WCW Thunder 10/4/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

The Thrillers are chatting as they arrive at the arena.

Here comes Jarrett. He goes off on Sting and how he is done for and washed up. He has proof. Even with Steiner on his side he could not beat him and he cannot carry the Chosen One’s jockstrap and he will expose him at Havoc. Beetlejuice? Jesus. JJ wants to know why he is here. He is taunted by some fans and he rambles. JJ tells him to get his little ass in the ring. Beetlejuice is the Chosen One and keeps yelling that Superman is the best and he is going to smoke JJ. Juice starts kicking at him but is taken down. In the back Steiner attacks Booker…..Sting is attacking JJ and is attacked by a fan who is tackled by security and it is Shane Douglas. Figure Four on Beetlejuice!

Booker is on the gurney getting checked out by Ray. Ray will take care of his business.

Steiner is destroying a room with his pipe. She has an idea and tells him to relax.

Duggan has come down. He goes off on America and A-Wall challenges him.

Match 1: Duggan v. A-Wall

Reno intervened and while it was fairly long it was a typical Duggan match and he wins after slamming Wall through the table.


Midajah is plotting with Sanders.

Paulshock tells Sting that was JJ says is BS. He is going to get him back for questioning his heart and challenges Douglas tonight.

Here comes Sanders. He is bragging about how great the Thrillers are doing. He has found a way to get rid of Goldberg. This will happen at Havoc. Here comes Kronik. Luger is in the crowd…..Kronik goozle Sanders but then put him down. Kronik will be his opponents.

Skipper is pissed about losing the title and will get it back. Storm agrees.

Flair is with a guy in a suit.

Match 2: Jung Dragons v. Scott Steiner

Dragons are about to be dismantled. Yup.

* Squash.

Sanders tells Konnan that he is getting deported but it has Shane Douglas’ name on it! Sanders giggles and Konnan says he is a US citizen but Border Patrol will not let him leave. JESUS RUSSO.

Juve and Rey are not happy. FA have it under control though. Juve is back and they count that last match as an actual match. That is bull. Franchise beats them with a bat and he will deal with Konnan in due time but first the Stinger.

Ray has the mic and wants to know why Luger is here. Luger asks if this is sanctioned or not. Luger finally acquiesces and then asks if this is on TV…No shit. Luger is pissed that he stayed home and watched all this no talent, garbage wrestlers. Um…the irony. He is not here due to backstabbing and sucking up and not talent….Jesus, the irony is fucking killing me. Ray brushes all that off and wants to know whose side is he on and he is on Luger’s side. He is asked about Rection and he comes down to listen. Luger goes off on his name and gimmick and how is nowhere near Luger’s level. Truth hurts. Rection attacks. Luger is beaten up the ramp and security helps him leave.

Konnan checks on his friends who don’t know what hit them.

Awesome has Crowbar decked out in 70s duds.

Kronik briefly speaks to Paulshock.

Match 3: Lance Storm v. Mike Sanders (c) for WCW Cruiserweight Title

Storm is unloading on him and has controlled most of the first two minutes. He slams Sanders and then whips him into the corner. He runs into a boot but remains on the offensive and works him over. He catches him on the float over and gets the near fall off the bridged Northern Lights. Reno stopped the count and is low dropkicked. Sanders is caught on the apron and they battle there and Sanders is DDT’d onto the apron. Now Thrillers and Canada brawl on the floor. Back in the ring, Sanders is whipped into the ropes and put in the Maple Leaf but Gunns rang the bell and Storm is pissed and yells at her. Rection assaults Storm and that allows Sanders to win via countout.

** How many different feuds are there?

Franchise and JJ are plotting in the back.

Tenay is doing an interview with MIA. Basically it was nonsense. They are revolutionizing the business and hungry and mad at Storm and Duggan and Luger. Oh and the feud with Storm continues….

Awesome comes out with Crowbar….Jesus. They are two wild and crazy guys.

Match 4: Awesome and Crowbar v. Jindrak and O’Haire (c) for WCW Tag Titles

Match has been pretty long. Fans a bit restless. But it has been back and forth. Crowbar is chopping up Jindrak but Crowbar is caught up top and hurracaraned off. Seanton Bomb! Awesome make the save and Jindrak misses the springing moonsault. Awesome gets the hot tag and he gets two after a short powerbomb. Awesome gets another near fall. After another minute, Awesome is kicked in the head and they have him up but Crowbar nuts them. Crowbar and Awesome go off on them. Crowbar hits his finisher but has to let up on the cover as the save is slow. They hiptoss him through the table and it is over.

**1/2 Decent lengthed and a clean finish.

A car has arrived and Buff gets out.

He comes down. He talks about the Stuff. Christ. He calls out Flair who comes out with his man. Flair is apologizing. They are arguing about Buff’s issues with women. Flair wants a DNA test….But the baby is not born yet? Buff takes out both.

Match 5: Shane Douglas v. Sting

Franchise has to speak. It is the same nonsense. Torrie then claims she wants it bad and needs it bad and will get it from him tonight. It just sounds forced and creepy. I don’t buy it.

Sting is not messing around and beating on Douglas. He punches him up the aisle and into the crowd where he continues pound away. He beats him back towards the ring, belts him with the chair. He gets in the ring and out, grabs Douglas and brings him into the ring. Torrie holds him up and that allows Douglas to lowblow him. Sting fights back but is knocked back down. Douglas hammers him and brings in a table. Sting kicks him a couple times and chops him. Douglas pokes the eyes but gets whipped into the table and bulldogged. Vader Bomb and Sting kicks him a few times. Stinger Splash to the back. Torrie gives him a chain and on the second attempt he is belted with the chain. Konnan takes Torrie and for some reason and despite the ref running off, Douglas is unaware. Both men are down and Douglas punches him into JJ who has the guitar. Franchiser! Match.

** Nice win for Douglas. Maybe they can do something with him. Maybe….But it makes him strong for his feud with Konnan. What about Torrie though?

*1/2 I had a bunch to say but my mind is not really working. I just did not get into the show. They had some long matches but none that really stood out. The main event was okay, but it all seemed kind of bland. The irony of Luger’s statements were classic. I also struggled to keep track off all the shenanigans, swerves and new feuds/alliances as there is almost too much going on. At least they had a couple of long matches and helped set up Havoc but at the same time it just was not very good.

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