WCW Nitro 10/23/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Talk about some fucking dedication! My laptop shit out on me. My old Desktop is a mess and will not connect to the Internet. I found my old laptop and hooked this bitch up. Oh sure it is struggling but damn if I am not going to give it the old college try. Plus, being a teacher pays so fucking little I cannot afford another computer. I am a tad bitter right now. But got this fucking thing working and hopefully about to rumble. One other thing: I have not changed the picture on the home page in two years. You know what, I hate fancy pictures and shit, so it is a relic like me. I figure why interrupt the reading with some dumb ass picture of Hogan and the Warrior making love? Nope, not this guy. Nitro stayed at a 2.2 but the second hour fell a point to a 1.8 while RAW received a nice boost to a 5.5 off a 5 and 6. I better get this bitch rolling. I had to pry open my DVD drive and I cannot get wireless so I have cords coming out of my posterior. Wife will not appreciate the mess. But it is her job to clean it! Hope she does not ever read this….

Recap of the Australian Tour. Back to the gyms! Holy shit, it just shut down on me but it had to install updates and get my virus thingy up to date. Just took awhile and I cleaned a bit. Yeah, I am a puss.

They are in Little Rock and the crowd is not bad.

Match 1: Palumbo and Stasiak v. Harris Boys

This is a crowd killer. Palumbo is doing the lion share of the work and he and Stasiak argue and Stasiak leaves and Palumbo is getting manhandled. It is over and Harris’ win.

*1/2 Angle advancement.

Nash was at the announce table. Stasiak pushes him and Nash chokes him out and Palumbo pulls him off. Nash is going to give Stasiak some tough love tonight.

Sanders talks about becoming the Commish at the PPV and talks for a bit and then says he is out.

Gene is in the ring and he calls out Booker who gets a great reception. It has been a rollercoaster ride for Booker the last few months. This is why he does it no matter the cost and being on the rode. He does it to be with the fans and for them. He has respect for Steiner but as a man he sucks! He rhymes about getting some and at Havoc he will have the fans behind him and when it is all over with: Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game! Here comes Steiner! He does not understand that jive and does not understand saving the drama for his momma as she collects her welfare check and then gets a buck 95 an hour on the street corner. He will kick his ass at the PPV. Booker wants him now and the fight is on. JJ comes out to help Steiner and so does Sting and not the locker room clears! Awesome goes after Steiner and has to be pulled off….a premonition to next Monday as Awesome gets a title shot. Order is finally restored.

Sanders is in the ring and he has a sparring helmet on. He is not happy about the Cat running his mouth all the time. Sanders is from the baddest place in America and not the Cat and he will give an exhibition and out come the Dragons.

Match 2: Mike Sanders (c) v. Jung Dragons

This has crap written all over it. Sanders is wetting his gloves down. It is alcohol and he is kknocks out two of them with it as it gets in their eyes. They get in some blows but the third goes down. Leia Meow nuts him but he has a cup and is going to rub it in his face and Ms. Jones distracts and Cat comes in from behind and kicks off his head.

*1/2 Angle advancement.

Kronik is in the ring. This thing with Goldberg started out as business but it has become more personal. He goes off on Goldberg and his Streak can stick it and they will win. If Goldberg happens to win then he will be the baddest man on the planet. Three Count comes out and they paid Kronik so they can sing. They try to speak black about their fans and ladies and their music. They will play the rest of the entire show and that upsets Kronik and they beat up Count and it is a brief match….


Paulshock is talking to Nash about Stasiak. He does not give up on some like unlike this company. Stasiak quotes the Last Temptation of Christ and goes on about really nothing. He is upset as Hall received is walking papers and he assures us that this Outsiders gimmick is not a work and they will run again.

MIA comes out dressed as Team Canada and is making fun of them. Canada has never lost a war because they have never been in one. No sex scandals because all the politicians are virgins. A-Wall keeps saying USA because he cannot spell Canada. Loco acts black and mocks the CFL. Pretty funny. Rection goes back to himself and will tear up Storm and get the belt back just like he just took his dignity.

Awesome is talking about Steiner and how he just beat him up. They will face off tonight.

Match 3: Sean Stasiak v. Kevin Nash

First, Nash is pretending this is a shoot and a work and talking aboue he and Hall and how great they were. Since Stasiak wants to be alone he will stand alone. Goldberg!!

Fans have been calling for him a lot tonight and the place is erupting. He comes out and gets fucking demolished.

** Fuck it. The crowd was hot and I am in a Goldberg mood.

He has the mic and is pacing as Stasiak does not move. He has six days until he gets to Kronik and he is going to drive their asses into the mat. And at Havoc they are both next!

He motions for the title….Oh well.

Match 4: Boogie Knights v.

Disco talks about something that has been bugging him for a while and that is who let the dogs out! He will find out whom and where they went. The fans are speechless. Wright is fighting Kidman and Jindrak and I think all three teams face off at Havoc.

