PWX Rise of a Champion VII Night One 2/24/2012

Written by: Bob Colling

Premier Wrestling Xperience presents Rise of a Champion VII Night One
From: York, SC

Opening Contest: Joey Janella vs. Chiva Kid: Joey works over Chiva with a uppercut in the opening moments of the contest. Chiva hits a springboard cross body on Joey, who bails to the floor. Chiva is yanked off the apron and lands face first on the apron. Joey gets a near fall back in the ring. Chiva is attacked by Corey Havoc on the floor behind the referees back. Joey delivers a back suplex and a falling fist drop for a near fall. Joey drops Chiva with a series of strikes and hits a modified vertical suplex. Chiva splashes Joey in the corner and rolls through a sunset flip to deliver a kick. Joey comes off the top to hit a missile dropkick but Chiva kicks out! Joey hits a series of elbow drops for a two count. Chiva stops Joey with a dropkick for a near win. Joey blocks a standing moonsault by getting his knees up. Joey counters a hurricanrana with a roll up but switches to a crossface! Chiva is forced to give up. (**1/2. A fine match to kick off the show. These two kept a good pace to the match and worked well together. It’s good to see some local talent putting on good matches. Hopefully that keeps up throughout the show.)

Second Contest: Zane Riley & Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. vs. Corey Hollis & Chip Day: Hollis and Day take Riley and Funk out with duel suicide dive on the floor! That’s a good way to kick off the match. Funk and Hollis kick off the match with Hollis working on Funk with right hands in the corner. Hollis uses his speed to get out of a press slam to deliver an arm drag. Riley tags in after Funk gets control with a head butt. Riley drop toe holds Hollis across the bottom rope. Hollis is tied up in the ropes upside down but Day distracts Riley to allow Hollis to recover and hit a quick dropkick. Day rolls Riley up for a near fall after tagging in. Day nails Riley with a running kick to the chest and Riley comes back with a kick to Day’s back. Day is worked over by Funk who misses a splash in the corner. Funk plants Day with a DDT but only gets a near fall. Funk follows up with a double under hook suplex and tags out to Riley. Riley knocks Day to the floor where Funk sends Day into the guard railing. Funk hits a knee drop from off the middle rope and tags in Riley again. Riley rakes Day’s eyes across the top rope. Day has been double teamed for several minutes now. Funk decides to hit a handstand splash, which just looked a little silly to me. Funk stops Day with a back drop. Riley gets a near fall after a snap suplex. Riley drives Day down to the canvas with a spinning back suplex but misses a cannonball splash in the corner. Hollis finally gets the hot tag and cleans house with dropkicks and a overhead suplex on Funk for a two count. Funk comes off the ropes and hits Riley off the apron on accident. Hollis hits a nice reverse neckbreaker into a backstabber. Day connects with a double knee strike off the top and Hollis gets the pin! (**1/2. Another solid match between two local teams. Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. seems to be a great old school type heel and comes across like a solid wrestler. Hollis and Day are a really good fast pace team and Day took a fine beating. The hot tag was lacking with Hollis, but the match as still entertaining.)

Third Contest: Ernie Osiris vs. Mr. Elite Drew Myers: They start off with some mat wrestling where neither man gets an advantage for too long. Ernie takes Myers down with a series of arm drags and a dropkick sending Myers to the floor. Ernie follows Myers to the floor and they run around the ring. Ernie misses a dropkick due to Myers holding the ropes but Ernie drops Drew with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Myers catches Ernie in the corner and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Myers gets another two count with a snap suplex. Myers gets out of a sunset flip pin attempt and connects with a quick clothesline. Myers misses a splash in the corner and Ernie superkicks Myers in the corner! Ernie hits a nice flipping powerbomb of sorts for a two count. Myers nearly wins with a German suplex. Ernie rolls through a second suplex attempt. Myers stops Ernie on the top but Ernie knocks Myers off the middle rope. Ernie hits a double jump moonsault for the win! (**1/4. Wow, that finish was something I was not expecting from Ernie. The final couple of minutes saw some good action but prior to that these two seemed to be not clicking very well. Not an awful match between these two, though.)

Before the next match, Roderick Strong decides to rip the fans. Strong heads to the backstage area because the fans won’t be quiet. Strong comes back but continues to rip on the fans. Strong tells Page that he is never going to get his respect. Roderick is going to teach Page a lesson.

