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TNA Impact 3/21/2013

TNA Impact on SPIKE!
TNA Impact on SPIKE!

TNA World Champion Bully Ray reveals how he carried out his master plan.

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Chicago, Illinois (Sears Centre)
March 21, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz, & Todd Keneley
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Week two from Chi-Town kicks off with Bully Ray talking about the swerve of him behind Aces & Eights. He says that he knows everyone is still trying to figure out how he did it and he says he’s going to tell us how he did it. He says it’s like when a magician shows an audience how the trick was done and the audience feels like a fool for buying into the trick. He says that it took 9 months for the plan to come together and footage of Aces & Eights jumping Jeff Hardy during the BFG Series Semifinals. Bully says that was Plan A and things didn’t go together as perfectly as they hoped (Hardy still won) but that is when he put Plan B into effect. Footage of all of the stuff between Brooke & Ray are shown and he says that plan did something that not even he thought that he could pull off. He says he destroyed friendships, people’s trust, and the Hogan family. Ray says Brooke & Hulk have never been as low as they are right now, and he doesn’t care what he had to do to Sting to get what he wanted. Footage of all the drama between he and Sting and Hogan getting pissed at Sting is shown. Ray says tonight he’ll walk us through every step of his plan.

In the arena the commentators discuss the show tonight and then Hogan’s music interrupts them. Hulk comes down to the ring with the aid of a crutch. A massive “Hogan” chant starts and he says that everyone knows he’s been around a long time and he’s been through hell & back with his fans, but he’s never had the wool pulled over his head quite like he did with Bully Ray. He says that not only did Aces & Eights fool all the fans but they also fooled himself, his family, Sting, and everyone else in TNA. He says that when he thinks about the “massacre” that Aces & Eights did to the TNA guys last week it made him realize that this thing is a monster and it’s not just a battle, it’s a war. Another “Hogan” chant breaks out and he says out of all the men that were left lying in the ring last week, the four guys that LED the charge are the warriors of TNA. He says he loves those guys and respects them and that they lead the rest of the roster in the back. Hogan asks for the fans to show these four men respect as he brings them to the ring. Samoa Joe, Magnus, Jeff Hardy, & Kurt Angle walk down to the ring.

As they come to the ring footage of the brawl between TNA & Aces is shown. Hogan says the reason he’s brought them out here is that he needs them to put Aces & Eight out and he needs the World Title back with TNA. A big “Joe” chant starts and then Hogan turns to Hardy and says that he needs to know if Jeff is still up for his rematch after the attack with the hammer at Lockdown. Hardy says Bully Ray stole his title and he NEEDS it back. Hardy says he’s ready and so are the other 3 guys in the ring so just in case he’s not ready he suggests a Fatal 4-Way to name a new #1 Contender with he, Joe, Angle, & Magnus. Hogan says the last time he picked a #1 Contender he made one of the biggest mistakes of his life so he loves the idea of letting the best man in the ring becoming the #1 Contender. Hogan officially makes the match for later tonight.

More of Bully Ray’s plan is next. Ray says Plan A was simple, win the BFG Series, and then win the World Title. He says the first night of the BFG Series was the first night Aces & Eights showed up and jumped Sting. Footage of the attack on Sting is shown as Ray talks. He says Aces & Eights were created by shock & awe and complete anarchy. He says every single dead man’s hand was dealt by him. He says that every week the question was who is behind Aces & Eights and all it took was one simple suggestion to Bobby Roode and he ran with it. Footage of Roode accusing Storm and all the drama surrounding that is shown with Ray pointing out how they made every effort to make it look like it was Storm while Ray was racking up BFG Series points. His win at Hardcore Justice in the 4-Way Tables Match is shown with them even making it seem like Aces TRIED to help Storm. He says after they were done with Storm they had no problem taking him out. Ray says all Storm had to do was pick Ray at No Surrender and he played right into it. Footage of Storm picking Ray as his opponent at No Surrender is shown (Storm was the #1 Seed in the Semifinals so he got to choose his opponent) with Storm saying that last year Bully ending his hopes of winning the BFG Series so now he was going to end Ray’s. Ray says he called Roode and stirred up by asking him how he was going to let Storm Main Event BFG instead of Roode. He says that made Roode go crazy which leads to Roode attacking Storm during the Semifinals and costing him the match. Ray says that night Hulk was just a little smarter than them and locked the rest of Aces & Eights out before they could end Hardy. He says that Jeff was a lot tougher than he thought and he beat Ray. He says he came up with a new plan after that and Hulk brought it right to him.


