Rebooking The WWF: Week 18, 1993

On RAW, Lex Luger competes in singles action against Big Bossman. Crush is on the Kings Court. On Superstars, Bam-Bam Bigelow competes against Marty Jannetty. On Wrestling Challenge, Ric Flair competes in singles action. Owen Hart continues his feud with Doink and Rick Martel.

WWF RAW 5/3/1993 (Manhattan, NY)
1. Jim Neidhart defeated Repo Man in 3:52 following a spine buster. During the bout, pre-tape comments from Neidhart were aired. Neidhart is happy to be back in the WWF and is ready to break kick some butt!
2. Mr. Perfect Interview: A pre-tape interview with Mr. Perfect is aired. It is a rather short segment as Perfect reiterates that he needs to wrestle Ric Flair and prove that he can beat Flair in a singles match. Perfect believes that he has the “perfect way” to get Flair in the ring.
3. The Mountie defeated Terry Austin in 1:34 following a pile driver. During the bout, the Mountie also shared pre-tape comments saying that at Saturday Night’s Main Event next week, he will regain the WWF Intercontinental Championship.
4. The Steiner Brothers defeated Joey Maggs/Brooklyn Brawler in 2:39 when Scott pinned Brawler.
5. Kings Court w/ Crush: Crush was this weeks guest on Kings Court with Jerry Lawler. Lawler had two topics to discuss with Crush. The first being Crush’s recent desire to fight off Yokozuna and prove that the USA is stronger and better than Japan. Crush tells Lawler that his friend Jim Duggan was taken out of the WWF by Yokozuna and that doesn’t sit well with him. Crush can see in the back that everyone is afraid to step up and fight Yokozuna. However, Crush isn’t afraid. Crush warns Yokozuna, Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette that he will be the guy to put Yokozuna in his place. Lawler brings up the King of the Ring tournament, which Crush will be participating in. Crush believes with his size and power he can beat anyone in the tournament. He knows that Lex Luger has been predicting that he will win the tournament, but Crush assures the fans and Luger that if they meet later on in the tournament, Luger will look like a fool when he loses!
6. Jeff Jarrett Vignette: Another vignette of Jarrett hyping up his debut in less than two weeks is shown. Jarrett continues to say that his road to stardom in the WWF starts on May 15th and their isn’t anything anyone can do about it!
7. Lex Luger defeated Big Bossman in 6:26 to advance in the King of the Ring tournament following a running forearm smash.

WWF Superstars 5/8/1993
1. Beverly Brothers defeated Steve King/Jason David in 1:07 when Blake pinned King.
2. Shawn Michaels Interview: Jim Ross conducted a interview with the former WWF Intercontinental Champion. Michaels knows that the fans are heartbroken that he doesn’t have the championship since being robbed at Wrestle Mania, but for his millions upon millions of fans, Michaels assures them that he has a big surprise for Tatanka or the Mountie for the King of the Ring. Yes, Shawn Michaels has issued a challenge to the winner of the Tatanka/Mountie match to a match at the KOTR. Michaels finishes off by saying he will reclaim his throne as the WWF Intercontinental Champion!
3. Jerry Lawler defeated the Kamikaze Kid in 1:19 following a pile driver. During the bout, Lawler declared that he was in the King of the Ring and that he will add another crown to his collection.
4. Nasty Boys Interview: Vince McMahon interviewed the “toughest tag team in the WWF”, the Nasty Boys. Knobs slobbers while telling McMahon that anyone thinking that the Headshrinkers are the toughest guys in the WWF are going to be paying a visit to Pity City. Knobs says that he and Saggs are the definition of tough and that the Headshrinkers are just delusional. Saggs chimes in by saying that when they meet the Headshrinkers in the ring, it won’t last long because they are going to bring to the streets and show the Headshrinkers that they are the toughest tag in the WWF!
5. WWF Intercontinental Champion Tatanka defeated Chris Kanyon in 1:55 following a Samoan Drop.
6. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Marty Jannetty in 6:42 following a diving head butt. After the match, WWF World Champion Bret Hart came down to the ring for a stare down with Bigelow. However, the WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc. made their way down to the ring only to be attacked by the Steiner Brothers on the aisle way. Bigelow and Hart brawled in the ring to close out the show!

WWF Wrestling Challenge 5/9/1993
1. Owen Hart defeated Jim Powers in 3:31 following a missile dropkick. During the bout, Doink the Clown came down to the ring and tried to distract Owen, but failed. Owen chased Doink to the backstage area afterwards. Once Owen got near the curtain, however, he was attacked by Rick Martel. Martel put Owen in the Boston Crab until officials pulled Martel off of Owen.
2. Yokozuna Interview: Jim Ross interviewed Jim Cornette, with Yokozuna by his side. Cornette laughs at the statements from Crush on RAW. Cornette deems Yokozuna as being a unstoppable force in the WWF and that Yoko will destroy all the heroes in the WWF. Cornette tells Ross that Crush doesn’t know what he has gotten himself into.
3. Shawn Michaels defeated George South in 1:43 following a super kick.
4. Razor Ramon Interview: A quick pre-tape interview with Razor Ramon was aired. Ramon is looking forward to adding some more gold to his outfit and believes that the King of the Ring outfit would do just that. Ramon also notes that he would then go and win the ultimate gold, the WWF World Championship at Summer Slam and rub it in Randy Savage’s face!
5. The Nasty Boys defeated Barry Hardy/Duane Gill in 2:56 when Knobs pinned Gill. After the match, the Headshrinkers tried to get in the ring but several jobbers and officials prevented any kind of brawl from happening!
6. Ric Flair defeated Virgil in 4:22 with the figure four leg lock. During the bout, pre-tape comments from Flair were aired. Flair makes it clear that he isn’t wasting his time with Mr. Perfect anymore and is going to compete with guys near his level, not at the bottom of it!


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