio the only way Rodriguez can!

Alberto thanks Jericho for having him on the Highlight Reel. He says the time for talking is done and that on Sunday he’ll take on the Big Show and defeat him to retain the World Champion. Jericho says despite all his respect for Alberto’s family, when he wins the Chamber Match, he’ll go on to Wrestlemania and become the world champion. Jericho and Alberto go at it verbally in Spanish, causing Ricardo to go crazy with the Spanish.

Ziggler interrupts with his entourage, claiming that it’s a waste of time to talk about the World Championship without talking about him. AJ agrees, but Jericho shuts them up. He goes after Big E Langston’s name. Dolph blows off Jericho and Del Rio, which sets him off a little. Del Rio challenges Dolph Ziggler, and Jericho gets the crowd’s interest. This match may be on after the break!

*Dikembe Mutombo blocking shots all over this commercial break*

Main Event:
World Champion “The Mexican JBL” Alberto Del Rio v. The No.1 Contender to the World Championship “The Showoff” Dolph Ziggler

The two men lock up in the middle of the ring, and Del Rio gains control early, causing Ziggler to take a time out. Dolph gets into the ring and tricks Del Rio, kicking him in the gut. Dolph drives Del Rio into the corner, controlling him with kicks until Del Rio counters for a short time. Ziggler regains control shortly after with a suplex and a neckbreaker. Ziggler pins Del Rio for a 2 count. Ziggler maintains Head Control, until Del Rio breaks out, and bounces off the ropes only to meet a Kitchen Sink from Ziggler. Dolph goes for the cover, and Del Rio kicks out at 2. Del Rio and Ziggler trade control, until Alberto drops Ziggler coming off the ropes with a flap jack. Ziggler retreats to the corner, and Del Rio charges him, however, Dolph dodges the charge, and Del Rio goes shoulder first into the post.

*commercial break*

We come back to Main Event to Ziggler dropping elbows like Zeke Jackson throws bodyslams. Ziggler locks a rest hold on to Del Rio’s arm, and Del Rio quickly pops out. Ziggler throws him to the ropes, Del Rio catches the ropes, kicks Ziggler in the chest, however, Ziggler drops Del Rio with a dropkick for a two count. Ziggler throws Del Rio into the corner, and drops him with a dropkick for another 2 count. Del Rio goes for Ziggler who is in the corner, but Del Rio gets sent head first into the steps. Ziggler rolls him into the ring, and pins him for two. Ziggler goes up high, however, Del Rio hangs him up. Del Rio goes up and hits Ziggler with the Super Reverse Suplex! Both men are now down.

*commercial break*

Del Rio and Ziggler are trading strikes, until both men go down again. Both men crawl to their feet, and Del Rio dodges Ziggler’s avalanche splash. Ziggler gets dropped with two clotheslines and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio with the superkick and the 2 count pin. Del Rio calls for the Cross Arm Breaker, however Ziggler counters into a SICK DDT for a two count. Ziggler and Del Rio counter each other in the corner, and Del Rio finally takes control with shots to the kidney and a hanging Backstabber! Del Rio pins Ziggler, but AJ places Ziggy’s foot on the ropes. Del Rio gets distracted, and Ziggler hits the Fame-Asser for a two count. Del Rio hits the knees to the arm, and calls for the Cross Arm again. Del Rio goes for the running enziguri, Ziggler counters easily, and catches Del Rio with the sleeper hold. Del Rio feigns fading, however, he gets out and hits the Running Enziguri for a count of 2. Del Rio goes for the Cross Arm, and gets countered as AJ hops on the ropes, and Big E hits a cheap shot. Ricardo Rodriguez hits Big E with the bucket, and the chase is on! Del Rio gets up using the ropes, Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag. Del Rio hangs on, kicks Ziggler in the stomach, and somebody just tapped out like Savion Glover!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Final Move: Cross Arm Breaker

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Next: CM Punk addresses the WWE Universe…OH JOY.

*commercial break*

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CM Punk has stolen property. Hmm…no…it’s Paul Heyman with Matt Striker. Heyman says that Punk is training. He drones on about the WWE Championship rematch on Sunday, especially how Punk is going out as he came in…as your “reigning and defending WWE Champion.”

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