TNA World Tag Team Championships
“Super Mex” Hernandez & “Mexican Warrior” Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. The Dirty Heels (Bobby Roode & Austin Aries) (c)

Hernandez & Chavo were supposed to get their shot last week but Aces & Eights put a stop to that before it could begin. Chavo and Roode will kick this one off. They lockup and Roode gets Chavo in a Waistlock but Chavo counters with a modified armdrag and he holds onto the arm with an armlock. Roode rolls through and reverses it and then transitions into a hammerlock. Chavo rolls through as well and counters into a wristlock but Roode just simply punches him in the head. Chavo answers with a European Uppercut but Roode cuts him off with a kick to the gut. Roode whips Chavo into the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Chavo ducks and then catches Roode with a Spinning Head Scissors Takeover! Chavo tosses Roode into the corner and lays into him with rights and lefts before tagging in Super Mex. Chavo hit’s a Scoop Slam and then Hernandez Scoop Slams Chavo on top of Roode before hitting a Splash on Roode! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Hernandez picks Roode back up but Roode sticks his knee in the gut of Hernandez. Roode tosses Hernandez into the waiting boot of Aries in the Heels corner. Aries tags in and they take turns beating on Hernandez. Aries hits a Slingshot Back Elbow over the top onto Hernandez in the corner and then Roode rakes Hernandez’s eyes. Aries puts the boots to him and then boxes his ears as an “Austin Aries” chant starts up. Aries lights Hernandez up with a chop and then tags Roode back in. Roode puts the boots to Hernandez as Aries hooks his leg. The Dirty Heels attempt a Double Suplex but Hernandez blocks it and hits one on the Heels! Chavo tags back in and hits Dropkicks on both of them sending them retreating to the floor.


Back from the commercial break Roode tosses Chavo into the ring but Aries tosses him right back out and Roode slams him into the ring steps. Roode holds Chavo as Aries dives off the top with the Flying Savage Axe Handle! Aries tosses Chavo back into the ring and gets a series of nearfalls, but as he put his feet on the ropes Earl Hebner caught him. Chavo tries to get a tag but Aries cuts him off and locks him in a Front Facelock. Chavo hits Aries with a couple of right hands and then bounces off the ropes only to eat a Running Knee from Aries. Aries then holds Chavo down and tags Roode back in. Roode hit’s a Back Suplex for another nearfall and then puts Chavo in a side headlock. Roode then attempts to whip Chavo into the corner but Chavo reverses it and goes for a Monkey Flip! Roode blocks it and places Chavo up on the top rope. Roode swings at Chavo but he blocks it and connects with a right hand of his own sending Roode reeling. Chavo then goes old school as he hits the Tornado DDT on Roode! Both men are down now. Chavo reaches up and tags Hernandez back in as Roode tags in Aries! Hernandez with the Get Off Me on Aries and then he connects with a series of Palm Thrusts to both Heels. Hernandez lifts Aries up and tosses him up in the air with a Gorilla Press Slam! Hernandez charges at Roode but he backdrops Hernandez over the top. Hernandez lands on the apron and then nails Roode with a shoulder block through the ropes. Super Mex then walks up the ramp and dives over the top onto both members of the Heels with the Super Mex Dive! Hernandez grabs Aries and sets up for the Border Toss but Roode kicks him and then attempts an Irish Whip. Hernandez reverses it and goes for a backdrop but Roode kicks him and then lays into him with chops. Roode hits the ropes but eats the Get Off Me from Mex! Hernandez then goes for a Splash on Aries in the corner but Aries catches him with an elbow and then climbs up top. Aries dives off with a Flying Cross Body but Hernandez catches him in midair and Chavo tags himself in as Hernandez lifts Aries up in the air for a Powerbomb! Chavo climbs up top as it looks like they may be going for a Powerbomb/Frog Splash combo, but Aries hurricanranas Hernandez over the top rope to the floor! As they went over the top Hernandez’s neck actually got caught up in the bottom rope but it doesn’t seem like he was injured. Aries then hits Chavo with a shoulder block through the ropes on the apron and slingshots himself over Chavo back into the ring. Aries goes for the Brainbuster but Chavo counters into the Three Amigos! A big “Eddie” chant starts as Chavo climbs up top for the Frog Splash! Kazarian runs down the ramp and distracts the referee as Daniels comes from nowhere and knocks Chavo off the top! Aries rolls him up, 1…2…3!

