PWX Rise of a Champion VII Night Two 2/25/2012

Written by: Bob Colling

Premier Wrestling Xperience presents Rise of a Champion VII Night Two
From: Charlotte, NC

The Briscoe Brothers open the show by coming down to the ring to cut a promo. Jay says they are the baddest tag team in the country and notes they are competing against Caleb Konley and Cedric Alexander. Jay points out Cedric’s family. He tells Cedric’s mother that she better give him a kiss because they are going to kick his ass tonight. Jay calls them out right now to compete against them in tag team action. 7OH!4 come down but security and officials prevent them from entering the ring. Jay says Cedric is going to need a kiss from his mother after the ass kicking he is going to get tonight.

Opening Contest: Adam Page vs. Mike Posey: Both men try to get pins in the opening moments of the bout but neither man can get a three count. Page dropkicks Posey for a near fall and gets the first offensive advantage. Page chops Posey in the corner to keep the advantage in his favor. Posey sends Page shoulder first into the ring post to get the upper hand Posey focuses his attack on Page’s left arm and shoulder. Posey has an arm lock on Page and hits a sling shot leg drop from the apron into the ring for a near fall. Page is upside down in the corner where Posey hits a slingshot dropkick in the corner. Posey drives Page shoulder first into the corner a few times and has a crowbar submission locked in but can’t get the submission victory. Page drops Posey with right hands and a powerslam. Page yanks Posey off the middle rope to deliver a kick to the chest for a near fall. Posey hits an elevated spinning sit out slam. Posey comes off the top but misses a leg drop. Posey gets out of a powerbomb to hit an arm breaker for a near fall. Page kicks Posey on the top rope and hits the backpack Stunner to win the match. (**3/4. I believe this is the same Mike Posey that was a referee for TNA back in their early days. The match was a good opener as they both put on a solid showing. PWX seems to be able to start their shows off on the right foot which is always important.)

Second Contest: Lucky 7 Fray: Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. and Nick Richards start the match off. Funk takes Richards over with a butterfly suplex. Arik Royal runs down and jabs Funk several times. Royal dropkicks Funk and slingshots Richards from the apron into the ring where Richards clotheslines Funk. Funk is suplexed by both men and Royal gets a two count. Wolfman is the next man to come out to the match. Wolfman knee lifts Richards from behind to prevent a dive. Zane Riley comes down and tosses Royal into the ring post. Wolfman pins Richard to eliminate him. Royal fights off the three heels in the ring with left hands. Craig Huffman is the next entrant in the match. This is more or less just a brawl in the ring. John Riggs is the last entrant and he cleans house. Riggs pins Wolfman after a full nelson slam. Riggs backdrops Huffman and hits a spear and a clothesline. Zane Riley and Funk hit an atomic drop/clothesline combo to eliminate Riggs. Arik Royal pins Huffman after a tackle. Royal rolls Funk up and pins him. It’s down to Riley and Royal. Funk is in the ring angry with the loss. Funk has his cowbell as Riley goes for a pump handle slam. Funk hits Riley with the cowbell and Royal gets the win. (1/2*. The attack by Funk on Riley seemed to be obvious as they had some miscommunications during the weekend. The match was boring in general. They just brawled and wasn’t entertaining.) After the match, Funk pretends to make up with Riley and decks him with a big clothesline. They brawl to the backstage area.

Third Contest: Marcellus King vs. Ernie Osiris: King kind of looks like Bad News Brown. Ernie uses his speed to avoid making contact with King in the opening moments. King takes Ernie down and does pushups on Ernie’s back. By the way, the referee is a female. The fans start to chant “Bad News Brown” I knew it! King nails Ernie with a back elbow and delivers a right hand. Ernie fights back with a few kicks and strikes. King hits a discus clothesline and a jumping double knee strike. King comes off the ropes to hit a running big boot in the corner but Ernie won’t stay down. King gets a near fall after a spinning back suplex. King blocks a head scissors attempt and hits a running powerslam for a two count. King drives Ernie down to the canvas with a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. King misses a splash in the corner and Ernie hits a spinning elbow in the corner. King catches Ernie on a handspring attempt and King has a bear hug locked in. Ernie tries to fight out of the bear hug but King keeps the hold on. Ernie can’t knock Marcellus off his feet with forearm strikes but nearly wins with a sunset flip! Ernie attempted a fireman carry but King counters. Ernie heads to the top rope but comes off to superkick King. Ernie has King up with the fireman carry and hits the TKO but can’t get the win! There are five minutes left in the time limit. King brings Ernie off the top with a superplex but only manages to get a near fall. King misses a top rope moonsault! Ernie goes to the top rope and hits the springboard moonsault. A masked man named Circo breaks up the count and King manages to hit a swinging backbreaker for the win. (**1/2. A decent match as Ernie plays the role of the underdog really well. I didn’t like the finish, though. I feel like King is good enough to have been able to win the match cleanly. I’m still surprised to see Ernie competing rather well. I never would have thought that considering he doesn’t or didn’t do much in ROH.)

