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WWF Superstars 9/29/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Hershey, PA

1.)Legion of Doom defeated Todd Cumberledge & Bobby Salsa
2.)Tugboat defeated The Conquistador
3.)Power & Glory defeated Mark Thomas & Rico Frederico
4.)Rick Rude defeated Glen Ruth
5.)Sgt. Slaughter defeated Sonny Blaze
6.)The Bushwhackers defeated Pez Whatley & Scott Coloantonio

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Vince McMahon is wearing a hat that is similar to a Hersey kiss. Yeah, only in the WWF.

2. Big Bossman confronted Bobby Heenan on Wrestling Challenge. Heenan was on commentary when Bossman stopped over to the table and told Heenan that he should stop insulting his mother. Heenan is telling Bossman that it was just a joke. Bossman grabs Bobby’s arm and yells at him some more. Bossman handcuffs Heenan and chokes him for a moment. Bossman tosses Heenan off the podium to the floor! Bossman is now dragging Heenan a little bit! Bossman handcuffs Heenan to the guard railing at ringside. Heenan remained there for a couple of matches until Rick Rude came out and helped Heenan. Rude demands McMahon go get the key and wants a piece of Bossman.

3. After Tugboat’s match he brings out Hulk Hogan! Hogan comes down to the ring and makes his first appearance on Superstars since SummerSlam. Tugboat will have Hogan by his side to look out for Earthquake and Dino Bravo.

4. Rick Rude is gone from the WWF. However, this match was taped during a taping in August 1990.

5. Brother Love introduces his guest this week, Dusty Rhodes! Rhodes believes is integrity, honesty and fate among others. Rhodes believes that he is going to kick Ted DiBiase’s butt! Dusty believes in the American Dream! Well, that was all he had to offer.

Final Thoughts:
The segment involving Bossman and Heenan from Wrestling Challenge was entertaining, I thought. Plus, the appearance by Hogan was surprising but didn’t offer a lot to the show. A below average episode this week.

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