Jindrak is doubleteamed. Wright knocks down Kidman and he is dropped. Jindrak takes on Kidman until he is German suplexed by Wright. Kidman stops the count and hammers Wright, places him up top but he is picked up by Jindrak and spiked. Wright connects with a big missile kick and nearly pins Jindrak. The match spills to the floor where their partners gret involved. Back in the ring, Wright clotheslines Jindrak to the floor. Kid Krusher from Kidman on Wright and it is over.

**1/2 Short but fun.

Kidman is attacked and now all six are in the ring and beating on each other.

Crowbar is with Pamela and bragging about his game. She is a bit taken aback. Jimmy Hart comes up and tells him that he has a match.

Match 5: Crowbar v. Vampiro

Where has Vampiro been? He has some sort of weapon and he hammers Crowbar with it as he ran at Vamp. Crowbar fires back but he is run into the ring and then kicked in the nuts. They finally get in the ring and for the next minute just tear into each other. They kick each other around and then back to the floor where Crowbar slams him and then goes up top and crashes down into him. Crowbar pokes his eyes out and then bulldogs him. They tussle and Vamp hammers him back and front plexes him into the steps! Crowbar is back up and runs into a boot. Vamp leaps off the stairs and right into a chair but both collapse. Back in the ring and Vamp has a chair as Crowbar topples. Vamp is in the ring but he drops the chair and he is staggering too. Crowbar back suplexes him and then slingshots into him. He does not cover him and slowly goes up top instead. Vamp decks him and goes up after him. He tosses him across the ring! He hits him with a chair and Crowbar is up and is belted again. Crowbar staggers to his feet, stumbling around. Vamp sits up top and gets a chair thrown into him and Crowbar goes up after him but is punched off. Vamp tosses him the chair and kicks it into his head. Two count as Crowbar gets his foot on the ropes. Vamp is perched up top and stays there forever and Crowbar dives into him and goes up and Frankensteins him off! They fight to the floor and up the ramp onto the DJ table. Crowbar tosses him off and kicks him into the Nitro Girl cage and then slams the door into him and then chokes him out with it. Some dudes in black are down there and as Crowbar goes to suplex him through the table they grab him. Vampiro escapes and he chokeslams him through the table! The ref stops the match.

***1/2 Brutal!

Vampiro has the mic and it is simple math and this is all because of Mike Awesome and his blood is on his hands. They play a tape and that was Awesome bombing him through a table. This is personal as this is what he does best and challenges him at the PPV. Crowbar is getting gurneyed off.

Match 6: Konnan v. Franchise

Konnan asks where Disco’s talent is at! Then he calls out Douglas. He has a cast on and most men would never recover and he knows they had a match but he cannot wrestle. He is booed and Torrie calls the fans disgusting. Torrie has been medicated because her man has been injured. Konnan says the reason she looks like that is because Douglas has not been serving her right. She also needs a facial! Douglas claims he does not have the tools tonight to wrestle and Konnan calls him a big bitch. Konnan does not think he is a man and chokes him out. He will fight him at Havoc as the doctor said it was a legit injury. He turns away and Douglas tries to attack but he is taken down. The bell rings and Konnan just unleashes the fury. He is hitting the cast and puts him in a submission hold for a bit. Rolling Thunder and Douglas rolls to the floor with Konnan in pursuit and he is still going after the arm. Back in the ring and the arm is wrenched over the top rope. Torrie pulls a chain from her bosom and gives it to Douglas. He kicks Konnan and wallops him with the chain and Franchises him. Over.

** For the whole thing. Angle advancement.

Tygress is stomping on Torrie and Douglas runs her off. FA come down to keep him away from her.

Match 7: Scott Steiner v. Mike Awesome

Um, Steiner brings down a tiger. It was reluctant at first too. He pets it and they bring back to the back.

Steiner briefly brags about his Freaks.

Booker T comes out and Steiner goes after him. Awesome blindsides him and hammers him on the floor. Back in the ring he slams him and then hits a top rope splash. He gets two. Steiner reverses a whip and Midajah grabs his leg and that allows Steiner to hit an inverted atomic drop. She kicks Awesome who is knocked to the floor and then hit with a chair by Steiner and brought back in the ring where he is clotheslined and Steiner drops the elbow. Two count and then he T Bones Awesome and does some push ups. He spits at Booker and turns to kick Awesome in the skull and then kicks him into the corner where he punches and chops him up. Steiner mounts and pounds him. Awesome fires back and takes him to the floor. He pounds on and knocks him in the railing. Back in the ring. Steiner fights back and has him up top but he is knocked off and nailed with a top rope lariat. Two count. They tussle and Awesome suplexes him and then sandwiches him in the corner. He is going for the Bomb and Midajah grabs his leg and then Steiner uses the pipe as the ref gets her off him. Steiner cirlces around the ring, yelling at Booker and he has him up top and Super Samoan Drops him off! Awesome kicks out! Steiner yells at the ref. He goes for the Recliner and hooks it. It is over.

*** Only six minutes but fun.

Steiner heads out to the floor as we fade.

***1/2 I am bumping this up a half star. The crowd was hot and there were a couple of solid matches. They did a lot to prepare for Havoc and almost everyone got air time or made an appearance. No stupid skits or really long interviews. It makes me wonder if Russo has already gone. Hopefully.

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