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: Dirty Heels via pinfall (rollup)

Tenay says that he heard Daniels & Kazarian complaining all day that they should have been in this match. Bad Influence jumps Dirty Heels as they’re celebrating the win! They taunt the champs with the belts and then leave them lying.

A video package highlighting the X-Division is shown with some of the most insane matches and spots in the history of the X-Division. The graphic announces that all X-Division Title Matches will be 3-Way Dances starting tonight. They’re calling this the “X-Division Evolution” and the graphic says this will usher in the “Next Generation.”

In the back Kenny King is watching the same montage that we were and he says that he should be mad about that, he should be downright pissed off, but that kind of thing has been happening to him his whole life. He says back when he was a kid playing football they would tell him he had to play with the older kids because he hits too hard. He says that if TNA wants to be that way then “so be it” and if they want to put him in the ring with “2 dudes” every week all they’re doing is setting up 2 funerals. He says it doesn’t matter how many they send at him and having to face 2 guys everytime will just make him shine that much brighter. King says he might need a little bit more energy for this one and then holds up a 5-Hour Energy bottle, oh my goodness I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more shameless plug in my life.


TNA X-Division Championship
Triple Threat Match
Kenny King (c) vs. Zema Ion vs. “The Playa from the Himalayas” Sonjay Dutt

King successfully defended the X-Division Title in a 3-Way at Lockdown against Christian York & Zema Ion. Todd speaks some more on the new rules in the X-Division and says that if a challenger is pinned or submitted in an X-Division Title Match then that challenger is out of the title picture for the time being, but if a challenger is NOT pinned or submitted then he will move into the next title match as well. We haven’t seen Sonjay in some time. At the bell Zema kicks Kenny and then puts Sonjay in a side headlock. Sonjay shoves Zema into a shoulder block from Kenny and then King hits the ropes. Zema drops down and King leaps over him and Sonjay then leaps over King. King holds onto the ropes and Zema puts Sonjay in a Full Nelson from behind. King tries to swing at Sonjay but he kicks King and then breaks the hold and charge at King. King lifts Sonjay up into the air and tosses him at Zema. Sonjay catches Zema with a Spinning Head Scissors but then eats a boot from King. King whips Sonjay into the corner and charges at him but Sonjay gets his boot up. Zema charges at both but King kicks him. Sonjay climbs up top and then dives off King’s shoulder into a Somersault Senton on Zema! King charges at Sonjay but he moves and King runs right into Zema. Sonjay then hits a Double Rana on both King & Zema at the same time sending them out to the floor! Sonjay sets up for a dive but King & Zema trip him and then slam him into the guardrail. King grabs Zema and tosses him into the railing as well. King then leaps onto the railing and dives off with a Somersault Plancha onto Zema on the floor! King slams Zema into the apron and then rolls him back into the ring for a nearfall. King whips Zema into he corner and hits a Flying Back Elbow and then puts the boots to him! Sonjay tries to get back in the ring but King knocks him off the apron. King chokes Zema in the corner and then hits a Snap Suplex and floats over into a mount. King nails Zema with a series of right hands and then slams his head repeatedly into the mat. Sonjay climbs back up on the apron but eats a Jawbreaker from King! King turns around and charges at Zema but he nails King with an elbow and then charges back at King. King gets Zema up on his shoulders for the Royal Flush but Zema blocks it with elbow shots. Zema is able to escape the hold and bounces off the ropes only to run into a Spinning Heel King from King! Sonjay springboards back into the ring with a Missile Dropkick on King and then he climbs up top. King shoves Sonjay off the top down to the ramp! Zema grabs King and hits a series of strikes and then bounces off the ropes. King destroys Zema with the Cartwheel Kick! Zema rolls out to the apron and King charges at him but Zema hits him with a shoulder block through the ropes followed by a Slingshot into a Tornado DDT! King rolls out to the floor and Sonjay slingshots into a Somersault Hurricanrana that sends Zema to the floor. Sonjay then springboards out to the outside and into an Asai Moonsault on both King & Zema! Sonjay rolls Zema back into the ring and hit’s a Scoop Slam. Sonjay climbs up top and sets up for the Moonsault Ghetto Stomp but King climbs up on the apron and grabs his boot. Sonjay kicks him off but it gave Zema enough time to recover and he climbs up with Sonjay! Sonjay hits Zema with a series of elbows knocking him back to the mat. Sonjay then hit’s the Moonsault Ghetto Stomp! King comes from out of nowhere with a Slingshot Blockbuster on Sonjay! 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL X-Champ: King via pinfall (Springboard Blockbuster)

