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WCW Thunder 10/18/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Last one in Australia. Melbourne again and a big crowd. Thunder has hovered around a 2.

A highlight reel of Sam Greco. We get an interview later.

Rey and Tygress comes down. After, Sanders comes down and brags about how great Nash has been doing in coaching everyone. He goes on about Nash and how he is challenging the Cat to some sort of nonsense karate match or some shit at the PPV. Also, the title is not on the line tonight. Cat comes out and if he is not going to put the title on the line then it is no DQ and he will kiss his dirty shoes if Sanders beats him in a Kickboxing Match at the PPV.

Match 1: Rey Mysterio v. Mike Sanders (c)

Rey is going off. He gets two after a guillotine legdrop. He goes off the ropes and falls on top of Sanders getting two. Sanders strikes back with a suplex. Gets two. Sanders hammers him but is grabbed and gets his run into all three buckles. Bronco Buster! Sanders knocks him down and goes over to the Cat, taunting him. He is nailed and rolled back in the ring. Rey hits the guillotine legdrop and Sanders kicks out and now Rey finishes him off!

**1/2 Extra half star for a Rey win!

Pamela is with Torrie and Douglas and he has a shot at the gold if he wins despite not winning the title last week. There is some sort of Countdown to Armageddon thing where the winner gets the next title shot.

Vito is in the ring and he is going off about Douglas and other things. Paisan.

Match 2: Big Vito v. Shane Douglas

They are going back and forth, rolling around, exchanging holds and blows. Douglas gets the upperhand and whips Vito into the corner but misses the charge and is back suplexed. Vito goes up top and Vito stops the cover as Torrie distracts. Douglas kicks him and goes up top and hits the Macho elbow and Vito kicks out! Vito drops him and he jaws with Torrie who throws in a chain to Douglas and Vito somehow did not see it. Douglas belts him and Plunges him too! Vito kicks out! Vito rolls him up and gets a near fall. Vito forearms him over and over and this time it is the Franchiser and that finishes him off!

**1/2 Not bad.

Goldberg is in the back and Ron Harris says something snarky and gets knocked out.

Crowbar is about making love and not war and he spits game at Paulshock. Awesome tells him that is not how you pick up the foxes and Crowbar leaves for him to seal the deal! Awesome talks about winning the Armageddon and starts dancing.

Match 3: Boogie Knights v. Harris Boys

Wright yells in German and Disco agrees. Only Don Harris comes down and he goes off for a bit but is kicked and given a neckbreaker by Disco. Wright is tagged in and gets two after a missilekick. Wright works him over. Disco is in and misses the forearm from the top rope. Disco is spiked and Wright has to make the save. Harris is doubleteamed and the Knights have the duck. Ron runs out and takes the duck and beats both with it and tosses it in the crowd. Wright and Disco are getting pounded. Knights fight back and end up getting the win as Disco hits a Harris with something.


Skipper is facing Goldberg. Storm is asked about the Countdown and Team Canada bickers about it but MIA is done after the PPV.

Steiner has arrived and brushes past Paulshock.

Match 4: Elix Skipper v. Goldberg

Skipper is going off about who built this house and it was not Flair or Sting or Booker or Goldberg. Goldberg has been right behind him the entire time. Skipper still has no clue and backs into him finally. Skipper hits him but is literally launched through the roof. Press slam. Spear and Jackhammer.

*1/2 Squash.

He wants his music cut and he is not happy. He goes off on Kronik and they are next.

Paulshock is with Jarrett. He is talking about Sting and supposedly she has a message from Scotty and he thinks she is trying to sow dissension and will straighten it out right now.

Here comes Jarrett.

Match 5: JJ and Scott Steiner v. Filthy Animals

Animals are getting jobbed again!

Steiner is mauling Kidman but he fights back and flies into him. Konnan is in but gets suplexed. Jarrett is in and he stomps away. Konnan comes back with a clothesline and some Rolling Thunder. He face plants him and whips him into the corner. Konnan runs into an elbow and is clotheslined. He fends him off and here comes Kidman who takes down JJ and short powerbombs him. Torrie comes down and goes for Tygress. Kidman is tossed off the top rope and it is Recliner time.

** Predictable.

Goldberg is pacing in the back. He is not in the Countdown Match and Tony wonders why he is here. Well, he is in WCW and just had a match dumbass.

Ric Flair has arrived in a limo.

Pamela is with Pamela. He is with Sting in a tag match for the titles. Booker talks about the tag champs and he will win the Countdown just in case he slips up at the PPV.

More Greco stuff.

Greco interview with Schiavone. He is asked why he came to WCW and he talks about Goldberg and Tony kisses ass and talks about how big WCW is in Australi and how Sam is capable of going right for the title. Sam will bide his time and the crowd will love him or some shit. He has charisma, I will say this.