Fourth Contest: Corey Hollis, Chip Day, & Chiva Kid vs. Mr. Elite Drew Myers, Trevor Lee & Ben Tyler: Chiva Kid and Ben Tyler kick off the match. Chiva ties himself up in the ropes and is kicked by Tyler. Chiva sends Tyler to the floor with a standing hurricanrana. Hollis enters and tosses Tyler away after a lock up. Myers enters and does some mat wrestling with Hollis. They are doing some quality mat wrestling in the early stages of the match. Hollis dropkicks Myers and Myers rolls to his corner and Lee tags in. Chip Day tags in and Lee kicks Day right on the back of the neck. They trade some stiff kicks with Day getting the better of the exchange. Myers misses a running attack and goes to the floor. Hollis and Day hit double suicide dives on the floor. Chiva dropkicks Tyler off the apron onto Myers and Lee. Chiva hits an excellent dive over the top rope to the floor! Myers stops Day with a big boot back in the ring. Day is being worked over in the corner by all three heels. Day and Lee trade a series of forearm shots. Day knocks Lee silly with a spinning kick to the face. Chiva hits a springboard dropkick on Myers and Tyler. The action breaks down and Chiva is shoved off the top by Lee sending Chiva to the floor and lands chest first across the guard railing. Chiva is double teamed by Tyler and Lee for a moment. Lee hits a spinning heel kick on Chiva to keep the advantage in their favor. Myers hits an overhead belly to belly suplex on Chiva as the heels continue to control the bout. Chiva hits Lee with a reverse hurricanrana and Hollis gets the hot tag. Hollis cleans house! Hollis slams Myers down and nearly wins with a running uppercut to a seated Myers. Tyler drops Hollis with a swinging neckbreaker. Day kicks Tyler right on the side of the head. Chiva plants Lee with a hurricanrana. Hollis hits a flipping reverse neckbreaker on Myers. Chiva comes off the top to hit a shooting star press and Hollis pins Myers for the win! (***1/2. Well, that was a really good match and is the best match I’ve seen on the two PWX shows I’ve watched. Chiva Kid is a great worker. Aside from Myers, I could see all the men in this match being involved with more well known companies. Hollis could be a future star for ROH. A really good six man match.)

Fifth Contest: Corey Havoc & Joey Janella vs. The Great Outdoorsmen: These two teams had a brawl at the end of the last show setting up this match. Manning and Janella start off the tag match. Janella wants to do a test of strength but they don’t end up doing it. Manning runs over Janella with a shoulder block. Havoc doesn’t want to tag in and wants Janella to get work done. Janella hammers away on Manning in the corner. Manning drops both heels with a right hand and takes Joey down with a suplex. Jake slams Redwood onto Joey for a near fall. Redwood drives Joey down with a bulldog while Joey was on his knees. Redwood avoids Joey in the corner but is crotched on the top by Havoc. Havoc decides to tag in and stomps away on Redwood. Havoc scoop slams Redwood and slaps Manning on the apron. Havoc enters legally and continues to have control over Redwood. Havoc hits an exploder suplex but only gets a two count. Janella comes off the top to strike Redwood in the midsection. Manning gets tagged in and cleans house. Manning hits a DDT/Death Valley Driver combo on the heels for a near fall on Havoc. Jake accidentally knocks Redwood off the apron and is attacked by Joey and Corey from behind. Manning plants Joey with a backbreaker/Flatliner after Havoc is sent to the floor for a two count. Redwood spears Joey from the apron into the ring. Joey brings Redwood into the ring with a suplex from the apron. Havoc hits a middle rope powerbomb on Redwood but Manning breaks up the cover. Janella tags in but Havoc is annoyed with that. Joey misses a moonsault after taunting the fans. Manning is tagged in but Havoc drops Jake with an STO. Jake sends Havoc to the floor. Manning misses a slingshot dive to the floor. Redwood sends Janella into Havoc and Manning rolls Joey up for the win. (***. Some good action throughout in this match. Manning and Redwood make a really good team and carried the match to a respectable level.)