Earlier today Brooke Hogan is shown arriving but she says she doesn’t want to talk about Bully Ray tonight. She says she is here to do business and that’s handle business with the Knockouts.


More of Bully Ray’s story is shown. He says that when Hogan locked Aces & Eights out Plan B went into effect. He says Hardy went on to BFG and won the World Title so he had to find a new plan. Footage of Bully Ray leading the charge to chase Aces & Eights off the first time they cornered Brooke in the ring. He says Hogan made a fool of himself by employing Joseph Park to try and find out the identity of Aces & Eights. Footage of Ray telling Park to be careful where he sticks his nose and then footage of him kidnapped by Aces. The agreement of the BFG Match where if Aces won they got full access to the Impact Zone is shown and one of the masked guys there Bully says was Devon. He says Hogan turned his back on Devon when he didn’t try to renew his contract. Ray says he knew what he was doing by standing up to be the “hero” to save TNA. Footage of Sting going to bat for Ray as well as Ray trying to get Hogan to shake his hand and have his back is also shown as Ray says he knew he had Hogan when he shook his hand. Ray says they bonded and then a shot of Devon being put through a table at BFG is shown. Ray says he lost at the hands of his own brother and then his fake rage over Devon is what caused Sting to be injured as footage of him chasing Devon to the back while Aces & Eights beat Sting with a hammer is shown. He says he set his sights on the next step of the plan but he got caught (first by Aries catching he & Brooke and then Tara walking in on them together in Brooke’s office). Ray says he knew exactly how Hulk would react when the “beautiful girl brings home the bad boy.” He says that the more Hulk said no, the more Brooke said yes. He says that he knew he was in at that point and there was nothing Hogan could do to stop it.

Sting is shown walking into Hulk Hogan’s office.


Hulk Hogan & Sting talk in Hogan’s office but Hulk isn’t happy. Sting says this whole thing isn’t about the title, it’s about making things right. Sting says he wants Bully tonight but Hulk says things haven’t changed since last week. He tells Sting to do what he does best when things get heavy, go sit up in the rafters for a couple of years. He tells Sting to go hide in the shadows because whenever he’s around he causes problems so he suggest Sting disappear right now. Sting says it was about apologies last week but now it’s about revenge and he walks away saying he wants Bully Ray. Hogan says that he isn’t the only one.

Footage of the drama between Terrell & Gail Kim is shown.

