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ECW Hardcore TV 6/17/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
Date: 6/17/1998
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.)Jack Victory and the Dudley Boys defeated Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Spike Dudley and New Jack in a Philadelphia Street Fight
2.)Jerry Lynn defeated Justin Credible in an I Quit match

Angle Developments/Notes
1. The Dudley Boys open the show and is trying to get the fans to boo him and it is working. He is reminding them when he had a stutter and how the fans got behind him. That’s all that was shown of the promo.

2. Bubba is competing in singles action against Sandman this week. Sandman hits Bubba on the ankle with a kendo stick and avoids a chair shot. That is until he misses a swing and Bubba whacks him over the head with the chair. Bubba grabs a microphone and says he hated Sandman since the day he got in ECW. Bubba says he has been paying his dues in the company just as long as Sandman’s wife was sleeping with Raven, I think. Anyway, the match is clipped when we see Jack Victory come out and help Bubba beating up Sandman. Bubba works over Sandman with the kendo stick. Tommy Dreamer runs down with some barbed wire. Dreamer drives Victory into the barbed wire face first! Dreamer hits a hurricanrana on Bubba and uses the barbed wire on Victory some more. Bubba is driven gut first onto the barbed wire. Victory is sent into the guard railing by Dreamer as well. D-Von Dudley runs out and gets involved in the action. Bubba is using the barbed wire on Sandman. Spike Dudley makes his way out with a ladder to join in the brawl. Spike bulldogs Bubba and ends up jumping off the ladder onto D-Von and Bubba on the floor! This is just a crazy brawl and no longer any kind of singles match. D-Von side slams Dreamer onto the ladder. New Jack comes out as well with all his weapons. Dreamer spikes D-Von with the Dreamer Driver. Victory pins New Jack after a guitar and chair shot. (***1/4. Well, that was a really entertaining fight that was clipped a few times. These eight men are building the feud up very well and a fight like this was needed on the television show. This is just coming across very well for a blood feud, in my opinion.)

3. Lynn and Credible trade chops in the opening minute of the match. Lynn hits an atomic drop and a flapjack. Are there rope breaks in an I Quit match? Credible avoided an ankle lock by reaching the bottom rope to apparently break the hold. Credible shoulder blocks Lynn but is met with a dragon screw leg whip seconds later. Lynn springs off the middle rope to kick Credible in the face in the corner and locks in a half Boston Crab but Credible reaches the ropes. Credible avoids Lynn in the corner and Jerry hits the corner ribs first. Lynn hits a middle rope bulldog on Justin! Jason yanks Lynn off the apron and Nicole Bass delivers a clothesline on the outside. Credible sends Lynn back first into the guard railing. Credible scoop slams Lynn and heads to the top but Lynn cuts him off. Credible hits a sunset flip powerbomb but he can’t pin since the pins don’t matter. Credible puts a Boston Crab on Lynn but can’t get a submission. Credible goes for the Razors Edge and hits it! Justin goes back to a single leg Boston Crab. Lynn is crotched on the top and goes for a powerbomb and eventually hits a sit down powerbomb, though Credible landed oddly. Lynn is tripped by Bass on the outside while Jason distracted the referee. Credible slams Lynn head first into the table at ringside and drops Lynn throat first across the guard railing. Lynn sends Credible to the floor with a head scissors. Lynn tosses Credible over the railing into the crowd and backdrops Jason over as well. Jerry leaps off the top and takes both men out with a dive into the crowd! Lynn powerbombs Jason in the ring to avoid a chair shots. Lynn whacks Nicole Bass over the back with a steel chair as well! Credible low blows Lynn from behind to stop him. Oh shit, Credible hits an inverted DDT off the apron and sends Lynn through a table on the outside! Lynn fights back and hits the That’s Incredible in the ring and has a modified STF locked in to win the match. (**1/2. Well, that was not what I was expecting. They didn’t use a lot of weapons or anything. They kept it clean and did some wrestling. I guess I was disappointed with that happening, but it was an okay television match.)

Final Thoughts:
A good episode of Hardcore TV this week as the street fight was nicely done and the I Quit match showed that ECW wouldn’t give you hardcore when you’d probably expected it. The majority of the show focused on wrestling and that gets a thumbs up from me.

Thanks for reading.

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