Nash is talking up the Thrillers who serenade him and he gives Sanders an atta boy.

Match 6: Jindrak and O’Haire (c) v. Sting and Booker T for WCW Tag Titles

Sting takes it to Jindrak. But he comes back and they doubleteam him. Sting is tossed but he flies out of the corner and elbows both and here comes Booker and he takes out both. Haire nails him from behind but he is kneed, and axe kicked. Spinarooni! Harlem Kick. Jindrak makes the save. Book End and Deathdrop. Sanders has run down and he decks the ref and he brags as Sting and Booker stare and the turns and gets plastered.


They show Kronik in the back and after the break they come out. I guess they beat up Goldberg in the back earlier tonight.

Match 7: Kronik v. Perfect Event

PE cannot function as a team and Kronik wins. Goldberg comes out and Stasiak is shoved into him. Goldberg is hit with a chair and then stomped by Kronik.

* Angle advancement.

High Time on Goldberg. They leave and Palumbo gets back in the ring and is kicked by Goldberg.

Madden is in the ring and calls out Flair for an interview. Flair hops around and professes his love for Australia and how he has not slept for weeks and points at Madden. Like that guy could get laid. He talks about women etc. Madden asks why he is here. David comes out and Ric brags about all the women here and how he could have them. David does not want him here. Um….I am not kidding, David v. Buff in a DNA Match. David freaks out about his dad knowing about what is going on. Flair leaves and Madden calls David a psycho and David knocks him down and tries to give him a blood test….YOU CANNOT TEST FOR BLOOD UNTIL AFTER THE BABY IS BORN!!! Ric makes the save.

Match 8: Armageddon Match

I guess people come in every two minutes. Or did they say 30 seconds. I swear they just changed it. Winner faces the champ on the 30th

Sanders and Cat are first and Cat goes off. Stasiak is next….Top rope to eliminate. Palumbo is next and the Cat is getting it. Palumbo and Stasiak bicker. Here comes Disco and he gets pummeled. Next is Wright. Crowbar and now Ron Harris and everyone is brawling. No one has been ousted. Don Harris is next. Duggan and now Loco are out and still just a melee. Next is Nash. Twelve in the ring.


Nash is going off. Crowbar and Wright are gone and Cat is gone. David Flair is in the ring dancing. Harris’ are out. Sanders too. Palumbo and Stasiak are arguing. They are in with Nash and Flair and that is it. Stasiak tossed out Palumbo and then runs out when Nash glares. Flair chops him up and gets tossed. Cajun runs down and gets tossed. Kwee Wee runs down and he is short clotheslined. Rey is next and he springs into Nash and then knocks him into the corner. Buster right into a boot. Here comes Booker and he unloads on Nash. But he is nutted. Awesome comes down and he is knocked back. Booker and Nash are going at it as Sting comes out. He Stinger Splashes Nash who is being held. Nash is getting hammered. Jarrett is next. Steiner just runs down and Nash is out. Sting clotheslines JJ over the top but he goes over too. Booker is ganged up and tossed over but Steiner is gone too. Kidman is down and he and Rey are doubling up on Awesome. Here comes Storm. Storm is taking it to Kidman in the corner. Awesome is pounding on Rey who hangs on when tossed and pulls himself back in. Vito is next. Haire is next. Jindrak now and now Konnan. They are all going at it. Mostly working each other over in the corner. Both Kronik come down. All the Animals got tossed. Jobbers now. Storm is ousted. Damn that was quick. Kronik who has never gotten much of a push toss out Vito now. Awesome is getting teamed up on by the other four and he is getting owned. Goldberg runs down! He leaps the ropes and clotheslines the tag champs and Kronik goes after him. Tag champs are gone thanks to Awesome. Clark is speared and tossed. Adams has a chair and it is taken by Awesome and then speared by Goldberg. He and Awesome have a stare down but turn and clothesline Adams to the floor and Awesome wins!

*** Pretty cool. Nice to see Awesome win as he has been winning a lot lately despite the crappy gimmick. Of course it would be 30 second intervals! Not two minutes but I swear I heard Schiavone state that.

*** Not a great Thunder but it was action packed. I find it odd that the Animals cannot buy a push despite being able to get over. It is like Tazz and now Raven in the WWF, oh well. I like the fact that new guys are getting air time in WCW but some are rather dull and it is clear that they are struggling to find talent. Goldberg is just floating around and should have at least won one more title. And they should set it up after his Streak, which is just a cop out angle because they cannot think of anything. Oh, that is why he was not in the match because he cannot have a title shot until after he breaks the Streak. Back to the US and smaller crowds. Oh well.

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