Sixth Contest: PWX Heavyweight Champion Rhett Titus vs. Roderick Strong: Strong rolls Titus up in the early moments but only gets a two count. These two are just doing really basic wrestling and for some reason Rhett is looking bad tonight. Strong chops Titus several times in the corner. Strong hits a dropkick as the champ came off the ropes. Strong rams Rhett head first into the turnbuckle from the apron but as he steps in Rhett kicks the middle rope to low blow Strong. Titus rams Strong back first into the guard railing. Titus kicks Strong in the midsection as well. Titus beats Strong down with strikes until Roderick hip tosses the champ. Titus dropkicks Strong as he was seated for a two count. Titus stops Strong with a big boot in the corner as the challenger charged towards him. Roderick takes Titus over with a back suplex. Strong atomic drops Titus into a corner and hits a side slam for a near fall. Joey Janella comes out but is kicked off the apron by Strong. Strong knees Titus and hits an Olympic Slam for a near fall. Corey Havoc runs out but Strong knocks Havoc off the apron. Strong drops the champ with a kick but only gets a near fall. Amber O’Neal trips Strong as he runs the ropes and Titus nearly wins following a big boot/clothesline combo. Roderick kicks Titus in the corner and delivers a gut buster but Titus gets his boot on the bottom rope. Strong spanks O’Neal in the middle of the ring. Titus low blows Strong and hits a jumping DDT to get the win. (*1/2. I thought it was a boring match as Titus didn’t do anything overly good when he controlled the match. It was good to see Titus get a pin fall over Strong as it gives the PWX Champion a credible win. So, that was something good out of the match. I was personally bored during the match.)

Main Event: 7OH!4 vs. The Briscoe Brothers: All four men brawl in the ring to start the match with Alexander and Konley hitting backdrops on the Briscoe Brothers. They are on the floor where Alexander sends Mark into the ring post. Konley and Alexander hit a kick/Flatliner combo on Jay. 7OH!4 have gotten the better of the Briscoe Brothers in the opening stages of the match. Cedric takes them out with a suicide dive and Konley follows up with a springboard moonsault to the floor! Konley and Jay start off the contest legally. Mark quickly tags in to hit Konley with a big boot. Konley is being worked over by the Briscoe Brothers while Cedric Alexander tried to get involved but was just distracting the referee. Briscoe Brothers shoulder block Konley and Jay keeps the advantage with a series of chops. Konley tags in Alexander who drops Jay with a dropkick. Jay stops Alexander with a low blow and Mark tags in. Mark connects with a vertical suplex and a falling fist drop. Jay clotheslines Cedric in the corner and delivers a low dropkick. Mark comes off the middle rope to hit a senton splash on Alexander. Cedric kicks the Briscoe Brothers and Konley hits a springboard dropkick to clean house. Konley with a German suplex on Mark. Konley plants Jay with a tornado DDT! Superkick/German suplex combo on Jay. Mark dropkicks Caleb into the corner. Cedric his a facebuster on Mark but Jay enters and nails Cedric with a big clothesline. Konley shoves Mark off the top rope and Konley hip tosses Jay into the corner. Rhett Titus has come down to ringside. Konley gets distracted and Alexander is superkicked. The Briscoe Brothers hit the Doomsday Device on Cedric. Mark covers and gets the win! After the match, Caleb Konley gets the microphone and says he respects the Briscoe Brothers. They will be ready for them the next time they are in the 704. They want to shake hands but Corey Havoc and Joey Janella come in and attack them. Security runs out but are dumped to the floor. The locker room empties and the rest of the babyfaces make the save. Roderick Strong gets his hands on Titus for a moment. Roderick Strong plants Caleb Konley and Cedric Alexander with two piledrivers. Titus has Jimmy Jack Funk Jr’s cowbell and starts choking Cedric with it. Titus hangs Cedric over the top rope! A fan has tossed a chair into the ring! It may have been Cedric’s family who tossed the chair in. (***. An alright main event, but I was expecting something more out of these two teams. The announcers could be overheard asking if it was a street fight and I feel like that would have been much better. Since there was a bounty on the babyfaces, the stipulation would have brought more emotion out of the contest. This was rather just a standard match that had a few high spots thrown in.)

Backstage, Rhett Titus cuts a promo saying that he rose to the occasion. Titus says Cedric Alexander can’t hang with him. Titus has the next time he sees Alexander he hopes he doesn’t choke.

Final Thoughts:
A better show than night one as this seemed to have a stronger lineup on paper. Titus/Strong was a disappointment but the six man tag match really impressed me and shows me that PWX has several local talents that can produce quality matches for them. A good show by PWX and a great weekend of shows for them.

Thanks for reading.

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