Rebooking The WWF: Week 21, 1993

On RAW, Big Bossman competes in singles action against Yokozuna. Also, Rick Martel wrestles Mr. Perfect in a King of the Ring Qualifying match. On Superstars, Ric Flair wrestles Marty Jannetty in singles action. Plus, a new tag team is coming. On Wrestling Challenge, Money Inc. do something dastardly. Also, Repo Man looks to repo the career of Crush!

WWF RAW 5/24/1993 (Manhattan, NY)
1. Yokozuna defeated Big Bossman in 3:09 following the Bonsai Drop. After the match, Yokozuna draped an American flag over Bossman before delivering a second Bonsai Drop. Bossman was put on a stretcher after Crush ran Yoko off.
2. Kings Court w/ Jeff Jarrett: Jerry Lawler conducted a interview with the undefeated Jeff Jarrett (only had one match). Jarrett tells Lawler it is a honor to be standing next to true royalty. Jarrett talks about coming to the WWF to expand his popularity from the country music scene to the world of wrestling. Jarrett is highly regarded in the country world and soon enough he will be mentioned along with the greats in the WWF. Lawler brings up how Jarrett has already rubbed people the wrong way with his attitude, which Lawler likes. Jarrett doesn’t care about the other people. Jarrett doesn’t need to wait his turn to win anything, because right now is his time. Eventually, Jim Neidhart makes his way out to the ring to shut Jarrett up. Neidhart suggests that Jarrett quickly learns a lesson in respect. Jarrett asks who Neidhart is and tells him that “the enhancement talent isn’t allowed to speak.” Neidhart doesn’t take that kindly and decks Jarrett. Lawler leaves the ring while Neidhart hammers away on Jarrett in a corner. Lawler returns to the ring to whack Neidhart over the head with his crown. Owen Hart comes out and springboards off the top rope to dropkick both Lawler and Jarrett! Owen checks on Neidhart while Jarrett and Lawler taunt Owen and Neidhart from the floor!
3. Randy Savage defeated Barry Horowitz in 1:45 following a top rope elbow drop. During the bout, Razor Ramon shared some pre-tape comments where he challenged Savage to one more match.
4. the Quebecers defeated PJ Walker/Steve King in 2:56 when Pierre pinned Walker following a top rope senton splash.
5. Crush Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Crush. Crush is still not happy with Yokozuna going around injuring his friends. Crush knows that he got a win over Yoko at the last SNME but Crush isn’t going to be happy until he puts Yoko on the shelf!
6. Mr. Perfect defeated Rick Martel in 10:54 following the Perfect Plex to advance in the King of the Ring Tournament.

WWF Superstars 5/29/1993
1. Shawn Michaels defeated Russ Greenberg in 1:04 following a super kick.
2. Smoking Gunns Vignette: Billy and Bart Gunn are coming to the WWF soon!
3. Steiner Brothers defeated Scott Taylor/Brooklyn Brawler in 2:57 when Scott pinned Brawler. During the bout, pre-tape comments by Money Inc. were aired. DiBiase made it clear that they are going to use their intelligence, once again, to beat the Steiner Brothers at the King of the Ring.
4. WWF Intercontinental Champion Tatanka defeated Louie Spicolli in 1:43 following a Samoan Drop. After the match, Shawn Michaels ran down and super kicked Tatanka. Michaels posed with the championship before being led out of the ring by officials.
5. Bret Hart Interview: Jim Ross conducted a interview with the WWF World Champion, Bret Hart. Hart talks about how he is always the underdog and people are expecting him to lose the championship to Bigelow but Hart is determined to prove everyone wrong. Ross tries to continue the interview, but Bam-Bam Bigelow ends up coming out and attacking Hart. Hart tried to fight Bigelow off but was stopped with a huge over head belly to belly suplex. Bigelow ended up taking the top turnbuckle pad off and rammed Hart back first into the turnbuckle several times. Bigelow puts Hart in the tree of woe and chokes Hart from the floor until several officials and lower card talent run down to pull Bigelow away. Bigelow leaves clearly happy injuring the champion.
6. Ric Flair defeated Marty Jannetty in 6:24 with the figure four leg lock. After the match, Flair refuses to let go of the hold. Mr. Perfect runs down to the ring and attacks Flair who is tied up, obviously. Perfect gets several shots on Flair before Flair rolls to the floor and exits through the crowd. Perfect remains in ring saying he will get Flair in the ring to beat him like he knows he can.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 5/30/1993
1. WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc. defeated Terry Austin/George South in 2:33 when IRS pinned Austin. After the match, Money Inc. are attacked by the Steiner Brothers on the aisle way. IRS manages to send Rick Steiner head first into the ring post and enters the ring to help DiBiase. IRS has his briefcase and smashes Scott right in the face with it. Money Inc. quickly bailed to the floor as officials run down with a towel, to absorb Scott’s bloody face!
2. Owen Hart Interview: Jim Ross conducted a interview with Owen Hart. Owen’s focus is Rick Martel, a man he has been having issues with for several months. Owen issues a challenge to Martel for a match on RAW. Owen wants to show Martel that he isn’t just Bret Hart’s little brother and that he can fight with the best of them!
3. Razor Ramon defeated the Kamikaze Kid in 1:39 following the Razors Edge.
4. Paul Bearer Video: Paul Bearer hopes that Bam-Bam Bigelow hasn’t forgotten about his Undertaker because the Undertaker will be coming back to put Bigelow six feet underground. Bearer goes to a building to check on the Undertaker’s casket or “resting place” but the casket is open and the Undertaker is missing. Bearer proclaims that the Undertaker is on his way sooner than he had thought. Bearer warns Bigelow to watch his back!
5. Crush defeated Repo Man in 4:42 with the Kona Vice. During the bout, Jim Cornette shared some pre-tape comments. Cornette issues a challenge to Crush to a flag match. Cornette says that Yokozuna wants to destroy another American hero and wave the Japanese flag proudly over another fallen hero.
6. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Koko B. Ware in 4:29 following a top rope head butt.

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