Fourth Contest: Roderick Strong vs. Adam Page: They start off rather slowly with Strong bailing to the floor after Page had a wrist lock on Strong. Page takes Strong down to the mat and gets a two count. Strong prevents his shoulders from going down by bridging out of the hold. Page tosses Roderick to the floor where Strong goes back to stalling. Page arm drags Strong several times but this is a rather slow and uneventful start to the match. Page monkey flips Strong out of the corner and hammers away on Roderick with ten punches. Roderick crotches Page on the middle rope and hits a backstabber for a two count! Strong works over Page with a series of strikes in the corner before sending Page hard into the corner. Roderick delivers a backbreaker for a near fall and locks in a chin lock with his knee pressed on Adam’s lower back. Strong dropkicks Page for a two count. Strong dumps Page to the floor. Strong delivers a huge chop and drops Adam chest first across the guard railing. Roderick throws Page side first into the ring post as well! Page rolls back into the ring and is stomped several times by Roderick. Page counters a suplex with a kick to the side of Roderick’s head. Page hits a snap powerslam but Strong head butts Adam in the midsection. Page takes Strong over with a German suplex for a near fall. Page heads to the top rope but Strong cuts him off. Page punches Strong off the middle rope but misses a diving head butt. Strong goes for the cover but only gets a near fall. Roderick hammers away on Page in the corner with a series of chops. Strong hits a running knee in the corner and hits an Olympic Slam for a two count. Strong gets a Boston Crab on Page, but Adam reaches the bottom rope quickly. Page counters a gut buster for a near fall. Page nails Roderick with a superkick and heads to the top rope. Page hits a diving head butt for a two count only! Strong counters the backpack Stunner to hit a forearm shot. Page counters a roll up for a two count. Roderick nearly wins with a gut buster and goes back to the Boston Crab. Page rolls Roderick up for a near win. Roderick counters a pin attempt with a Boston Crab with his knee right on Adam’s back. Page is forced to tap out. (**1/2. They got plenty of time, but it wasn’t incredible or anything. The finish was rather dull and the crowd didn’t even know Page tapped out it seemed like. I was expecting a little bit better from these two since Page is considered a top prospect on the independent scene.)

Backstage, Roderick Strong cuts a promo on Page. Strong thinks Page was begging for a beating. Strong suggests that what he will do to Adam next will be far worst.

Fifth Contest: The Briscoe Brothers vs. The Great Outdoorsmen (Jake Manning & Grizzly Redwood): Redwood and Mark kick off the contest. They trade shoves until Redwood takes Mark over with a head scissors take down Mark nails Redwood with a big boot to put a stop to his offense. Manning gets the tag as does Jay. Manning gets the better of Jay with a shoulder block and a side Russian leg sweep. Manning slams Redwood onto Jay for a near fall. Manning dropkicks Jay’s knee and Redwood hits a bulldog. Manning tosses Mark to the floor and Jay is sent over the top as well. Redwood takes Mark out with a suicide dive. Jay drives Manning down to the canvas with a spine buster. Mark suplexs Redwood on the apron as all four men are brawling on the floor for a moment. Jay dropkicks Manning for a two count back in the ring. Mark hits a swanton bomb on Manning from the middle rope and tosses Redwood to the floor. Mark clotheslines Manning in the corner and hits a belly to belly suplex. Jay tags back into the match but Manning hits a cross body from off the middle rope. Redwood gets the hot tag and hammers away on Jay. Redwood leaps off the middle rope to hit a Thez Press. Briscoe Brothers double team Redwood while Manning tries to help but is just distracting the referee. Redwood is tossed across the ring and gets good height on that. Mark has a sleeper on Redwood but Redwood breaker free with a jaw breaker. Jay drives Redwood down to the canvas with a vertical suplex. Redwood rolls Jay up for a near win. Mark and Manning get the hot tags. Manning drops Mark with a series of clotheslines. Jake hits a DDT/Flatliner combo on the Briscoe Brothers for a near fall! Redwood comes from off the apron to spear Mark but Jay nails Redwood with a big boot. Jake and Jay begin to exchange forearm shots. Jay clotheslines Jake over the top to the floor. Jay sends Jake face first into the ring post. Mark drives Redwood down with a Death Valley Driver. Jake has been busted wide open while Redwood hits a tornado DDT on Mark! Redwood has a choke hold on Mark and the referee calls for the bell. (***1/4. This was a good match but the finish was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. Manning was bleeding from the forehead and thus the match had to be stopped due to South Carolina commission. The match was really good and these four worked very well together. Redwood can really wrestle and put on a good show when given the chance and Manning is underrated on the independent scene nowadays. But, that finish is just awful.) After the match, Manning says he will meet the Briscoe Brothers where there aren’t rules and that’s a promise!