Taryn Terrell walks down to the ring and she says that she knows that she’s on probation and her job is to control the chaos not cause it, but when Gail put her hands on her she had to retaliate. She says now it’s time for her to accept the consequences and Gail Kim walks down to the ring. Gail says she’s so glad that Taryn has finally learned her lesson, the one that all the Knockouts have learned along the way, not to mess with Gail Kim. She says that she’s the greatest female wrestler that ever lived and she created the division. She says there would be no Terrell if there were no Kim. She says she’s just out to witness what should have happened a long time ago. Gail says that she’s going to call Brooke Hogan out here so she can fire Terrell.

Brooke Hogan comes to the ring and she says this was a very tough decision for her to make. She says that she has thought long and hard over it and she loves Taryn, but she has to be fair and terminate her as the Knockouts referee. Gail laughs at her and Brooke says that she seems pretty happy, but she has another bit of news that might make everyone happy. She says that she’s officially decided to sign Terrell to the Knockout Roster which means she can get physical with anyone she wants whenever she wants including Gail! Terrell Spears Gail and then chasers her to the back!

Bully Ray walks out from the other side of the arena and approaches Brooke as her back is turned watching Terrell and Gail. Brooke screams at him and then Bully shows her his wedding ring and says “till death do us part.” Bully says “love ya honey” as she screams that she hates him.


More from Bully Ray as he says every good army has great soldiers. He says Aces & Eights is filled with guys that feel they were wronged. He says DOC & Knox became the muscle and he mentions how both Devon & Garett Bischoff actually came to Hulk to help him, but he turned his back to both of them. Footage of Devon & Garett offering their help to Hulk is shown. Ray says that Garett even came to Hulk’s side when he was trying to get rid of Garett’s father, but Hogan still brushed him off like a nobody. Footage of Hogan eliminating Garett from consideration in the TV Title after Devon was released from his contract and the belt was vacated. Garett’s face looking at Hulk (which I recall pointing out the way he looked at Hogan seemed a bit menacing at the time for a babyface). Ray says Wes Brisco’s father & uncle helped trained Hulk but he STILL made him pretty much beg for a job. Ray mentions that they took Mr. Anderson out and footage of him being laid out is shown, but Hulk didn’t even bother to go check on him. He says Anderson joining was a no brainer because he had it out for Hogan too. Ray says if you’re going to form a gang you have to get some leverage and you turn to your best friend which was Taz. Footage of when Hardy was attacked with the hammer before the UK tour is shown and Ray sarcastically asks who that was before revealing that it was actually him the whole time. Ray says D-Lo has been on the inside for them the whole time and mentions that he was a part of the TNA office giving him access to all of their secrets. Footage of the sit down meeting that Hogan & Dixie had with the agents is shown where D-Lo talks about having dealt with “guys like that” before and how he suggested they should just Aces & Eights in so they can keep an eye on them. Ray says that Hulk wanted Wes to earn his way into the company so they just used Kurt as footage of Kurt getting Wes is a Gut Check opportunity is shown. Ray reminds us that Wes was the first Gut Check competitor to win a match and that it was Garett that he beat. He says they made sure they had every advantage and takes credit for taking Al Snow out and D-Lo stepping up to be a judge. He says that once his title shot was signed, sealed, and delivered it was his decision to make sure that every member of Aces & Eights had been revealed to the world except just one, himself. He says the only thing left was the final part of the plan and Hogan never saw it coming.

Angle says the 4-Way tonight is the most important match he’s had in a year and a half because that’s how long it’s been since he was champion. He says that he wants to prove once again that he’s the best wrestler in the world and he wants to be the one that takes down Aces & Eights. He says that starts by winning back the title.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. Joseph Park