Backstage, the Briscoe Brothers cut a promo on the match. Mark doesn’t care about Manning and says he looks stupid. Jay thinks the win is all that matters. We hear from the Great Outdoorsmen. Manning considers the cut just a scratch. Manning shows his broken finger which is black. Manning is determined to prove they are the better men!

Caleb asks Corey Havoc what he is doing with Rhett Titus. Konley asks Havoc when is he going to be his own man and not hangout with Titus. Well, it looks like Havoc is wanting the championship.

Main Event: PWX Heavyweight Champion Rhett Titus vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Caleb Konley vs. Corey Havoc: Titus and Havoc have an alliance while Alexander and Konley are a tag team called 7OH!4. Havoc clotheslines Konley and Alexander to open the bout. Titus tosses Caleb to the floor. Alexander is worked over by Titus in the corner and hits a clothesline. Alexander is slammed down to the canvas by Havoc and Titus. Konley tries to get in to help Cedric but Titus knocks him off the apron several times. Caleb nails Havoc with a springboard dropkick to finally get back in the match. Titus is being prevented from entering the ring as Havoc is double teamed with a double side Russian leg sweep. Konley nearly wins with a seated clothesline on Havoc. Titus is sent to the floor again by Caleb and Alexander. Cedric gets a near fall on Havoc with a standing moonsault. Havoc is being chopped over and over again. Rhett gets back in the ring but leaves and pulls Konley to the floor. Alexander takes both men out on the floor with a flip dive over the top! Alexander misses a top rope cross body on Havoc. Havoc tosses Alexander over with an overhead toss. Havoc drives his knee into Alexander’s back and hits a Northern lights suplex for a two count. Titus and Havoc work over Alexander with Konley laid out on the floor. Titus sends Konley into the guard railing with baseball slide. Havoc splashes Alexander for a near fall. Alexander counters a double suplex attempt by hitting a neckbreaker on Titus and Konley takes Havoc out with a top rope cross body! Cedric side slams Rhett. Havoc enters the ring and whacks Alexander and Konley with a steel chair. Havoc has been disqualified and that leaves Titus alone. Rhett tried to cover both men but only got two counts. Cedric drops Titus with a spinning kick but only gets a near fall! Cedric hits the Code Breaker on Titus but Alexander hits Konley with a superkick on accident. Titus spikes Cedric with a brainbuster and has been eliminated. The announcers didn’t know it was an elimination match. Wow, Konley is simply counted out. (**1/2. Well, the action was okay but the finish was lackluster again. Konley was just stalking Amber O’Neal on the outside and wasn’t paying attention. It looks like there is some tension between Cedric and Konley or a split is being teased it seems like. A fine match to close the show but wasn’t anything to get overly excited about.) After the match, Havoc and Joey Janella come out to attack Konley and Alexander. Cedric and Konley make a comeback and knock Havoc and Janella down. All four men brawl while Titus is sitting on the top turnbuckle. Jake Manning has come down to help along with Grizzly Redwood. The Briscoe Brothers run down and attack Konley and Cedric from behind. Rhett paid them $500 to take out Alexander and Konley. Roderick Strong runs out and attacks Titus. Titus bails from the floor and runs backstage. Strong calls Titus a chicken shit and says he is going to take the belt and smack his woman around! That was interesting since Roderick was playing the heel role. It was as if they were making Roderick play the face role to close the show. Just an odd ending there, I thought.

Final Thoughts:
There wasn’t anything on this show that I would consider to be bad. The matches were all decent and had some entertaining value to them. The tag match involving the Briscoe Brothers and the Great Outdoorsmen was the match of the night and showed Grizzly Redwood is very capable in the ring. I’m going to give the show a slight thumbs up. The whole show was consistently good.

Thanks for reading.

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