Morgan and Park lockup but Morgan just simply tosses Park away. They lockup again and Morgan tosses him into the ropes and taunts him. Park swings at Morgan but he ducks and shoves Park. Morgan offers Park a handshake and then acts like he’s going to hit Park causing him to flinch to Morgan’s delight. He calls Park a joke and shoves him which causes Park to shove him back! Morgan nails Park with a body shot and then kicks him in the head before clubbing him in the back with his forearm. Morgan nails Park with a back elbow and then whips him hard into the ropes before hitting a clothesline to the back. Morgan goes for a Splash in the corner but Park moves and then hits a series of body shots! Park hits the ropes but eats a Spinning Clothesline from Morgan! Morgan gets pissed and grabs Park before laying into him with a headbutt. Morgan rakes his face and then hangs him up in the ropes and stretches him out with a modified Surfboard. Morgan then goes for the Carbon Footprint but Park ducks and Morgan gets caught up crotch first in the ropes! Park bounces Morgan up and down on the top rope and then hits a series of strikes! Park hit’s a clothesline but Morgan doesn’t go down so Park bounces off the ropes with a Shoulder Block! Park climbs up top and dives off with an attempt at the Closing Argument (Diving Splash), but Morgan rolls out of the way and hit’s the Carbon Footprint! 1…2…3!

Winner: Morgan via pinfall (Carbon Footprint)

A clip of AJ’s return last week is shown. Tenay will interview AJ next.


In the back Jeff Hardy and says that he made the challenge tonight so that even if he’s not ready tonight someone will have the chance to take the belt back for TNA.

Mike Tenay introduces AJ Styles and the Phenomenal Emo makes his way down to the ring. AJ is wearing a hooded jacket out to the ring and he gets in Tenay’s face. Tenay says he’s known AJ for years and he’s called every single one of AJ’s matches in TNA, and he even considered themselves friends but he has to ask AJ about his actions in recent weeks. He asks AJ what the deal is but AJ just stares at him without saying a word. Tenay asks him about the rumors they’ve heard about drug use and alcohol abuse but AJ still just stares at him. Taz interrupts Tenay from the announce table and he says it’s pretty obvious that Tenay doesn’t know how to conduct an interview. Taz says he saw the video of AJ when the cameras went back to his hometown “in Mississippi or Louisiana or wherever the hell” he’s from when he was driving around on his “Moped” and life is about opportunities and he was talking to Bully Ray. He holds up a jacket that says “prospect” on it and he say he has a prospect cut for AJ and says he has to work his way up, maybe get the boys some beers or something. He says that he’s heard that AJ has been dabbling in alcohol already and says this is about opportunity and he can drop that “stinky ass moped” he’s driving and get a real bike with Aces & Eights.

James Storm’s music interrupts Taz’s horrible sales pitch there (insulting someone isn’t the best of recruiting them, Taz) and gets in the ring as AJ is now staring Taz down. Taz says AJ better stop staring at him. Storm asks if this is the new AJ Styles, a guy that can’t even turn around a look the man he sucker punched in the face. Storm comments about his hood and says he thinks he’s cool now but AJ continues to ignore him. Storm says he can be the new AJ Styles because the old AJ Styles was the type of guy that would tell you what he thought of him to his face. Storm gets in AJ’s face and says he can be the new AJ but Storm is still the same “ole cowboy.” Storm says AJ can think about sucker punching him again but when he thinks about it he’s going to knock his teeth down his throat and look at him and say “sorry bout yo damn luck!” Storm gets in AJ’s face but AJ just blankly stares at him. AJ turns around and walks away without saying a word. Storm screams at him and asks him why he’s walking away and he says everybody wants to know “why!”


Bully’s story continues and he says that Hogan didn’t trust him when he caught him with his daughter and when he suspended Ray all he did was drive Brooke deeper into his arms. He says that he knew that he would never want to disappoint Brooke so he used Sting to lure him in. Ray says the wedding was the perfect opportunity to get Hogan where he wanted him and that people ask him why he didn’t just reveal himself right then and there, but Bully says every great plan has an endgame. He says that he would never pass up the opportunity to let his boy Taz make an impact. He says that he knows what everyone is thinking, he got his ass kicked in that brawl too but Ray says he took a couple of shots for the team and asks “ain’t ya ever seen Goodfellas before?!” He says that everyone has to take a good beating once and awhile and he knew that if he got his ass kicked right in front of Hogan’s face he would have to trust him. He then shows Ray and Sting facing Aces & Eights and says that it was now Devon’s turn to take a beating for the team. He talks about the injury that kept him out of the title contention matches but he still manipulated the situation because he got Brooke to convince Hulk that he deserved the shot. He says he played to Hogan’s biggest weakness, his ego. He talks about Hogan teaming up with he and Sting in the UK and how that played to Hogan’s ego and that set it up perfectly for them to attack Hogan before the match and then Ray could go “rescue” Hulk while Sting got beaten in the ring. He says for 9 months he pulled up the biggest con in the history of wrestling.

Main Event
TNA World Title #1 Contenders Fatal 4-Way
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus

Hardy & Magnus pair off while Angle & Joe pair off each in a different corner. Joe slams Angle into the turnbuckles while Magnus puts the boots to Hardy in the opposite corner. Hardy comes back on Magnus with right hands and then Magnus shoves Hardy into a clothesline from Joe! Joe then clotheslines his former tag partner, Magnus, as well! Joe whips Angle into the corner and then lays into him with a Running Back Elbow followed by a Leaping Enziguri! Joe hit’s a Snapmare Takeover on Angle and then chops his back and follows up with a roundhouse kick followed by a Knee Drop for a nearfall. Hardy and Magnus brawl on the outside. Joe lights Angle up with a chop and then he tosses Angle out to the floor at the feet of Hardy & Magnus as they continue to brawl. Joe dives through the ropes with the Elbow Suicida onto all 3 men! A big “TNA” chant breaks out as Joe smiles at the carnage he just created.


Joe and Magnus are now going at it in the ring exchanging right hands. Angle comes in and knocks Joe out of the way and then lays into Magnus with a series of rights. Angle hits the ropes but Magnus drops down and as Angle leaps over him Joe catches him with an Atomic Drop! Magnus then nails Angle with the Mafia Kick followed by the Senton Backsplash from Joe! Magnus covers Angle but Joe pulls him off and nails Magnus with a series of forearms. Joe hits the ropes but Magnus leapfrogs him and runs into a huge Lariat from Magnus! Angle grabs Magnus and attempts to whip him into the ropes, but Magnus reverses it and goes for another Lariat. Angle ducks it but then walks into a High Knee from Magnus! Hardy dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body but Magnus catches him in midair and then lifts him into a Brainbuster! Magnus hit’s a series of Elbow Drops for a nearfall and then he puts Hardy immediately in a headlock. Joe and Angle are brawling around ringside now. Hardy breaks the hold with a series of elbows but as he tries to get away Magnus slams him to the mat by the hair. Magnus then hits a Running Back Elbow to the back of Hardy as he was hung up in the ropes. Magnus stomps on Hardy as a HUGE “We Want Angle-We Want Joe” starts up. As Joe tries to climb back in the ring Magnus kicks him repeatedly. Magnus then bounces off the ropes but eats a Running Back Elbow from Joe! Joe headbutts Magnus repeatedly and then hits the ropes but Magnus catches him with the MMD! Magnus grabs Hardy and slams him into the corner and then lays into him with a forearm smash. Magnus whips Hardy into the opposite corner but Hardy floats up into a Spinning Headscissors! Hardy then hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Leg Sweep and then a Leg Drop to the nuts followed by a Sliding Dropkick! Angle runs in but Hardy catches him and hit’s a Twist of Fate! Joe eats on as well! Hardy then hit’s a Twist of Fate on Magnus! Hardy climbs up top but Angle quickly leaps up with him! Hardy shoves Angle off but then Magnus shoves Hardy off the top Hardy’s leg actually gets caught up in the ropes in a painful spot! Angle nails Magnus with an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex and then he ducks a clothesline from Joe and hit’s him with a German Suplex! Angle puts Joe in the Ankle Lock! Joe rolls over and kicks Angle off sending him crashing into Magnus! Hardy comes flying out of nowhere with the Swanton Bomb on Joe! 1…2…3!

Winner: Hardy via pinfall (Swanton Bomb)

Replay of the action are shown and then Joe shakes Hardy’s hand in the ring. Joe points at Hardy and tells him to take care of business.

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